Business Planning : How to Prepare a Business Plan Presentation

Hello my name is Fj Cava and I have a MBA
from San Francisco State University in entrepreneurship. I am also owner of the Bayview Webspot here
in San Francisco. I’m going to talk to you today about how to prepare a business plan
for presentation. First off you should have a completed business plan of course and copies
of everyone in the room who you are going to present to. Finally you need to go over
your goods and services in thirty seconds or less. Make sure that it is a pithy very
clear presentation as to what you are trying to sell. You also need to understand who your
target market is in a very clearly defined way and be able to present that to people.
You also need to have how much your start up capital is going to be and what your monthly
operating expenses are. These are very important for people who are interested in what you
are trying to do and how much money it is going to cost. You should also talk about
when you think you are going to break even and what your profit margins will be. Finally
you should have a nice presentation presented in either a Power Point or other audio video

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3 thoughts on “Business Planning : How to Prepare a Business Plan Presentation

  1. How long would you say it should last the business plan presentation? Also, could you please provide information on cover/format as far as binding for the plan, just like Shereemcl asked. Thanks!!!

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