Cardo gives his all-out support for Lola Flora’s business plan | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With EngSub)

Goodness, and here
I thought we could start a new life quietly
here in our new home. Don’t mind them. There really are just
some people who can’t stand
seeing other people living happy
and peaceful lives. Ate’s right. It’s all in the past.
No one filed a complaint. Now, let us talk about
the positive things. Love. Lola. I was thinking, what if we open up
an eatery again? That’ll greatly help
with our expenses. Lola, there’s a big space
at the hallway at the back. That’s a good place
for the eatery. Yeah, Lola.
A bit of renovation, and we could make it
good as new. Let’s talk to our
landlady, then. We’ll tell her that we want
to start a business. Let’s see if she’ll allow us. General… …I’m sure they’ll
make it hard for us to get barangay and
municipal permits. That’s Councilor Gina and
Chairman Bart’s territory. Why would they? We’re not doing
anything illegal. We’re starting up
a legal business. What’s wrong with that? But Delfin,
where will we get the capital to start
the restaurant? Lola, I think you’re
forgetting something. The President gave us
an incentive, remember? We could use that
to start again. You’re right! Thanks for reminding me. Alright, then. Let’s talk to the
landlady immediately. Catch me if you can! Kid. Where’s Miss Emma’s house? Over there. – Alright, thanks.
– Come on, let’s play! Lola, I’m sure our
landlady’s mad at us because we caused trouble
at the compound. Oh, I hope we can
talk things out with her. Well, we’re bringing her
some good news, anyway. We’ll tell her about our plan
to set up an eatery. And I’m also going to
apologize for what happened. I hope she hears us out. Let’s go. Miss Emma? Miss Emma? – Miss Emma.
– Miss Flora. What is it? Miss Emma, we came here to apologize for
what happened earlier. Miss Emma, I’m sorry
for what I did. You know, you’re still
new here, but you already
caused some trouble. My tenants will get scared! But, Miss Emma, my husband
had good intentions. He just wanted to
preserve the peace. Besides, what they were
doing was illegal. Cardo’s a policeman, so it’s his duty to maintain
peace and order in our area. Even so, I still lost
a source of income. Oh, yes, that’s another
reason why we came here. We’re planning to
rent that area ourselves. What will you do with it? We plan to turn it
into an eatery Yeah, back at our old place
we used to have an eatery And Lola Flora’s
a really great cook. So, if you let us
rent the place, I’m sure our regulars will
all come flocking to it Well, I’m fine with it,
as long as I can earn money. – When do you plan to start?
– Tomorrow, if that’s okay. Sure, no problem
You can start tomorrow. – Leave those gamblers to me.
– Thank you! They were getting on
my nerves, anyway. – Oh, thank you.
– Thank you, Miss Emma. By the way, can Cardo and I
see our new place? Oh, sure!
Come, I’ll show you. – Alright.
– Let’s go, Lola. You go ahead.
We’ll catch up.

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27 thoughts on “Cardo gives his all-out support for Lola Flora’s business plan | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With EngSub)

  1. Ag sweet ng Mag asawa n Cocoyass bgay tlaga cla..coco hwg mung bitawan c yassi..Ndi ka magcc kpg sya ag mapangasawa mu..

  2. Ang sweet namang ang mag asawa mr and mrs dalisay at ang pamilya nila lola flora sa bagong bahay nila I love you so much cocoyass forever from abroad

  3. Sweet nMN ni cardo at alyana tamA huwag kayo makinig sa mga nega . Tama po kayo lolA flora

  4. Ako lang ba nakapansin,yung kamay ni coco at yassi magkahawak sa likod ni coco whaaaaa…kinikilig ako talaga sa dalawang to..cocoyass😍💖💕

  5. Susko mga tao nman..artista ang tinitingnan hnd story..hay naku…ayoko c coco para kay yassi..ayoko din para kay julia..they deserve more than him..susko po real talk lang..itinago nya c julia..tapos ngayon c yassi pananggalang nya..harap at likod nagtatago sa babae..ay ambot..nanunuod lang ako ng probinsyano dhil sa story hnd dhil sa artista..magaling ang writer..😂😂

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