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The next six steps have to do with building
the strategy itself, which starts with building a test model, testing it with customers. This
is usually some type of visual model or a descriptive model such as a news release.
Validation. Strategy canvass. This is this new idea–this is this new. The idea of a
strategy canvas, again, we’ve already talked about a strategy canvas, but this is the idea
of actually creating a whole new value curve for customers. Tenth is fit. Does this really
fit what our company, what our organization can do and what we’re about? Eleventh is execution.
How we’re going to carry it out. And finally, what’s the control panel? What’s the small
set of key metrics–usually four to six key metrics which will indicate whether we’ve
been successful with this strategy. The idea of value innovation is to focus all innovation
and development around the promise we’re making to the customer in a way that we can execute.

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