Business Plan Oral Presentation Video #2 – “The Prototype”

We’ve been working hard coding our app. But, how does Revercipe really work? Well, to answer that, let’s return to our video scenario. Here, our app is brought out to help our protagonist make a quick meal. Upon launching Revercipe, ingredients are presented to the user rather than recipes. The user then selects the ingredients they have on hand and here we will input the ingredients from our intro video such as potatoes, onion, and carrot. Any default ingredients such as salt, or dietary requirements such as vegetarian can be adjusted under Options. All the inputted ingredients will be shown in this tab where the user can proceed to search for recipes which utilise those ingredients. The app will now scan its database and display relevant recipes. Let’s make some potato skins. And finally, now the instructions for the recipe are presented. Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at our progress. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel … and like us on Facebook!

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