Business Website Design Tips by JP Stonestreet

Does your website give you all the leads and
all the customers you could ever hope for. No? I see a lot of head shaking. Of course
not, your website does not do that. Most websites do not do that. There are 3 common website
mistakes that are pretty easy to fix that will help you get more sales from your website,
more paying customers from your website. The first one is an amateur design. When I
see a website that looks amateur like this one, it makes me question the credibility
of the website and how seriously they really take their business. It�s your virtual storefront
on the internet. A lot of time, a lot of people, the first thing they see about your business
is your website. Would you want to shop at this Milligan Grocery? This grocery store
needs a do-over. Milligan Grocery needs a do-over. This is what some websites look like
or feel to people. When people go to a website that looks like that � this one isn�t
as bad as someone might think, but it�s still pretty amateur. They get that feeling
like �Oh my God! I don�t want to go in there� and that�s what happens when it�s
a non-professional design. You don�t have to have to have a state-of-the-art website
to get people to be comfortable and feel good about your website. It just needs to be clean
and professional and if you are not a professional web designer, hire someone to do it. There
are lots of web designers. In fact, it�s odd that there�s not one in here today.
Is there a web designer? Jason. He is not here though. Usually, when I go
to these, there are two to three web designers. JP, what do you think about like GoDaddy and
their templates and all that? Pay somebody to do it. If you got income,
if you are to start now and you have no money, you have more time than money, you can learn
how to build your own website. I recommend using WordPress. Buy a theme. Most of them
have videos. They have video tutorials. You can set it up pretty easily, but I would say
if you got enough money to go to these events, go out to dinner Friday night, just pay somebody.
This is the second mistake. This is exaggeration obviously. This is a real website. This is
a real website that somebody has. Giving people too many options confuses them. One thing,
you should focus mainly on one thing, your primary service offering. That�s what you
should pitch on
your homepage. The main thing you want to sell and promote to the people who visit your
website. The New York Times did a study in a grocery
store. They had people sample jams over two different Saturdays. The first Saturday they
had 24 different flavors. Three percent of the people who tasted, who stopped to taste
the jam, bought something. They bought a jar or more. The next Saturday they had six flavors.
Do you think they sold more or less? More. How much more? 79%. No, but 30%. Ten times more. They sold 10
times more jams by reducing the offering, by reducing the number of options. Too many
options confuse people. They go in to overload. It gives them too many options. They go into
overload and then rather they make a decision, they just don�t make a decision and they
walk away at a store. On your website, what do they do? Backspace. What? Backspace. Your keyboard died? Were you DOS programming?
Most people hit the back button with a mouse or the backspace. You give them too many options,
you just leave them bewildered like what am I supposed to do? How may people have a slider on their homepage?
That slides those images. Get rid of them. Okay.
They look cool, as website owners we love them because they look cool. In A/B test on
conversions, they kill conversions. You will get less than 1% conversion when you have
a slider on your homepage because I think it lulls people into complacency, I don�t
know, or they get mesmerized by it or they are like �Well I don�t know, I like the
first slide, but how will I get back there, I don�t know how to do that� and they
will just hit that back button. People have not patience for anything. So, if your goal
is to actually get paying customers from your website, get rid of your sliders, no matter
how much you love them or how cool they look. This is the third biggest mistake that people
make that cost sales on their website. You guys know what call to action is, right? This
is a marketing website that I found with no call to action. You might say �check out
this video� is a call to action. I watched the video. It�s over 4 minutes long. It
was done by someone else, for someone else. All it is like a constant montage of statistics
about social media until it ends with a rolling credits and that�s it. There is no pitch.
There is no buy this. There is no sign up for my e-mail this. There is nothing. There
is no call to action. Even if I met this woman at a networking event. I go to her website.
