CEOwise Words with Dinesh Patel – Difference running a web business to app business.

How different is it to running a website business,
as opposed to running a mobile app business? I think it’s ultimately the same, because it’s just a channel right, building the app. You know a lot of people may think “I just want to build an app.” An
app is simply a channel for customers to engage with you, that’s all it is.
Twenty years ago you opened a shop front, you know, ten years ago
you started a website. Today you’re building an app. Okay so to think
that I’m gonna start an app and that’s the business, actually the app is like 5%
of what you’re doing or 10% of what you’re doing, sure you want to optimize
it and you want to A B test, and you want to do a whole bunch of things to
make sure that, that experience is slick, but everything else has to
happen behind the scenes that is very similar to traditional business. You’re
probably a lot more efficient because you have one channel, and you’re a little
more digitized, but you know, not everybody needs to go into an app
experience you know, if you’re like you know, in LND, learning and development,
maybe you don’t need to have an app right now. If your an author in LMS at least, you know, the management system, you don’t need to have an app necessarily, but if
you’re e-commerce, for sure you need to have an app. Yeah, you have to.

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