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Welcome to the FoxLearn Today we will learn how to create a stock chart First, You need to design a simple UI that allows you to insert stock data into the DataGridView and display to the chart control A Stock chart is typically used to illustrate significant stock price points including a stock’s open, close, high, and low price points However, this type of chart can also be used to analyze scientific data, because each series of data displays high, low open, and close values, which are typically lines or triangles The opening values are shown by the markers on the left, and the closing values are shown by the markers on the righ You need to create a local database, then add a Stocks table to the local database The Candlestick chart type is used to display stock information using high, low, open and close values The size of the line is determined by the high and low values while the size of the bar is determined by the open and close values The open and close bars are displayed using different colors The color used depends on whether the stock’s price has gone up or down Thank you for watching this video

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10 thoughts on “C# Tutorial – Stock Chart & Candlestick Chart C# Winforms .Net | FoxLearn

  1. thank u sir , i got a requement from my customer to make attentence system using fingureprint scaner. lot of search i did nod get any idea of it.. can ples help how it configer in windows forms

  2. Hi sir I real want to learn how to formulate function in datagridview and plot on chart can you post video on that ?

    such as data x , y separate columns where y = 2x + 1 or something …. then graph the y as f(x) on chart

    thank you

  3. hello, I hope you are fine. sir analyze sorting algorithms i.e. heap, insertion, bubble, merge etc using C#. the task is use graph to represent the time complexity of all algorithms against input size. kindly guide me how to use it in visual studio. [email protected] is email address.

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