Business Strategy: Leveraging Customers as Your Best Marketing Channel

Hi there, I’m Lindsay with
HubSpot Academy. With today’s empowered buyer, you need to be
in the mindset that your best marketing channel is actually
going to be your existing customers and where your
customer’s success is your best predictor for business growth.
Your customers will help prove your brand values. Buyers used
to decide primarily on what the company had to say, but now they
primarily decide based on what the company’s customers have to
say. It’s now shifted to word of mouth. Reviews are more
important than ever before. The ability to gather word of mouth
as a consumer of almost everything has improved. Have
you ever looked up a restaurant’s reviews before
making a reservation? What about asking a question to your
network on social media if they’ve had any experience with
a product that you’re looking into? Or looking at different
review platforms before purchasing a new software for
your business? You do this because you trust opinions.
Consumers are faced with way more choices . Emerging
technologies have expanded to let people create products and
companies more easily, everyone is competing for attention. So
it makes sense that consumers rely so heavily on word of
mouth. If you’re practicing inbound, you’re putting your
buyer in the center of your business. You need to build a
delightful end-to-end experience tailored around your buyer’s
journey and every experience they have with you. This
includes their experience with you after they’ve purchased.
Marketing doesn’t end after you pass a qualified lead off to
sales. Marketing is part of the entire methodology and fits
nicely into the delight stage. The inbound methodology outlines
how customers who are delighted will become promoters of your
business, and can help you attract more strangers to your
business. Why would you tell a friend about a product or
business? Why do you promote a business or product? Take a
moment to think about that. It’s because of trust. If you
establish trust with people, chances they’ll recommend your
product or service to their friends and family. Marketing
can help play a big role in turning a customer into a
promoter and helping the promoters influence those that
don’t know about your business. Promoters help continuously move
people through the inbound methodology. Serve your website
visitors, leads, customers – and most importantly, your
promoters! Sales and marketing alignment is just as important
as customer service and marketing alignment, as is sales
and customer service alignment. If your business strategy
revolves are the customer, you’ll need to have a customer
success strategy that leverages cross-department collaboration
and integration. The need for a coordinated marketing and
customer service relationship is only more important now, with
consumers increasingly turning to social media as a way to
communicate with businesses. Word of mouth will happen if
you’re building what should feel like a more personalized, 1:1
relationship. The trick is how to facilitate that in a way that
is both unique and scalable. Your job is to help each
customer get the unique support they need to be successful.
Supporting customer delight is an investment in retention and
revenue. Your priority should be to serve people and serve your

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2 thoughts on “Business Strategy: Leveraging Customers as Your Best Marketing Channel

  1. YES! All famous brands create content not for search systems – they create to satisfy their customers. It's more expensive to find a new customer than keep a lolyal one. Word of mouth doesn't cost any money – it's completely free.

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