Case Study: How Millionaire Amy Applebaum Started A New Online Business in 3 Months

Welcome to the Eventual Millionaire Podcast,
with your host Jaime Tardy. Real talk and real advice from real millionaires with a
sharp focus on you—the eventual millionaire. Jaime Tardy: Welcome to Eventual Millionaire,
I’m Jaime Tardy and today, I’m so thankful to have Amy Applebaum back on the show. She
was beforehand when we weren’t doing video, and I said I actually had to get you on video.
She’s an amazing business coach, she’s been on TLC, ABC, CNN, a whole bunch of stuff,
and she has a brand new baby who’s sleeping in the other room right now, so let’s hope
this goes well. Thanks so much for coming on the show today Amy! Amy Applebaum: Oh my gosh, of course! And
we won’t wake the baby. She knows, just knows to be quiet right now. Jaime Tardy: She’s going to be an entrepreneur,
she doesn’t want to mess anything up now. So it’s funny, we were just chatting right
beforehand and you were saying that you just started a new business. Well first before
I get into that, anybody that wants to hear Amy’s story should listen to the previous
interview, and I’ll definitely link that up because she got an incredible story about
starting in the vending business and all that stuff. What I would really love to get into
today was about this new business that you started, can you tell us a little bit about
that and when it started and how? Amy Applebaum: I can. I started. I am a certified
hypnotherapist and my business is business coaching, so a lot of people would think that
those two aren’t related at all. I never had really did anything with it. The reason I
got certified was not to have a hypnotherapy practice, it was to learn more about how our
mind works and how we can have a good mindset and all of those things that you need to be
successful in business. So, I’ve been using the education that I received from that for
years but I never did anything with it until recently when I was looking for new opportunities
in my business to help support people in becoming successful. And what I mind in the female
entrepreneur marketplace is a lot of doubts, a lot of interesting conversations around
money and the fear of making money, and confidence issues yet there are so many female entrepreneurs
stampeding the entrepreneurial marketplace. So, I thought to myself this is the time to
bring the hypnotherapy stuff out. Success is really about two things in order to achieve
it, how you think and what you do. And in business coaching, I’ve been addressing what
you need to do for all these years. Of course peppered in there is mindset but I hadn’t
dedicated products to how do you think and the type of thinking you need to be successful,
this was going to be my opportunity to do that Jaime Tardy: Wow, so how long ago did you
have that sort of idea? Amy Applebaum: Well I started thinking about
it a year ago, and then I’m just thinking time wise. Yeah, I guess it’s been a year.
God, time flies by! I just had the baby twelve weeks ago, so about a year ago, maybe it’s
been a year and half now. Sorry, okay I’m trying to do the timeline. It’s been about
a year and a half and I started thinking I would put these hypnotherapy products together.
And in about three months’ time, I wrote fifty albums. So there full, complete albums so
they have your hypnotherapy sessions, they have music, they have assignments that you
can actually put those into action, they have affirmations for change, you can have daily
affirmations. Each album has ten tracks and I created fifty of those in three months,
which was crazy. I did that while pregnant. They got released, I guess now about just
six months ago. So you can find them on iTunes, Amazon, Audible, my website, it’s really crazy.
And I just launched the pregnancy collection so we’re at sixty albums that have now been
launched. Jaime Tardy: Wow! Alright, so we have to delve
into that, because that’s huge! So you have the idea, and three months later you have
fifty albums done. So, take us through the process. Did you do any market research to
find out what people wanted first, or did you already know? Take us through the process
you went through in the first three months. Amy Applebaum: Okay, first I got a partner.
Because I knew I wanted to do this quickly, and I think that’s one thing that I really
learned in business is that if you find a business model that works and you know it
works, don’t piddle around with it, just get it done. Really get intentional about it,
so I got a partner who already has a seven figure business in that arena. So now, I have
somebody who stands to benefit from me being successful so they’re already excited about
it and I have all that expertise in what title sells, what people are looking for, and all
of that. So then, I really got into the business of creating a template, decided what my titles
would be, did all my research, and then learned the editing equipment, and I wrote the script,
I edited the product, we added the music, and we did the design work. And team! Jaime Tardy: Crazy! Before we get into team,
I would like to ask you about your partner, because so number one, what was in it for
him, and how did you get him to say yes? If he already has a seven-figure business already
doing hypnotherapy, why doesn’t he just hire someone who has a female voice who can create
the same thing? Why be a partner on it? Amy Applebaum: Well, that’s a very good question!
