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Ananthan: TRIVANDRUM COMPANY, My first short film. After plenty of faults, shortcomings and ditches it finally released. Everybody’s lives went back to normal. Ananthan: Because this city has such a speciality. Everybody is in a rush to find something worth. Just like them. Ananthan: An evident cinema fanatic Praveen has not left all that and is now working for a private company as a salesman. Ananthan: Sarath came back after giving his GATE exams from Delhi. Ananthan: After having a lot of ideas and dreams Krishnakanth has now setted with his neice, watching DORA, to win the BEST UNCLE OF THE YEAR. Ananthan: Thinking that he has one more shot to go after engineering, Aravind is now preparing for MBA. “Superb” Sit and study without sleeping. Ananthan: As our lives were going extremely mundane, there came a change. Watch on for it!!!! Praveen: On receiving a bomb threat the Police was searching around every Nose and B***S in KPN nagar….Every nook and corner. …Phone Ringing… Praveen: Tell bro! Praveen: What!!! He left the job??? Director: Hey. Which shortfilm did he act in before this?? Sarath: If you need any chance just tell me. Everybody who acted with us is a big star now… Packup (Distant chatter- Mocking Sarath) Sarath: Did you atleast bring me a headset from Banglore? Ananthan: For you, I have ordered and it will come soon. Aravind: What happened bro? You seem to be dull. Ananthan: I saw Athira today. Krishnakanth: Where? Ananthan: At KFC. Krishnakanth: Very Good Ananthan: She hasn’t changed much bro, then she used to eat my pocket, now somebody else in my place in the same restaurant. Same dishes, same style of eating. If it was handsome me then, now it is some douche. Aravind: But why did you leave your job and came back? Ananthan: Any job without using our brains is known by just a single name – SLAVERY. Praveen: So what is your plan bro? Krishnakanth: When you called me I thought it was about something regarding our new shortfilm. Praveen: Tell us the truth. Which brand did you had? Sarath: Looks like Tick 20 after seeing his shiver. Ananthan: We should change the perception of the people who says that one should study hard to work for a good company to Study hard so that you cacn buy a good company. Its not about writing a good resume, its all about making a good business plan we should know firstly. Sarath: Don’t leave me alone with this guy. I’ll come with you. (Ananthan continuing his lecture) Ananthan: Before starting a Business we should always delete the first thing that comes into our mind. Ananthan: Humans laziness is the biggest market in the world. Sarath: Strike it. Ananthan: There will be always demand for things that eases any effort, be it human or a machine. When the washing machines were invented, our lazy housewives fell for it easily. Aravind: These E-Commerce, teleshopping is moreover the same thing. Ananthan: Exactly. Praveen: Even the parotta has become readymade now. Ananthan: Not just that, nowadays vegetables are even sent to our homes directly from the market. No better way to be lazy. Aunty: He won’t even wash his undergarments and he is talking. Krishnakanth: What is your business plan? Aravind: Will this be practical? Will come up with some foolish ideas. Ananthan: Your dreams are just you dreams alone. Business should be changing the thoughts of people from “I cant afford it” to “How can I afford it”. Praveen: But still, wont it be a loss, now that many delivery boys are around. Ananthan: Dude, If a machine does a man’s work, it will become more easier. And all these are a forever investment. Krishnakanth: Will any of this happen? Ananthan: Here is the brochure. The drones operate with german technology based on combustion engines. Sarath: Its too hot over here, lets go outside. Ananthan: It will fly continuously for an hour at a speed of 100kmph and even hold a weight of 5 kilos. Sarath: Just 5 kilos?? Ananthan: That will be just sufficient. How much do you need for a simple transportation? It will deliver the product at the specified address. We will associate with every hotels in Trivandrum. Everything will run smooth if we buy just 10 of them. Aravind: 10? Ananthan: one guy just need to handle two drones. We can do it sitting in our offices. Kerala’s first such drone and our dreams will fly like this!!! Praveen: How much will all these cost? For one its 1399 German euros, so it will be just around a Million bucks. Sarath: Where did you keep the brochure? Ananthan: Isn’t it profitable? Praveen: Its other people’s needs that comes as money into our hands. But it doesn’t mean that business should be knowing the customer’s need and providing them with that. Ananthan: Why are having a Dialogue here in this scene? Praveen: But you said this would be my scene when you started writing the script. Ananthan: Bro its like that only but there is one scene where everybody comes and say sorry to you in the the climax for all the wrongs done to you. Praveen: This is the same what you had said in the last shortfilm. Ananthan: I have come up with an excellent Business idea. Aravind: Which means a company which does funeral services for others. Ananthan: Dude, Last week how many people turn up for that Raghavan uncle’s funeral. In the old days relatives would be there for every process after the funeral but now nobody has got any time for others. We will do this for them. Money, that’s it. Aravind: It’s a negative thing. Praveen: What negative? It’s like if a black cat crosses the road, we Indians would say that it’s a bad omen. But Japanese people would just see it as some random cat. That’s