Business Planning : How to Write a Business Plan

Hello my name is Fj Cava and I have an MBA
from San Francisco State University in entrepreneurship. I’m also owner of the Bayview Webspot here
in San Francisco. I’m going to talk to you today about how to write a business plan.
Business plans need all of these components. You need to have an executive summary, an
operations section, a management section, a marketing section, a finance section and
an appendix. The executive summary should be no longer than two pages and be a synopsis
of everything in your business plan. The operations section talks about how you are going to sell
your goods or services and operate the business on a day to day basis. The management section
covers the people that you are going to manage, who they are, what their job descriptions
are and how much you are going to pay them. The marketing section talks about what goods
and services you have and how you are going to market it to the general public, who your
target market is and what venues you are going to get the message out to. Finance section
is a very short section, it is only about a page long and talks about when your break
even point is, how you are going to be profitable. The appendix includes all the financial numbers
of your finance section so your profit loss statement, your statement of cash flow and
your balance sheet. Thanks.

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44 thoughts on “Business Planning : How to Write a Business Plan

  1. It's easy to allow references for writing a business plan confuse you. This was an excellent and simple summary. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Thanks – direct but relevant!

    I'll be in SF in November – I hope to swing by the Bayview WebSpot to say hi! 🙂

  3. Very well presented, a good overview of what the business plan entails. We've expanded on this a little (Well, a lot actually) over at…

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  5. This is an interesting way to format your business plan. I could see some of my clients being more comfortable with this approach. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Sweet! Very similar to what I'm doing and I'm just an amateur. When I'm making more money, this will be a good guide. Right now, I've followed a similar pattern, but mostly just creating videos, networking, and blog entries are bringing in the money. I'm still new and learning, but just a simple plan of goal setting, and action steps will bring you in an income. Of course what I'm doing is online based. Still have a lot to learn though.

  8. What do you say at 1:06 ???
    It’s a very short section about 1 page long. And talks about ???? , how are you going to be profitable.

  9. An MBA in entrepreneurship, what a joke, entrepreneurship isn't something you can teach its something you HAVE.

  10. @OasisAlwaysNumber1 An entrepreneur might be someone who has a great idea, but doesn't know how to make that product feasible. An MBA in marketing hones your skills and also teaches how how to look at things in a business perspective. It is more useful for students who haven't studied business before, but have great business ideas for products.

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