Can I Recover Lost Profits or Economic Damages for My Business?

Economic loss is when a business has suffered
damages to its profitability. Businesses are designed to make money and
economic loss is when something wrong has been done and it has caused the business to
lose money. A business tort is generally a term that gets
used for any sort of conduct in the business world where a business is harmed, just like
a person is harmed. It can be a fraud. It can be a misrepresentation. It can be forms of, all sorts of forms of
cheating or false advertising. There’s business cycles all the time in
the United States and just because there’s a downturn in your business doesn’t mean
you have a lawsuit or a legal claim to bring. A business tort is when a competitor or some
other person has done something wrong, something that violates the law and if you can trace
to that wrong. If you can trace to that conduct, specific
economic damages that your business has suffered, then you have an economic loss that may be
recoverable. For more information, call Colson Hicks Eidson
at 305-476-7400 or visit our website,

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