Chair’s Corner – 2013 Budget and Business Plan

Recently, the Halton Regional Council approved our 2013 budget. I’m proud to say again this year we’ve
been able to freeze taxes for our regional programs and services. This brings the seven year average tax
increase to zero percent for regional services. This is one of the best records in all
of Canada. The 2013 budget delivers on our
citizens priority action plan with several new initiatives, including
new ways diversion programs beginning April first, including a three garbage
bag limit and expansion of the blue box program to increase our diversion rate
and extend the life of our landfill site. These efforts will save the regional
taxpayers fifteen million in the long run. New assisted and affordable housing
units and enhanced funding through the community homeless prevention initiative to support Halton’s low-income residents. More paramedics to ensure wait times for
ambulance services continue to meet our standards. An additional one hundred childcare fee
subsidies for low-income families and additional special needs services for
more children. Increased investment in the region’s
infrastructure to ensure it is appropriately maintained to provide services to the residents of
Halton. In fact, we will be spending billions of dollars
on our roads and our water and our waste-water plants over the next few years. I’m proud of the fact that we’ve been
able to keep your taxes low while providing the infrastructure and
the regional services that the Halton residents need and want.

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