I already have a brand. So because I already have a brand, it makes me easier to market
than somebody who he would just have do a voiceover. I have a brand, I’m already in
the field, I already have fans and followers, so that’s number one. Number two, not everyone
is going to go to him for hypnotherapy. So, just by nature of who he is, being a man,
different style, different branding, they’re not all going to go to him. So why not have
a piece of someone else’s market, rather than just lose the people that wouldn’t come to
me anyways. Because, I’m going to grab the female market in a much different way than
he is, I also come up with titles that he would never think of, and he would never do
the pregnancy collection! Jaime Tardy: He’s not one day like I should
do the pregnancy collection, that’s a great idea! Amy Applebaum: That’s right! And there would
be no credibility there; the women wouldn’t really want to learn from him. It’s really
not about trying to be greedy, it’s him being a smart business owner and being like, “Look
what I can do, I can help someone else be successful in this arena and teach them and
educate them, and I can benefit as well. And look at all the people that I’ll reach that
I wouldn’t have been able to reach before.” Jaime Tardy: So what does this partnership
look like? Like what are the pieces, I mean it seems like you’re creating the content,
I mean is he doing all the marketing and… See, I feel like you could of done it on your
own too, so what is he sort of bringing to the table? Amy Applebaum: He’s bringing to the table
all the expertise. So, I could have done it on my own, but it doesn’t mean that I would
have sold the way I did. So getting deals with iTunes, Audible, and Amazon, you need
a reputation for that. Yes, anyone can sell but not everyone can sell and make money.
So getting on those platforms, he helps with the marketing; he helped with a lot of the
understanding of how to put a product together. So, I create the content but I needed the
template, I needed the best way to understand how to put that together, and what made the
most sense for the type of audience that I would be reaching out too. He brought a lot
of the expertise. He brought the business model! Jaime Tardy: And then you plugged in all your
information that helps! Amy Applebaum: And I created some things that
were different than his, from my taste he wasn’t as streamlined as I would have liked,
so I kind of have my own style, my own brand. It’s definitely not a rework of what he’s
doing, but it’s his… It’s all the element of this is how you do this successfully. So,
I didn’t have to make all the mistakes and spend two years teetering around and figuring
out how to use editing equipment and figuring out how to do all of it. Jaime Tardy: Good! So tell me some tips and
tricks, especially for the tight timeframe that you had for creating all these products.
It’s great that you had a template that you knew already worked, but do you have any advice
for anyone who’s creating a product in a short timeframe like that? Amy Applebaum: Yeah, a lot of times if we’re
dealing in the information marketing world, and we’re creating those types of products,
I think that’s what we’re talking about. We spend a lot of time thinking about it. It’s
amazing how fast you can actually generate it if you know what my deadline date, when
do I want to have this done by, how many products (in my case there was a quantity. I wanted
a certain quantity out there to get the brand going.) What do I need to do with my current
business? What do I need to delegate so that I have the time to do that? So, I carved out
a certain amount of hours every day to generate that content. You’ve got to give yourself
that time, and then you have to stick with it. No distractions, no phone calls, no nothing.
Like I had to sit down and write the script, then I had to sit down and edit, so I was
creating like two products a day. But, I created the time in order to do that. Jaime Tardy: Do you remember about how many
hours that took you a day? Two products a day, that’s crazy! Amy Applebaum: Well, in the beginning, now
I’m pretty fast. In the beginning, it took a while. Let me think… I think it took 6
hours a day. Jaime Tardy: And that was solid straight time? Amy Applebaum: I was really lucky because
at that time, I had this goal to generate this business model, and I was able to delegate
certain things in my existing business so that I could make that happen. Not everybody
can, I’m a little crazy too. Jaime Tardy: That helps right? Amy Applebaum: I think what I did in that
amount of time; most people would do in a year and a half, honestly. I also recommend
that people don’t be as psychotic as I was about it. But I was pregnant, so I had a time
frame. And that had a lot to do with why I was generating so quickly, because I knew
once I got in that last trimester, I wasn’t going to have the stamina to do it. So, I
would recommend choosing the time line, and making sure that the timeline doesn’t kill
your existing business, and then carve out that time and make it happen. Jaime Tardy: So, do you think that you’re…
I mean you called yourself crazy right? But do you think you’re different than most people?
