Canada Post E-commerce Innovation Awards 2016 – Highlight Video

Hi! My name is Hicham Ratnani. I am one of
the founders and COO of Frank + Oak. Well, today we won the Customer Engagement Award.
We’re very excited to be here again with Canada Post at the Innovation Awards. It’s
amazing! One, to think of the customer. And two… to think of all our staff who worked
so hard for our customers. So, it’s really, really great! Hi! I’m Erin Young, CMO of There
are so many great new companies here this year, and it’s very exciting to see the
e-commerce landscape in Canada changing. So, hopefully, that our story… we’ve been
around since 2008. And, you know, we continue to do good things. And, hopefully, other people will find us inspiring and they strive to do the same. Jon Austrom, Director of Operations, SHOES.COM. And, how are going to celebrate this win with
your team? Oh, man! Well, I think a couple of us are
probably going to head on to town tonight. But I can’t wait to take this back out West
and celebrate with the whole crew.

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