Today, I want to talk to you about some of
my favorite tools. But not the kinds of tools that you might
be thinking about because eyelash curlers and lipstick will not help you grow a successful
coaching business. If you feel overwhelmed with all the different
tech tools out there, I understand. You’re not quite sure what you need, what
you don’t need and where to spend your money. Today, I want to take you on a tour behind
the scenes into my business and show you exactly what I use from productivity to design tools
to customer relationship management and scheduling tools to help my business run smoothly. Before we get started, make sure you hit the
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Wednesday. All about helping you go from passion to profits
in your coaching business. Hi there coach. It’s Carolin Soldo here and I’m the founder
of Brand Your Passions and The Powerhouse Coach and I specialize in helping men and
women just like you go from zero to full-time income in your coaching business in less than
four months. Business tech tools are some of the things
that you really need to master to do just that. Let me show you the 12 tools I use every single
day to make my clients and my team happy and run everything as smoothly as possible. Tool #1 is ONTRAPORT. ONTRAPORT is one of my favorite online tools
because it does so much and you get so much for your money. ONTRAPORT is at the core a customer-relationship
management tool. It has so many different things but as a new
coach, you will be using ONTRAPORT as your email management system, the system where
you send your newsletters, where you send your followup sequences for your lead magnets. And then later on as you bring in clients
into your business, you can actually charge your clients with payment plans and all those
important things. Tool #2 is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is an amazing tool. It is very flexible. It’s high end and we’ve actually been able
to earn over a million dollars in income with ClickFunnels and this year, we were awarded
the 2 Comma Club Award which means that we have officially earned over a million dollars
in income with ClickFunnels. Now, I use ClickFunnels for many different
things but at the core, ClickFunnels helps you with your lead generation and you’re able
to create a sales funnel that brings in new leads and prospects into your business literally
everything you need to create a high converting sales funnel for your coaching business. Tool #3 is Podio. And Podio is a customer-relationship management
tool. As your business grows and you go from 20
to 30 clients into 50 clients, 100 clients, maybe hundreds of clients, it will be more
and more important for you to track what’s going on within your customer base. It’s not only me coaching my clients but my
team is coaching clients and therefore, it’s really important that I have an eye into my
client base. As you grow and scale your coaching business,
it will be more and more important for you to install a tool like Podio so that you never
lose track of your customer base. Tool #4 is Zendesk. As your business grows, it will be important
for you to install a support desk and Zendesk makes it really easy for you to track the
tickets to make sure that you’re answering everything, to see who a question is assigned
to, to see if it’s open, close or pending, to reply through Zendesk and it’s a really
nice way for you to manage clients and achieve really nice experience for your clients. Tool #5 is Canva. Oh, and how we love Canva. Thank you so much to the founder of Canva
for creating Canva. No, seriously, if you want to design it, you
can design it inside of Canva. We use Canva for almost everything in our
business. I highly recommend Canva. It’s not expensive at all. It’s an amazing tool and it’s going to save
you tons of time and make your business look really professional. Tool #6 is Google Analytics. Now, Google Analytics is a tool that does
so many different things but in our business, we use it for tracking purposes. We look at how many hits we receive, how many
visitors we receive. We can track the results of our YouTube advertising
campaigns and so much more. Google Analytics is a tool that will help
you analyze the traffic you’re receiving, where it’s coming from, how it’s finding you
and help you make those important decisions you need to make as a business owner for your
coaching business. By the way, what’s your favorite business
tool? Let me know which tools you prefer to use
in your coaching business and put the names of your tools and the links below in the comments. Tool #7 is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a tool you should be using from
day one. It helps you get your finances straight. Really, it helps you make sure that you have
everything in order when it comes to your income and your expenses. Inside of QuickBooks, you want to make sure
that you enter your expenses and you categorize them appropriately. You also want to enter your income by customer
and you want to enter payments that you’ll be receiving in the future so that you know
what’s leaving your account, what’s coming into your account and you have an accurate
representation of your profit and loss at the end of every month. This is also going to make it really easy