If normal people would take a year and half to do this, is there something innate in you?
Or can you give us some piece of advice that can make us be crazy too? Amy Applebaum: I do think I’m crazy and I
don’t think it’s totally normal. You know, you’ve studied millionaires for a really long
time, and I bet that in your studies you find a little bit of crazy in each one of those
people. Jaime Tardy: Hmm… Yes! Amy Applebaum: So there are certain qualities
that I find that happen in people who want to get stuff done. Part of it is ambition,
and not coming up with a lot of excuses, its laser focused and being able to get rid of
the distractions. Kind of that multi-tasking doesn’t work when you’re trying to get something
done, you have to be focused. So when I was focused on getting the script written, it
was like boom… script, two hours done. Next, editing… Nobody talk to me. That laser focus
is really critical, and knowing the elements that I need to do to follow through with and
do them, gets them scheduled. Get them in the schedule and follow through. Follow through
is probably one of the biggest problem that people suffer from and why they don’t succeed.
They have this great idea, it sounds really good, but they’re not prepared to do anything
about it. They don’t set themselves up to actually do. The way that I set myself is
not magical, I say that I’m going to do this, and then go to my schedule and say “Where
do I have time to do this?” and then I carve it in, and then I do it. So, it’s simple. Jaime Tardy: But not easy… Amy Applebaum: But it’s absolutely amazing
how many people don’t do it. Jaime Tardy: But, how do you carve it in though?
We talked before how many hours you were working already. I mean, how do you carve it in especially
in the beginning. 6 hours a day for something! I mean I know it’s important but… Amy Applebaum: No, because what I did was…
I moved my schedule around. I mean, I’ll just get into it with you. I took all my one on
one clients, and called them all up and said “Here’s my commitment, this is what I’m trying
to do. Could you please move your coaching calls to this designated day?” So I got all
my coaching calls for one-on-one on one day. So, I selected chunks of time to do the product
during the week. And then I peppered everything in around it. And then there were parts of
my business that I could delegate, like okay so this project and this project, you can
handle or I’m putting it on hold, because I have a short amount of time in which to
get this done. And then, I worked at night. I was willing to wake up at five o’clock in
the morning to record. I still had to record the product. Jaime Tardy: Yeah… Yeah… Amy Applebaum: But five o’clock in the morning
is really quiet. You’re not going to have any distracting sounds, and I got fast. So,
if an album is an hour long, I was able to spend from 5-7 am recording two or three albums.
So it’s really, it’s like people will say that I don’t have time to fit thirty minutes
in to exercise. How important is it to you? It was really important to me. Does that make
sense? Jaime Tardy: Oh, it does. How do you couple
that with wanting to do everything? I mean you probably come across this all the time,
where people aren’t necessarily ADD, but have so many things that they want to accomplish,
so they spread themselves really thin. How did you know what to put on hold, and what
not to put on hold, especially if they all seemed important and good? Amy Applebaum: Yeah, because everything is
important and good, but not everything is now. Women, we think we’re like these superheroes. Jaime Tardy: Hey, no! We are! Amy Applebaum: I think we are, and you can’t
do it all right now. You can do it all, but you can’t do it all right now. So, what I’ve
gotten really good at, I’m still getting better at is “Okay, I know this all seems like an
emergency, but it’s not. So, what needs to happen in the next 90 days?” And as soon as
I think that, I can go… “Oh, yeah I can totally put that off, I can put that off,
and I can put that off.” It seems like its critical, but it’s not. And when you start
comparing things, most people don’t actually take the time to assess on the scale from
one to ten how important it is. But when you’re busy and you have a million things to do,
you have to do that. So, I have this huge to do list, and I literally look at it, even
now, especially with the baby. I have to look at the to-do list and go, “What do I have
to do today? What has to be done today?” And I realize two or three things, but not ten
or twenty. So it’s getting crystal clear, wake up in the morning and look at that to
do list, and go “What needs to be done today?” I also have two running to do lists, and I
write them down on paper. I mean I love the whole digital world, but I have to see it
in front of me. So, I have a now to do list and a later to do list. And the problem is,
and I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about is, that I come up with all these brilliant
ideas all the time, and then what used to happen was then I would start to work on them,
and then it would take up time that I shouldn’t be working on. Sure, it’s a great idea but
it’s not a now idea. So, now what I do so I don’t forget about it, I go and write it
on the later list. This way, I know I won’t forget about it, but it’s not a priority.
