Business Website: 5 Things You MUST Add (Today!)

Are you unhappy of your business website? If so, this video is for you! Today, I am going to share some great tips
on how a business website should be like. (Uprising background music) Hi, I am Muhammad Qureshi, the Founder and
Head Ninja of Qureshi Creatives. Where we develop amazingly good websites and
help business owners like you to give their business a new dimension. A business website is really important for
any type of business. Let it be a real estate business in Los Angelos
or a software business in San Fransisco. Or any type of business in any part of the
world. A business website is like a modern-day business
card. You can showcase your post work on that or
you can even allow your potential customers to become your actual customers. The ways in which a business website can be
used is unlimited. The only limit is your imagination. In this particular video, I am going to keep
things general and talk about how a business website should be like. Number One: SSL So what is an SSL? SSL basically encrypts the data being transferred
between website server and the users device. Having a SSL on your business website is so
much important that you should literally pause this video, go purchase a SSL and come back
again. If you have a SSL activated on your business
website, the users will see a green badge that will say “Secure” beside the URL. That “Secure” badge will ten-fold the trustworthiness
of your business website and also the business. Number two: About page. As the New-York Times best selling author
Simon Sinek says “The customers don’t buy because of your ‘what’ or ‘how’. The customers buy from you because of your
‘why'”. So you can showcase your ‘why’ on your About
page. What do I mean by “your why”? I mean the reason why you are doing, what
you are doing. There must be a reason you are running your
business. Showcase that reason on your About page. The reason you are running your business is
so much compelling that it will surely increase your conversion rate. Number three: Contact Form. Now you have an amazing business website but
that business website lacks a contact form. How are the visitors supposed to contact you
or get in touch with you? There is no way for the visitors to get in
touch with you. So, that is why your business website must
have a contact on the Home page or on a separate page and call that page as Contact page. Number four: Services. On your Home page of your business website
you should have a section dedicated to Services that will showcase the services you are offering
to the customers or you can have a completely separate page where you showcase your services
to the visitors. That will allow you to tell people what you
do. Number five: Testimonials. Having testimonials on your business website
is very much important. They can turn your visitors into customers. The words of your past customers or clients
are powerful enough to persuade the new visitors to actually become your customers. Having a Testimonials section on the Home
page would defeneitly increase your conversion rate. Subscribe to the channel 🙂

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