it. Aravind: But who will spend money for all this? Praveen: If things get done in ease, then some chap will be there always to spend money. One guy’s luxury will become a necessity for 10 others in no time. Ananthan: After Praveens speech you guys might have thought that we might have stuck on to that idea. Nope!! This too was dumped. Till now you guys saw my business ideas. Lets see others. Krishnakanth: (“How about starting a Chicken farmhouse?”) Sarath: (“ If we start a Chicken farm, then people will tell that a Cock has started a Farm”) Krishnakanth: (“ Is it so?”) Sarath: (“ Yes ofcourse”) Ananthan: Nothing is coming up in my head. Aravind: Why don’t we start Charcoal paste business? We can export it, so that the foreigners can use it. Ananthan: Charcoal…no need. is that Sarath? He will have so many foolish ideas. Sarath: Why don’t we start an Internet café? Ananthan: In this age of Jio?? Get lost. …Praveen singing… …Aravind joining out of tune… Aravind: Bro, why don’t we start something related to music? Praveen: F**k You. Aravind: Why bro? I have studied these classical music and all. Praveen: Get lost you dumb. Sarath: A ladies only gym is not a bad idea. …Phone Ringing… Praveen: Hello! BRO.. How are you? Who is this? This is Aswin. Don’t you remember? Aswin?? Yeah, the one who studied with you in the last bench during 8th std. Yeaaah..tell me. Whatsup Just because its you I’m telling this. There is a big fish. Plenty of money within a short duration of time. You have the right skills for that. Oooh…isn’t it multi level marketing? No need. Ananthan: If we had few Professors and few students, we could have started an entrance coaching class. That we could even be the professors. Isn’t there anyone here??? Ananthan: Bunked the classes and later flunked in 12th, stole the entrance fees and after cheating the family went to Mysuru for BBA, got suspended in the first semester itself, fights and arrears, and then in the last semester got dumped by a girl and came back home, took a short film but even couldn’t release it on time, got scoldings from the directors whom I went and met for chance and as a last resort to escape went on to do MBA from banglore and didn’t even do properly there and in the end there was job or cinema and was roaming around aimlessly. Thought of doing some work and catch a cinema with that money and with god’s grace got a job somehow but didn’t even stay there properlyand in the end they threw me out after the fight with the HR manager. Praveen: So you were thrown out of the job? Sarath: Even though what you did was unforgivable, on learning one among us became successful, it had hurt me. Now I’m happy. Ananthan: Do you know what is the strongest desire in this world? The desire for food and the desire for passion. If we get food from our favourite job, that is the greatest happiness. I have read somewhere, an outdated idea is the biggest liability in the world. That’s the same what happened with us. This is not what is meant for us. Sarath: What’s our next program? Don’t you have anything else to tell. As we told, an idea which nobody has thought about, plenty of money in less time, all this is not practical. Everybody wants to change the world and change others, but isn’t it easiest when we change ourselves. He went behind cinema for a long time after screwing his job. Nobody else has got a proper job. After MBA you’re like this. What happened to your plans for Gulf? Krishnakanth, you’ve been sitting at home for the last two years. This is not an easy job. If I talk more, I’ll become even more emotional. Bye, Aravind, I’ll drop you. Aravind: I’m leaving. Praveen: Heyy! Ananthan: Its raining, lets go home. 13:10- Krishnakanth: Hey wait. Krishnakanth: We have stayed together for so long,lets be the same for some more time. I know the situations at your place, mine is no better. I didn’t go for a job this long just because I thought we could do something that we really love. Let’s try that for some more time. Thinking we might loose in the future, why should we do a job which we hate? Ananthan: What are you talking about? Aravind: We can ask the things which we like to tell others. At many times, what we planned on to tell, we could hear the same from others. Our life is always decided by two things. Fear and greed. The fear about living without money and the greed of loosing the things which we could buy with the money. A person with no dreams can sleep peacefully but will he be really happy? Ananthan: As Praveen said I might also have got the fear of living without money at some point of my life. And that could be reason why I forgot my dreams. But as long as these guys are with me I’ll never forget my dream or they will remind me. Ananthan: What is your ambition? Ananthan: The answer for the questions which I had asked these kids were the genuine answer for what they really want to become in the future. Purely an undiluted answer. We get a freedom right from our birth. The freedom to think. The freedom to think what I am and what can I become. I request every parents to give their kids that freedom Ananthan: Don’t stop them from becoming great. We might not be the same when we no longer have dreams. I hope you encourage your kids to think freely and give them their freedom to decide their future. Adios till the next time you see through the eyes of Trivandrum Company.

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  1. Well made short film was entertaining and thought provoking, looking for more such shorts from your side and wishing all the very best for BUSINESS PLAN

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