Business Planning : How to Plan & Build a Business Part-Time

Hello, my name is Fj Cava and I have a MBA
from San Francisco State University in entrepreneurship. I am also owner of the Bayview Webspot here
in San Francisco, California. I’m going to talk to you today about how to plan and build
a business part time. The key factor for starting a business part time is actually time management.
You will need a business plan of course which is very important and you should plan the
business as if it were a full time business but the key component of starting a part time
business is time management. You’ll of course want to keep your primary source of income
which will consume a majority of your time which will also distract you in having to
focus on the business that you want to start. So block time aside either once a day either
in the evening or on weekends in order to manage time that you need in order to get
the business off the ground. So focus on blocking a period of time every day or on the weekends
to work on your business ideas. This will help you get your part time business off the
ground. Often times part time businesses are used for what is called for income patching
so just a little revenue stream on the side in order to make up for the money that you
aren’t making in your primary job. The challenges of this are that it really takes a lot of
time to get a side job up and running. It also has to do with time management, making
sure that you can balance the time that you need to give fully for the secondary project
while you are running around taking the kids to school, working your primary job, cleaning
the house and managing your own finances. Part time businesses are really a challenge
because they take the few minutes of the day that you have for yourself and eat them up
with trying to start a small business. Often times a full time businesses are probably
the best way to go.

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