So, even though I can get excited about a lot of things, I look at my goals now, and
what I’m trying to achieve in the next 90 days, the next 6 months. And when someone
says, “Hey, I have this great idea. Let’s do this.” I don’t say yes, I say “You know
I love that idea. Let me get back to you.” Then I look at what I’m up to, and I decide
does that fit what I’m doing right now, and if it doesn’t, is it something I can revisit
in 6 months. And if I can revisit it, I do. I didn’t used to do that. Jaime Tardy: That’s so valid. It’s so funny,
because yesterday I was creating a timeline of this year of knowing exactly what month
I’m working on what projects. Because I have so many projects, and I was trying to come
up with the decision of okay, which one is more important? But what needs to be done
in the next 90 days is huge! That shifts things! To go, like okay this needs to be set up before
that happens, so I know what’s important now. Amy Applebaum: That’s right! And it’s also
your priorities are also based on what your current goals are. And I don’t mean today.
So, when I’m dealing with, and I’m coaching an entrepreneur who needs money, yet they’re
focusing on non-money making activities in their business. That’s when we start to shift
things. Well wait a minute; you don’t need to pretty up your website today. You know
what I mean? Jaime Tardy: Oh, I do… I hear that all the
time… Yeah. Amy Applebaum: You know that’s a non-money
making activity, and your website’s going to look really good. But do you need to do
that in order to sell today? So, if money is what you need, than we need to focus on
sales and marketing. And so, once that money is coming in and you feel a little relief,
than we can do some of the betterment issues of your business. So that’s really, really
important, getting really clear on what your goals are right now. What you need, and what
your business needs right now. You know I always explain and tell seminars or things
of that nature when I’m speaking that we need to see our business as the person that we’re
dating. You’re in a relationship with your business; you’re dating your business, you’re
having sex with your business, and you have to see yourself as separate from your business.
And if you don’t see yourself as separate, you can get really lost on what you’re doing.
You have to ask yourself in a relationship, you say “Well if I ignore you honey, than
we’re probably not going to have a relationship.” Well what does your business mean that you’re
ignoring? And when you start to separate yourself from your business, and what your business
needs to be happy and nourished, you start to going “Oh my gosh, my business doesn’t
have any money. What am I doing to give my business what it needs?” You can take the
pressure off of yourself, not taking selling personally and all those fears that happen
when you don’t see that separation. Jaime Tardy: Yeah, and that’s so funny because
I did the exact same thing with clients because especially with team or employee issues. We
feel like we get so caught up in our own emotions that we can’t see it, but what does your business
need right now? Well maybe that piece doesn’t, it shouldn’t exist in this business. I love
you saying the same things, this is perfect. Amy Applebaum: It’s not personal! Your business
needs certain things, it needs to help lots of people and it needs to make money. So what
do you do if you have those things happen? And I think as women we get caught up in providing
value, but we forget about the money part. And until we shift that conversation to, “I
can provide value, but I also can make a lot of money doing that, and that’s okay.” Jaime Tardy: Yeah, because your business will
not exist unless you have income and revenue. Okay, so let’s shift focus for a little bit.
