Chapter 2: Digital Marketing platforms | Hindi | Digital Marketing series

Hello, welcome back to our channel My name is Bhoomika, and today,
we are going to talk about top digital marketing platforms. In this video, we will understand digital platforms from a wide angle, and in the coming videos, we’ll explain each platform in detail. So don’t miss the videos. We will divide Digital platforms in 2 categories to understand it easily. Number 1: Online search advertising
Number 2: Social Media Platforms Social media platforms are worldwide popular. As important it is to advertise on social platforms it is equally important to focus on online search advertising. So, what is online search advertising? Online search advertising means to rank your company on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So when someone searches using keywords regarding your product and service, they can easily reach you. SEO and PPC are an important part of online search advertising. Online search advertising gives you: • High organic visibility
• Increases your brand awareness
• Real-time data to analyze Social media platforms are everyone’s favorite. In each house, there will be at least 2 social media platform users. But as a professional which platform should you use? Is your target audience actively using the platform on which you’re running your advertisement? You can download this chart as well.
The link is available in our description box. I hope today you must have got an interesting overview of digital marketing platforms. If you have any question let us know in the comment section,
we will be happy to help you. See you in our next video.
Thank you.

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