for your accountant to do your taxes at the end of the year. Tool #8 is Wufoo. It sounds like woof. In our business, we’re using Wufoo when we
collect information from our prospects before they jump on a call with us. As our leads flow through our sales funnel
and they get to the point where they’re about to book a call with my team, they will complete
the call booking and then they will ask them to fill out a survey that is a pre-call survey. The best part about Wufoo is that it actually
integrates with our scheduling tool, Acuity Scheduling. When we have Wufoo forms filled in and we
integrate that with Acuity Scheduling, you can actually see the Wufoo data inside of
Acuity. When you look at your calendar and you see
certain Discovery Calls booked on your calendar, you can click on them and you can see the
data that comes from Wufoo inside of Acuity which saves you a tremendous amount of time. It makes it really easy for you to be prepared
and with just a click, you can see who you’re about to speak with. Tool #9 is Dropbox. If you don’t already have Dropbox, I highly
recommend it. You should know what Dropbox is for sure. In Dropbox, we have workbooks, we have even
videos. We have checklists. We have examples. We store all kinds of different documents
inside of Dropbox and inside of our membership site, we have links to Dropbox where our clients
can access the important information and documents they are looking for. Tool #10 is Acuity Scheduling. And oh, how I love Acuity Scheduling. It’s one of my top tools, one of my favorite
tools. And as a matter of fact, we had someone from
Acuity come and speak at our event last year and we were so honored to represent Acuity
Scheduling at From Passion to Profits LIVE in Las Vegas. Acuity Scheduling is great for so many different
reasons. In the beginning, it might just be you and
that’s okay. You still need a professional way for your
clients to be booking their sessions with you as a coach. Now, the beauty of Acuity Scheduling is that
it is extremely flexible and it can accommodate a lot of customizations. For example, we customize the confirmation
emails. We insert logos. We insert custom texts so that the confirmation
emails and the reminder emails look as though they come from us. If you want to see Acuity Scheduling in action,
take a look at our discovery call booking page. Go to and take
a look at the Acuity Scheduling page and how it works. Tool #11 is Adobe EchoSign, and Adobe EchoSign
is a tool you should be installing on day one even as a new coach. In Adobe EchoSign, you can actually upload
your client agreements, insert a signature line and send them electronically to your
clients where they can open the document, review the agreement and sign it right then
and there. It’s a very easy way for you to have your
clients sign your coaching agreements and get on your way to coaching them. The last tool that I want to talk to you about,
tool #12 is Zoom. Zoom has so many different capabilities, it
can screen share. It can record your sessions. There is a chat feature involved. It makes break out rooms and it gives you
the flexibility you need to create an amazing customer experience. Zoom actually allows you to host public webinars
where you can advertise a webinar and people can actually join you and watch you live as
you present your topics and you give your expert talks. If you’re looking for a more complete listing
of business tools and all the different systems you may want to consider for your coaching
business, click on the link below in the description. This is a link to our business tech tools
checklist with all the different tools we recommend to you, where to get them, and even
how to use them. If you want to know how to get all the coaching
clients you could ever want, sign up for our latest web class. There’s a link below in the description and
in that web class, I’m going to show you the three simple secrets and the three steps you
can take right away to get all the coaching clients you could ever want. I hope today’s episode served you and I was
able to take away some of that frustration and overwhelm for you. Go ahead, explore the tools, approach them
with a playful attitude and you’ll see that they will save you lots of time and money
in the process. If you liked the video, hit the like button
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next time. Take care. Do you want to build a successful online coaching
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  1. Hey there coach – I hope you liked this video! Leave a comment below and let me know if you are using any of these tools right now and which is your favorite. I'd also love to know if you are using any other tech tools to streamline your business that I haven't mentioned here – would love to check them out!

  2. Hi Carolin Can't find the link you mentioned in the coaching session all seen is your comment below. Please advise!

  3. Hi Carolin, thanks for sharing this valuable tools. Most of them I was unaware of. Hope I could use them propel my coaching business forward. Wofoo seems quite expensive. Shouldn't we use Google forms? It Free.

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