Because you were talking about the sales and marketing, when you started the hypnotherapy
company, he had a lot of the sales and marketing, so I was wondering if you could give us some
tips, tricks, advice, techniques that maybe you’ve gleamed from what’s worked really well
on that space, which we could maybe implement in our business? Amy Applebaum: You know what, I don’t have
a lot of, and this isn’t the best answer for you. I don’t have a lot of necessary tips
in that space, that’s a very specific space and there’s only a handful of people that
are going to be successful. You’re speaking the hypnotherapy space? Jaime Tardy: Uh, I’m talking about selling
things on iTunes and Amazon and in those distribution models. Amy Applebaum: You need a brand or it will
not last. So that’s what he recognized about what I brought to the table. He’s not really
doing the sales per say, anyone can put their music album on iTunes, their information product
on Audible, I mean you can do that. But typically they’re not going to do contracts with people
who don’t have brands, and you’re not going to end up with sales if you don’t have a brand.
And most people don’t really understand branding, they think that because they have a name of
a company on a pretty logo that makes a brand, and there’s so much more to a brand. When
people come and work in my coaching club, my level two is a business development program.
It’s a one year business development program, where they are literally step by step building
their business; even if they’re struggling, because they’re coming to me even if they’re
struggling because they’re not getting anywhere with what they’re doing now. And what they’re
usually not doing, is there’s usually steps that are missing, and one of the major steps
is missing for people is branding. People understand branding to be a logo or a cool
tagline and that’s not what it is, it’s so much more than that. And if you don’t create
that, then you don’t engage your audience. A brand is the personality, it’s the logo,
it’s not just the images, and it’s everything that embodies the entire company. And until
you begin to create that, your customers and potential partners don’t have anything to
grab onto. They’re not sure why they would get involved with you or why they would get
engaged with you. And I’ll tell you the people that have significant brands are the people
that get the business, that’s really how it works. So you have to be memorable, you have
to stand out, you have to be unique, you have to really offer something that’s really attractive
to your brand, it’s irresistible they have to work with you, they love working with you.
There’s this company now that I’m in baby land called, are you familiar
with them? Jaime Tardy: No? Amy Applebaum: It’s Jessica Alba’s company. Jaime Tardy: Oh! Amy Applebaum: And they sell diapers, and
they do it really, really well. And there’s a story behind their brand, everything about
the whole feel, like I don’t want to go somewhere else. I want to go to for my
diapers, they’re biodegradable, and so they’re safer for the planet. There’s so much around
the brand that makes me excited that when I land on the website, I feel it. I feel them
and it’s the difference between going to some generic market and going into a Trader Joe’s
or a Whole Foods. It’s the difference between Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray and some unknown
person you’ve never heard of. Right? When you say Rachel Ray, you know it’s like fast,
get ‘er done meals, we’re going to do these meals, we’re going to do them fast, they don’t
have to be perfect, we’re just going to get them done. Martha Stewart is like; we’re going
to do everything perfectly! And you either resonate with those brands or you don’t, but
they have clear branding. It doesn’t matter if you’re a product or service, your brand
is critical. I’m going to do better in the hypnotherapy space because I bring a brand.
And people will relate to it, or they won’t. They’ll either want to be part of it, or they
won’t. Jaime Tardy: Yeah, so it’s funny it’s all
coupled with the mission and what you’re trying to do. And so, what do you have for advice
for people to get that? There’s a lot of people who are like, I have my website and I have
my logo and I have this idea, and I sort of get an general idea of what I want in my head.
But people have issues in either picking it or recognizing what their brand really should
be. So do you have any advice on how people can do that? And bring it forward? You never
know, you put something out there and you never know if it’ll hit. Amy Applebaum: That’s because most people
don’t do market research. And it’s really, really important. So putting those focus groups
together is really critical. So many of us are stuck in expert head, and we’re like “Oh!