What am I supposed to do now? I might look around a little bit if I know her. If I don�t
know her, I will just scramble across this website. I am leaving. There’s nothing there
that of any value to me. This is a marketing website. Unfortunately, the marketers aren�t
always good at what they say they are. If you guys have experienced that, I know I have. So, here�s how most websites go and if yours
goes this way, don�t feel bad. You�re not alone. We spend good money to have our
website built, expecting it to deliver us paying customers and what it leaves us thinking
is where�s the money? Actually, where is the lead, where are the leads. You guys remember
this? Am I dating myself? Everybody in here who is about my age you guys know �where�s
the leads.� That�s the problem with those websites. There are two reasons why the leads
are missing from your website. The first one is no traffic which is a whole new problem.
A lot of people already have traffic on their website. The goal once you get the people
there is to convert them, but you have to have people there first and if your highway
is empty, that�s one thing you got to focus on, but not before you do � wait a second,
I am skipping something. I�ve got to add this. You went to see Jake Jabs speak? Great
presentation. I have fit this in for Jake Jabs. How many people know about American
Furniture Warehouse? So, if you all know about hit, why does he spend millions of dollars
every year advertising American Furniture Warehouse? New customers. We all know about it.
New customers. Top of mind. It�s top of mind. It is new customers, but
almost everybody in Denver, unless you have just moved here, already knows about American
Furniture Warehouse. He said you should spend 3% of your budget. If you are making a billion
dollars a year in revenue, 3% is a good chunk 30 million dollars. I think as a small business
owner, we have to spend little more than 3% of our revenue on marketing. I just think
the lesson to be learned here is that even if you have a lot of traffic, you have to
advertise. If you have no traffic, you really have to advertise. You can’t get away from
it. You have to get traffic to your website if you want to get leads from your website.
Then once you get it there, you have to give them a very clear path. You have to tell them
exactly what to do. If you give them too many options, if you don�t give them direction,
good directions, then they are just going to leave or run into the sign. So, you don�t
want to do that. So, that�s the second one I already talked about that what it is. Now I am going to talk about what good websites
do. How good websites are set up to convert visitors and traffic into paying customers.
The first one is a company called Harvest. Anybody heard of Harvest? This is a time tracking
tool. I really like this because it is so clean. There is no clutter. It is very singularly
focused. Everything on this page is driving you to try Harvest for free. All of the content
and there�s word content below. Each one talks about a feature. It is lots of white
space. It’s very clean. Everything in there is trying to drive you to try Harvest free.
This is a freemium business model. You can use it free for basic stuff and then you have
to start paying. This is a really clean design. I like that. Joleene Moody, I interviewed on my podcast.
She is a very successful entrepreneur. She used to be a news anchor back in east somewhere.
I like her website too. She has a video actually of herself talking. This is I think a 13-minute
video. It is educational. She is giving like ton of value on her homepage. So, if people
come in, they can immediately learn what she knows and gauge her credibility. She also
has some pictures of her skydiving and speaking in front of a crowd to build her credibility,
and yet she has a very clear call to action. Get your free 6-Figure Action plan with an
opt-in box right on the homepage. When people come here, if they like what they see, they
are going to opt-in and she is going to capture that information.
This is another one I like. It makes me feel like I should go like this. This is the landing
page. This is a page designed specifically for conversions and it is very clean, very
simple. The opt-in box is right on there and one thing I really like it up this one that
you guys can employ on your website is this exclusivity. The feeling of exclusivity like
�Do I qualify?� Fill out this form and see if you qualify to be graced by my presence.
That�s kind of what they are saying. This can work for any of you. Say, I don�t take
all the clients that come to me. I only take the ones that are really serious. I take the
best ones. You have to meet these qualifications to be my client and I think some want to be
your client even more, right Sandy? It is one of the things I learned from Sandy�s
coaching. Then once you have � the goal of all this is to mainly capture e-mail addresses.
It is all easier to capture an e-mail and then to sell after you have got them in your
marketing funnel. So, once you have their e-mail address then you got to monetize the
list and that goes way beyond what I have time to talk about today. So, if you want
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�!�9��������� �K2��3��5�f7��:�;�;������@>�����”����՜.��+,��0hp|������� ���H(/Business Website Design Tips by
JP StonestreetTitle !”#$����&'()*+,����./0123456789:;[email protected][]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz����|}~
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