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Hi there. I’m Jerry Coleman, director of
Cape Fear Community College’s Small Business Center. Our mission is to increase
the number and the success rate of small businesses here
in New Hanover-Pender County, and we do that in multiple ways. One, we provide
training and education. We’ll host more than
90 seminars this year on a whole myriad of business
topics and best practices. Some of our core
topics include how to start a business, how to
write a business plan, how to start a non-profit,
how to fund your business or nonprofit, taxes and
insurance, labor law, and much more. And number two, we
provide confidential, one-on-one counseling
and mentoring. Specifically, we
help clients plan, start, and grow
their businesses. We provide counseling to
more than 250 entrepreneurs annually. Here’s what a couple of
our clients had to say. We were about to make a
pivot and we weren’t sure if it was the right move. And after sitting
down with Jerry and going through
our business plan and really building a
solid business plan, we had a much clearer
path to revenue than we originally started with. And it’s actually been
instrumental in our business. And we’re probably one
of the most successful small businesses
within this space today as a result of our
work with Jerry and his team. I was surprised that all
this help is available here in Wilmington for free. That was really awesome. You would expect that you
have to hire consultants and if you don’t know
what you’re doing, they will help you
grow in the business. And especially in
the startup mode. In startup mode, it can kill
you because you don’t really have a good stream
of cash coming in, so you can’t afford it here. You’re kind of on your own. To that extent, Small
Business Center is a goldmine. It gives you all
the knowledge you need to help start your business
and to help grow it, as well. It’s the hardest thing
that you will ever do. And without that, like, someone
who’s been through it before. When you go to the
Small Business Center, they’re all familiar with those
trials, those tribulations, those struggles that these
small businesses go through. And so just being able
to talk to someone who’s been there and understands
that and gives you that encouragement
and that boost, to me, that’s what’s been
the most helpful. I tell everybody who’s going
to start, I’m like, it’s free. How could you not
utilize something that’s there with all those
tools, all the support, and it doesn’t cost you anything? I don’t know how anyone
could open a small business without that and why they
would want to when that’s, right here, for us, free. And number three, we have
a great resource center complete with computers,
printers books, and periodicals. We have accounting software. We have business
planning software. We even have space available
should you need it. All of these small business
resources are at no charge. To learn more about the
Small Business Center, to schedule a
counseling session, to register for any of our
seminars or to schedule time at our resource center, give us
a call at 910-362-7216 or visit us online at And remember, a business
starts with an idea. It’s success begins with a plan. We’re here to help
you with that plan.

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2 thoughts on “CFCC Small Business Center

  1. Jerry, Charlene and all the others behind the scenes, thank you for being a part of my company's growth and successes. Look forward to sharing great stories and accomplishments in the lives we serve and our own financial development.

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