Business Website – 7 Tips How To Pick Your Domain Name

hi I’m Tammy Fink with The Brand
Champion TV Today we’re really talking about how on
earth you decide what web domain name you’re gonna buy, I’m going to
give you some tips, so stay tuned. (Music) well with so many web sites out there
you’ve gotta be creative You’ll need to come up with your own domain name something
that’s going to be memorable stand the test of time and be just a step above your competition. When I
first started by graphic design company when I went to get my domain name.
Blue Water was taken (fail music). Well, I thought I would get well problem solved. Right? It’s beautiful. But after about six
months I was spending way too much time saying “Blue H, The Number Two, The Letter O” it was too much. I ended up opting for a dot biz. Here are seven tips for picking the perfect domain name Tip #1 When at all possible always choose the dot-com first. it’s not
available there’s no other great options for you.
But let’s hit that top real estate in the World Wide Web first Tip #2 If you can use a keyword in your
domain name all the better. Its gonna give you extra
points when it comes to SEO Tip #3 Keep it short www.What? Hey wait. Is that available? I’ll be right back. Tip #4 Avoid the trap of getting too
many domain names, you really don’t need more than one. Or maybe two if you have a specialized product. But
you can fall into that trap so easily trust me. Most women collect shoes. I
collect domain names. Go figure. It’s an occupational hazard Tip #5 You want an easy to remember domain name, when at all
possible. Avoid something that’s terribly cliche Or too cutesy. Remember the H2O Designs fiasco? Tip #6 You don’t
necessarily have to have your business name in your domain name it could also be something that’s called a discoverable domain name. Which means that it’s something that
people find from Google based on keyword searches. so let’s take that I’m a graphic designer
so instead of blue water designs maybe I use graphic design guru dot com number seven you can also get a domain name with your
business name and that also allows you to be able to
brand your dot com I hope you liked our tips today subscribe or at least give us the thumbs up {Out Takes Music} testing testing mumbling I can ‘t find the pocket {mumbling} I’m Tammy Fink welcome to the brand
champion TV {Take Two} today we’re going to be talking
about how on earth do you decide to get it….. …That’s a website forever… I’m Tammy Fink with the Brand Champion TV Hi I’m Tammy Fink …I’m tammy Fink …with so
many web sites out there… here are seven tips here are some tips here are some tips on picking the
perfect domain name what is that? (phone on vibrate) Mumbling (high rate of speed) Yeah, that’s going to be a problem.

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