Business plan: The story of Albert McFlaherty, lemonade magnate.

This is Albert McFlaherty. Albert is a lemonade magnate, boy genius
and would-be Hogwarts student. His story starts NOW. Earlier this year Albert started selling
lemonade from this lemonade stand. Because Albert used his grandmother’s
secret recipe and because of his exceptional skills as a magician,
the lemonade stand exceeded expectations. It was time for the business to expand,
but there were a number of difficult questions. For instance was time to
diversify? Was there a problem with the production
process? Did the supply chain efficiency require
improvement? And would the QPR be delivered ASAP? What was the TAT for
the SOW? And could HR provide any guidance on R&D? Luckily it was the year 2012 and there was many an internet to be
found. Albert found to help he needed to plan
his business better. Which saved him money. And time. As it turns out, Albert did have supply chain
production process efficiency issues, which he was now able to fix. Albert McFlaherty is a lemonade legend. If you want some suave voice-over talent
to call you a legend, visit Go on. Visit now

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