This is a cool product for my audience, they’ll love it!” And then they don’t, and they don’t
buy it. And the messaging that you have on your website to attract them to your products
doesn’t resonate, and you’re like “Shit! Now what am I supposed to do?” Do you know what
I mean? Jaime Tardy: Oh yeah. Amy Applebaum: So you haven’t done the market
research, you didn’t prove that you had a problem that you were solving. Big corporations
don’t do that. Big brands, they’re very clear that there’s a market, they know there’s a
market. So I just did this website assessment recently where I had three women on the phone
during a one hour period and I assessed their homepage of their website. And what I really
found out was that none of them had a brand. None of them were capturing me in terms of
their messaging, the images, the logo, it didn’t say anything. And then they didn’t
offer me or any way to engage with them in a way that I cared about. And I was their
target market. So you kind of have two problems when it comes to your website: you either
have a really good brand but you haven’t translated it properly, so what they’re seeing on the
website doesn’t really announce your awesome brand in a way that will make you money or
really engaged your audience to get involved with your awesome product or services, or
it totally reveals that you don’t have a brand at all. What I would recommend is do not put
your website up until you’re crystal clear that you have a brand. If you have put your
website up and it’s not working, than you need to get some coaching for sure. The very
first places to start is with your target market, and ask them “Are you engaged?” Actually
this month in my newsletter, I have them do a does my website convert quiz, and some of
the questions that we ask are “What do I do?” Go to my website and in the first five seconds
they better be able to answer: what you do, what you offer, who you offer it too, what
problem you solve, and you better have a really powerful way to engage with you, if not..
forget about it. I was working with; I’d love to give you an example…. Jaime Tardy: Yeah. Amy Applebaum: I was working with one of my
clients who has a life coaching business and she said “Sign up for my newsletter and get
life tips.” Well first of all, what are life tips? What kind of life tips? And who are
you? And why would I want to sign up for another newsletter list? The very first thing that
you have to do is if you don’t have rapport and people don’t know you yet, because a lot
of her traffic is coming through search. How can they have an opportunity to get to know
you first? Perhaps offer virtual training, that’s free which will give them an opportunity
to try you out before they will buy you. And second, why wouldn’t you do some free coaching?
Now, granted for people who are established, this is not the best strategy; but if you’re
not established and you don’t have an established brand, people don’t know if you’re good or
not good, they need to have an experience. So give them a free thirty minute strategy
session, during that session they’ll have a real clear idea of who you are and how you
work, and work through a problem with them. Because then at the end of the call, they’ll
ask how they can get more. It’s really, really important that when you’re first developing
your brand that you engage your audience that way and give them the opportunity to try you
out. But, I don’t know if that fully answered your question about branding. You have to
work with someone who will really, really going to help you with developing that brand,
starting with the personality and really getting that crystal clear vision. And then when you
start doing visual components like logos, messaging, taglines, the copy on your website,
the images that you use, your offer, all that comes as an extension from the brand you’ve
already created. Jaime Tardy: That makes sense… Amy Applebaum: So if you don’t know how to
do it, get with someone that can help you. Jaime Tardy: And what you were saying before,
about having the people who don’t exactly know what the brand is, having those free
sessions will start getting you talking to your target market which will give you so
much feedback on what they want and what they’re looking for, so you know what to do to take
the next steps too.. Amy Applebaum: Yes, but I recommend you doing
the focus group first. Well, because what that’ll do, which is to your point that you
just said now, it’ll let you know how unclear you probably are, and then you have to get
to the business. There’s a very specific order of how to create a great brand. And it really
starts with that vision and what your story is and why you’re a credible person to learn
from in that arena, whether that’s a product or a service. You’ve got to have a story or
a hook. So there are a lot of different elements that make the whole brand, and it starts with
that what are you offering, what you are doing, what problem are you solving? Then you start
to get into the personality of your brand. That’s the difference between a generic cola
and Coca Cola or a generic store and Trader Joes, right? When you think Trader Joes, you
think cool stuff, community, affordable. You know, there’s a ton of stuff, why do you think
that? When you think Nike, you think “Just Do It”, inspiring, get off your butt, and
make it happen! You just have to see that little swoosh. If some random person created
a cool logo, that’s not a brand. The reason you know that swoosh is because of everything
else that they’ve been doing, all the marketing, all the design, all the messaging, all the
