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Private ladies room you asked for the women’s bathroom aren’t you a man? It’s disgusting I’m transgender myself. You guys restored my faith in humanity as Jennings. You know, what will you do ripped from the headlines Friday on ABC? One two Three oh You know sir, we don’t have all day hold your horses I just need to count it out and now where was I – You don’t have cash or credit card? No, this is all I have What was that total again? I I can’t seem to remember cha-ching or Kerplunk, it’s money All right but some people have taken 2-point shaming those paying with changed recently a business called out a teen on Facebook for his payment method Ridiculing a high school student who paid the bill with coins the restaurant later took down the post and issued an apology But there are many like this social media star who witnessed others fumbling with their change and see it as an opportunity To do a good deed Today however, it’s our shopper who’s sorting scent by scent $6 1/2 Lost track if you saw an elderly man, can’t you see you’re holding up the line? I’m sorry, but it won’t be much longer struggling to gather his change sir. You can’t pay we’ll just change What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at the shoppers value in cocoon, Mississippi Alright your total to me 12 33, okay. Let me just get my change up This first shopper looks on as John digs through his coins Anything at all change today? Yes, ma’am. I guess that’s the best I can do it, huh? This is gonna take a really long time. Whoo as fast as I can almost immediately. I’m sorry, sir He picks up on John’s need for assistance, what was a total against 12:30 throws off 33, I just can’t seem to remember Yeah Thank you for your help. He steps right in and gets to work But when Lin questions his motives, why are you helping him? He hits her with the silent treatment Really don’t you have better things to do sir? He totally ignores it that’s for the woman in the back of the line we need two more dollars. Oh wow Look at this Wow. She has no problem giving her two cents action, ma’am Why are you giving him money? Because I have it cheap here. Why are you helping us off man? God helps me every day Right. You need to keep your opinion to yourself Girl worker here. He’s a customer Thank you so much very well. God bless you. God bless you time for us to exchange Thanks with this tag team what’s going on here? Hey James, I’m sorry. We’ve touched you that loser does you know? It’s very kind of you I just try to help people I can help What does that tell us about p-kun, Mississippi with the bottle fail, you know? And we deal if we have it to give with you because that’s what God tells us to do I’m a youth pastor So it was all about him when I’m had my days where I don’t had to come to the stupid shake No, you were counting penny by penny man took a long time You know, that’s what he had to work what I was willing to help We’re at it again, this is just taking too long. I’m doing the best that I can here she comes I Could use some help family and no matter how rude our cashier gets he’s paying a ball change It’s it’s annoying. It doesn’t annoy you This shopper has no trouble keeping her cool. Why would you helps me? You don’t know? How short him out right now and she doesn’t stop there you’re only eight dollars over here you’re gonna pay for him I She’s so sweet. Thank you so much. How are you? And your little town despite everything she said you didn’t feel like yelling at the cashier Not have enough money enough people behind me will pay you’re paying for Some shoppers steer clear of the change situation by switching lanes Alright, let him go let him go but the majority of people are willing to spare their time This is ridiculous. If he needs to two extra hands, I got two hands back here I can help I could really use a hand. I mean I got two I hate coming here I’ll change this woman can’t believe what she’s hearing Look how much change he has What’s the total again, you don’t have to count the change And this shopper has no issue putting our cashier in her place. This is your job Okay, so that mean if you didn’t want to be no cash you tell them hey, let me do something else like stocker So how long are you willing to wait though? I can wait all day You sure I’m not bothering you Oh, no You’re not Bothering me actually because I have a grandmother and I wish I got you to talk to like this could happen to punch them, right? Before things get physical. I’m John quinones with the TV show. What would you do? What do you want people to learn from this you have to be respectful conjugate hell that’s the one day that might be you We’re all gonna be there someday exactly And perhaps most heartwarming throughout the day Why are you paying for now? You would do that to the survey People’s willingness to pay out of pocket to give me your address. I can send you the money I’ll send you the man is out of this despite their own Situations a car less tools you’re in tears last Tuesday. Yes. I just discussed about my bills over oil and you’re still getting this I believe in helping people And I believing in my blessings back from the Lord But no one puts their own troubles aside as selflessly as this last family Is that all you have with you at the drop of a dime? This father-son duo was tuned in Why didn’t you go to the bank? I’m 83 years old and when Lin just won’t quit. Well, I’m not gonna help $5, he shouldn’t be paying with all change Please I’m sorry. Do you know this man? Do you know him? No? Then why would you help them? Why would you be absolutely? inconsiderate of another human being Especially whenever you have to be much younger than him maybe he should have helped and have a credit card Go ahead and take a walk and as she steps out this young boy follows, his father’s lead even Continuing to count when our impatient cashier returns. Are you done helping this old man? So much else was it that he needed six dollars and 33 cents six dollars and 33 cents before he covers the difference Let’s command this father-son team you were wonderful in addressing this Me and my father just lost I’m so sorry And so sorry I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Yeah So you’re preoccupied you didn’t have to do this. No I had to do this Because if it wasn’t for losing her you know, what I would have been back there and said, you know what, no, I need to get I Have to teach you to be a better person Life is short Yeah, and the older generation Needs our help whatever it comes down to it truth be told Down straight to the heart. We’re all good people good people there suddenly was no shortage of them here today Hi guys John quinones here. Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There’s so much more to see so click on this red button down here The one that says subscribe and you won’t miss another what would you do moment? Enjoy?

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100 thoughts on “Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins | WWYD

  1. Americans are so fake. Its just a bad joke, how they all start to cry when cameras appear. And they never ever Show the bad reactions of the society only the good ones.

  2. I don’t even believe in God, but when the woman and man talked about how God would bless them, that just warmed my heart up. All of these customers were so sweet, patient and willing to help and that’s why I love this show so much: because my faith in humanity is restored.

