Can You Get Quality Online Leads in the Real Estate Business?

Hi, today on ICC TV, we’re going to be talking
about online leads. Are online leads really the devil, are they
really the evil thing out there in real estate? You know, you hear a lot of controversy about
this and several real estate groups. And we’re going to have a conversation today
about online leads and what they are. Hi, my name is Brad Baldwin with Icenhower
Coaching and Consulting. And I’ve been in the real estate business
for over 20 years, and I’ve seen a lot of things from the evolving of the internet to
people spending thousands and thousands of dollars on online leads and everything in
between. So let’s talk about online leads. If you like what you see, go ahead and hit
that subscribe button. By doing that, we’ll make sure that we release
free content week after week, and if there’s a particular topic that you want us to talk
about this comment below on this channel, and we’ll make sure that we make a video of
it. I’m not gonna tell you right now to go out
buy online leads. I’m not here to do that, but yet, online leads,
pay-per-click, Zillow, Facebook advertising. These aren’t necessarily the worst thing for
your real estate business. I and any coach here at ICC will not say go
out and buy online leads until we have our SOI database foundation built, okay? Once we have that built and we’ve checked
your budget model and you how a little bit of money to spend and we want to dabble in
some online leads, let’s take a big look at that because it’s not really the online lead. That is horrible because most of the time
they are horrible at leads, right? Out of a hundred leads, you might only get
two, maybe even three of those two that are three are alive people, okay? And 68% of those people are going to buy a
home, but yet it takes 18 months to do it. So if you’re looking for a quick fix to your
real estate business, online leads might not be the answer, but yet online leads is a lead
pillar that we can use to make sure that we can have multiple streams of leads coming
through our lead funnel that we’ve talked before on earlier videos what kind of online
leads do we buy, well, we’ve had an entire course on that called online prospecting and
it goes through all different types of online leads that we might use to converting those
online leads to sales because that’s where it is. Nine times out of 10 it’s user error. It’s not the online leads, so Zillow,
pay-per-click, you’re not all that bad. We do have some love for you and we’re going
to show you how we use that. It’s just when we enter that into your real
estate business, it’s got to be the right time. Have you liked to talk about more about online
lead generation and how we can convert those online leads into sales? Click the link below to the real estate
and you’re going to see a link there that says, I want to know more about coaching and
how a free one on one conversation about what a real estate coach or consultant can do for
you and your business and makes sure that you live the life that you deserve. Until next week, live fierce.

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3 thoughts on “Can You Get Quality Online Leads in the Real Estate Business?

  1. Please find a different room to record in, a different mic, something. Love the content, but the sound quality in the big empty room makes it difficult to watch.

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