contests, all the personality, it’s all of it. It takes time to have that brand be remembered
and resonate. But when they go to your website, they better get a feel for your brand or they’re
going to jump off! Jaime Tardy: I love it. And everyone should
check out your website too, because you can totally see that. You ooze from your website,
which is probably exactly what you want. Like your brand and who you are, really works out
really well. It’s awesome. I can chat with you all day, and I know we have to wrap up,
because I adore you. For the last question, what’s one action that the listeners can take
this week to help move them forward to their goal of a million? Amy Applebaum: You need a powerhouse team;
because you are going to run up against not knowing what to do. And if you don’t have
the right mentors, right coach, right consultants, right design team, the right people helping
you get there, understanding what your goal is, and by the way, they should all be more
successful than you are, if you don’t have that, forget it. I really mean that. I mean,
forget it. In a year, you’ll come back and be like “Amy, you were so right!” And I’m
not trying to be right, I’m just saying I’ve made this mistake so many times, and when
I have powerful people around me, I get there a lot faster. I get fifty products done in
three months than five years. Jaime Tardy: Okay so now, I have to ask a
follow up question for this to let people know. How do we find those key members of
our team that are better than us? Amy Applebaum: They’re everywhere. They’re
in your existing network, believe it or not? So the first step is getting crystal clear
on what you need? What kind of team members do you need? “Oh my god, I need a coach because
from day to day, I don’t know what to do.” “Oh my gosh, I don’t understand finance, I
don’t understand marketing…” Okay, so whose really, really good at that and has been successful
in that, that is not competing with me, whose better than I am at what they do? And then
you start to go who do I know or if I put the word out about what I’m looking for, maybe
those people will know. You’d be surprised, most everybody that you’re networking with
people in LinkedIn, most everybody that you know can get you to the right person. Jaime Tardy: Definitely, resources are everywhere!
You just have to go look for them now, we’re so lucky! Amy Applebaum: That’s right. I’ve gotten many
resources from you. Jaime Tardy: Oh really!? Amy Applebaum: Oh yeah, from your website.
That’s right. So like God, I love her website. Oh! That person’s really successful in this
area, I need help! “Hey! Jaime, can you hook me up!” Jaime Tardy: Oh yeah, we’ve done that… Amy Applebaum: Now, it’s still on me to make
that partnership happen, but you gotta reach out so what that means is if you don’t have
enough resources to build a board of mentors, and get the right people on board, than you’re
not networking enough! Jaime Tardy: I love that! Perfect! Thank you
so much Amy! I want to chat with you again, maybe when the baby’s a little bit older,
next time we can see her and you can bring her on the show. Thank you so much for coming
on, tell us where we can find you online, what’s the best way to get ahold of you? Amy Applebaum: Go to,
and there I am. There’s everything. There’s my coaching club, which I invite you all to
participate in. We have a variety of different levels for people who are at different places
in their business, some people need affordable stuff, some people want private, we have a
group. We have it all. What I don’t recommend is not doing anything. If you’re just starting,
get on the bandwagon right away! If you’re struggling, you’re struggling for a reason,
and we need to pinpoint exactly where in the process you’re struggling so that you can
start succeeding and not wanting to have a fight with your business. So, go to
and check out the coaching club, I actually just launched a bunch of videos so if you
don’t like reading, than you can listen to me talk and I’ll take you through the different
levels and how they might be able to benefit you. Do it! Make the team happen right away. Jaime Tardy: Like you said, you can’t do it
alone! And I agree a thousand percent with that. You cannot do it alone. As much as I
tried, and as much as you tried beforehand going, “No, I can do this! Okay… no, I need
help!” Amy Applebaum: I just had a client that signed
on about two months ago, who I spoke to a year ago. We had a very funny conversation
a year ago, and I said I know that you’re freaked out about money, and this is a stretch
for you. And it was still an affordable program, but for her it was stretch. I said “You need
to do this or you’re going to come back in a year, and be like Amy, I’m in the same place!”
And sure enough, not to the date but approximately a year later, she’s like “I can’t take it
anymore!” So… Jaime Tardy: Why didn’t I listen to you in
the first place!? Amy Applebaum: And it doesn’t matter if it’s
me or somebody else, just get the team together. You need a coach and you need a board of mentors. Jaime Tardy: Perfect, thank you so much Amy!
I’m so glad that your darling daughter didn’t wake up so we could finish the whole thing,
though I would have liked to see her! Thank you so much, and I really appreciate it and
hopefully we can meet in person sometime! Amy Applebaum: So thank you for having me,
and I support everything that you do, so just let me know what you have going on and I’ll
let our community know about it! Jaime Tardy: Aww, thank you! Amy Applebaum: You’re welcome Thanks for listening; you
can find out more great information like this

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