  3. the bitch should have helped him count. How hard can that be? Interestingly enough, Canada did away with the penny and rounds up or down to the nearest nickle. It is costing us (the US) 2.5 cents to make one penny. What the hell?! talk about a waste of money, our tax dollars! Love that gal in the yellow shirt! and the family of two father and son was the cherry on top! All of the customers who helped are angels. Even tho the pure evil walk among us, so do the angels. Gawd, we need more kindness in the world.

  4. God bless all those people that help this elderly man I hope they're all blessed and some kind of special way. They were being sincere. The world would be a nicer place if all of us were to consider people in their special needs whatever it may be

  5. The cashier shouldn’t be employed as a cashier because it represents a bad image of the company and bad customer service.

  6. Omg this brought me to tears my grandma past away last year and i know how hard it is for someone to talk to a senior citizen like that and i would be really upset if someone talked to my grandmother that way. If i see someone like that and needs help ill step in and pay for them it's called PAYING IT FOWARD what most people should do if someone needs help and don't have enough change

  7. Restores your faith in people, the guy who just paid and wouldn't be reimbursed, sir I wish I could meet you, I'm 58 and my time will soon be here where that could easily be me , regardless of religion, race or creed the milk of human kindness is not instilled in all people, it is just sometimes a natural instinct.

  8. Now when I’m feeling down I can always remember dude in the brown jacket saying “GO HEAD AND TAKE A WALK” 💪🏾

  9. My great grandfather is 90 we visit him every other Saturday he told me that this happened to him, he said how no one helped him, I wish someone was there to help

  10. . Hats off to the people who objected injustice . Great trail by WWYD who conducted this social experiment. Women are really have great dare to stand against evil than men. God bless all good people. These type of people should exist in our society to preserve justice.

  11. If I was the elderly man I would have just downright pissed her off and came out with all pennies people are getting to be a bunch of assholes money's money it doesn't matter what it is in this jackass has no respect for elderly people so definitely wouldn't give a s*** I'd still punch her in the face

  12. The BEST comedy show EVER…is the OUTTAKES from THIS program. Where customers team up and beat the hell out of the old man, KICK the waitress working 3 jobs, HELP a father slam his daughter who comes out…..

  13. I am on the city bus water running down my face that man and his son that lost his wife and they were faced with a woman that was portraying wicked obviously the opposite of what his kind and giving wife was I thought all that as I am sitting here stifling back tears damn beautiful you could see something on them 2 face that said they weren't here for it amen hallelujah for the power of seeing!! Won't he do it! Open your eyes to witness love when it's hurting amen bless them 2 and that show I hope he gave them a token of his Appreciation for them being involved that was beautiful

  14. "Because I have it to give," are the words of true kindness. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." "Whatever you do to the least of these, so you do unto me."

  15. I'd step in and fix this…at the same time giving that cashier cause to curse her parents for bringing her in to this world…and by that time, the motivational seminar would've spread to her management…

  16. Ive seen this before on a trip to the store,the old lady was short on the bill by a few dollars,i gave her a 20$ and everybody looked at me like iwas crazy,nobody offered to help her despite her age and her being in a wheelchair.not even the guys who where stockpiling carts of beer for the wk end that day.its a cruel world with a few gd people.

  17. If coins isn't money, why do they give us coins as change???
    Love how they all stood up for him and helped him and I especially loved the dad and son. Yes daddy show him how to be the better person.

  18. Bless the people who stepped in an helped the ederly man thank you kind people 👍🏼❤ …… Im glad they put the cashier in her place !

  19. I probably would have just went to another lane. But after seeing this, i now feel compelled to stay and help the person who is paying with change.

  20. I am crying alot, I lost my mum too 6 years back and I know the feeling and it hit me so hard to see someone who has just lost their mum this ready to give i want even ready to go back to school for 3 weeks, ❤️😇

  21. That boy at the end even looked at her like what the heck did she just say?! He is going to grow up to be a wonderful man. And that man that cried and helped him out said he cried the week before because of bills. God WILL bless him. <3

  22. I have worked with an old customer like tht before with spare changes and i always enjoy having great conversations with them and listening to thr own life stories

  23. I always feel so bad when somebody harassed a older guy or women literally they don't understand that they are old like i feel so bad.

  24. I am a cashier and this happens, I will offer to help the customer count their change and I let the customer know no matter how long it takes that their time is just as important than anyone else who’s waiting.

  25. I work at a gas station, are coins annoying? Yes. Do I hate them? Yes, but it’s money, if they have it to pay for the products then I accept them no matter what. And if they are having difficulties, why not help them? It makes the process faster and with most companies your suppose to count it back to reassure the correct amount and make sure they aren’t giving extra money or not enough. Anyway, I know she’s an actor but how she was treating the elderly BROKE my fucking heart. 😭 Shit even when people are short and look to be struggling I try to help front that bill. Elders, single mothers, struggling fathers and people put out on their own, take care of people if you can, life’s to short to be ugly.

  26. But if we listen to the media, we are all worthless, self centered , racist people. No wonder everyone feels like the country is in crisis.

  27. I used to work at fast food and people would come through the drive thru and try to do that shit while I get yelled at by managers, so there's 2 sides..

  28. I would have smaked her in the face because I respect elders a lot u should be to because they won't be there forever

  29. I work in retail and people pay in change all day it all spends the same never would I do that its a pain to count all that change at night but owell its money

  30. Yall should do the same scene but instead of the old man replace him with a homeless person and see if they would react the same

  31. i'm ain't gonna bother shopping when i'm a senior. when i get old as fuck i'll just sit at home drink all day and piss my pants

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