Car Detailing Business: The Difference Between Creating vs Optimizing Your Website

Hey guys, Oscar with Detail Groove. And in
this video, we’re going to be talking about your website. So I know this is a biggie for
a lot of detailing owners out there, so we’re going to break it down into two components.
We’re going to have creating and then we’re going to have optimizing. And these are very
two distinctive differences that unfortunately, a lot of detailers confuse and kind of focus
their attention on the wrong part of it. So, first one is creating, so creating the website
your typical GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress, you go there, you get a design, you make your
own template, you a sort everything how you’d like, you put the navigation, colors, text,
font, images, all that. Creating it in itself and hit publishing. Unfortunately, if you
only just focus on that, which a lot of people do, spend hours and hours making sure everything
is, you know, the grammar is right, the headline is right, making sure you know, all that good
stuff in terms of how a website looks. Which to an extent, you know, is necessary, but
for the most part, detailers spend way to much time trying to make it look as pretty
as it can, as perfect as it can, making sure everything is absolutely perfect before they
hit publish. But, once you actually do publish it, when you create it and publish it to go
live, you know, detailers make the mistake that they’re going to get more business out
of this and they’re absolutely not because creating the website and people actually discovering
your website are two completely different things. Because you still need a way for people
to actively search and find that website. Unless your handing your business out to every
single person that you see which still wouldn’t work, it wont work, it won’t work, so uh,
to get people to your website from that business card. But if you’re just actively handing
business cards out hoping someone is going to land on your website, it’s not going to
work. And then if you’re just hoping somehow someone is going to discover that website
over the internet is kind of wishful thinking. Because you need a specific way for people
to, for prospects of your business to actually discover that website. Obviously we’re going
to go into the second one and that’s going to be optimizing. Optimizing is going to be
for search engines. Now you’ve created the website, now how do you get people to find
that website online that are looking that are interested into your detailing services.
And that’s going to be through search engine optimization. That’s going to be for the most
part, for Google, where is getting your first page on the first page of Google. So again,
we have creating the website which is the mistake where a lot of detailers spend to
much time on and then it’s optimizing where detailers don’t spend enough time on. So this
isn’t a video on how to actually optimize your website for Google. But again, you should
be spending, if you’ve herd anything about the 80/20 rule, the Pareto’s Principle, which
is 20% of your effort will give you 80% of the results. You should be spending 20% on
creating your website, you know, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be
the best website theme or anything like that. You should be spending the majority of your
time optimizing your website. Because you can spend, let’s say 10 hours creating your
website and you spend 2 hours optimizing it, you’re not going to get very far. As far as
if you spend 10 hours optimizing it and 2 hours creating your website, you’ll put more
effort in to the actual more important thing of people finding your business online. So
this is going to differ from person to person, city to city, region to region, and depending
what services you offer. You should always spend more time optimizing the website instead
of creating the website. Again, that doesn’t mean shouldn’t have it’s own attention. You
still need to make it very usable and navigation needs to be right and all that good stuff.
But for the most part, to get your business moving forward, to get more customers and
make more money, you need to spend more time optimizing the website. So if you want, down
below, I’m going to have a quick tutorial on how to do that for Google. Basic components
on how to optimize your site for Google. You can check that down below. You can leave a
comment and like this video, subscribe to the YouTube channel, because I’ll be coming
out with more videos, and hope you like this video. I’ll see you on the next one, bye bye.

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7 thoughts on “Car Detailing Business: The Difference Between Creating vs Optimizing Your Website

  1. I use Wix which has built in SEO. Seems to work well. For a small boost I also run a light Adwords campaign. Cheers, J, Attention to Detailing in Australia 🙂

  2. Good series of videos Oscar and thanks for taking the time to put them together and share the useful info.

  3. Hello Oscar! I'm catching up with your videos, I really like them and they help a lot. Certain things I'm using them for my own detailing business. Thanks for all the information you share

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