Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire

Hey, I made her Hales welcome to another edition of chatting with I’m here with Umar. Hey, how you doing guys My name is omar ashraf and i’m a stock trader. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me man Let’s see stock trader. Is that different from stock broker? Yeah, it’s a lot of people get that idea very confused. They Confuse me with the stock broker But there’s a huge difference between them a stock broker somebody that allows that kind of purchases shares for you You give them a call they purchase itself for you and stock traders somebody who does it themselves, you know for him or herself Yeah, you’re like buying and selling stocks like the same day, right? Ah, not not always I’m sometimes buying it and holding for two three weeks. Sometimes I’m buying it and Buying the same day selling it the same day. It’s just different strategy some days. I’m day trading some days I’m swing trading it just it all depends. How old are you? I’m 23. Oh Wow So this could be 23 year old. Are you a millionaire? Yeah Yeah, this would be the title then. So basically I started trading when I was 18 That’s when I first got into the market and when I first started I literally had no idea What I was doing was just like hey, I want to dabble into stocks I want to make money and I know so many people make money off stocks. Hmm So I was like, let me jump into it I had about 20 grand saved up at the time and the money I had saved up What I did was I put all of it into the market without having any knowledge. So I took all my monies rusty Yeah, but at the time, you know, you’re young you kind of wanna you think you know it all mmm So I’m like, oh, I know everything I know what I’m doing Let me just take all my money and dump it into the market Okay I dumped in too much was that how much is what how much did you have that you 2010? That was all the money. I had to put one every day exactly everything Wow. So now once I put everything into the market Next thing, you know is I made a few trades. I remember the first stock I bought was JCPenney So the first trade I made was around It was it was a January because that’s when my birthday is and I turned 18 I opened up a brokerage account and I bought JCPenney and I made 25 hundred on that trade so now After that, I kept taking all my money and dumping it into one stock. No risk management not okay. Hold on Why did you choose JCPenney? Absolutely, no reason I just saw the stock and I was like, oh, I think it’s a good buy and I bought you spam Why did you think it was a good buy? I I just looked at the charts and I had no idea what he was telling me but I just felt like it was a good Buy and I and I put money into it anyone else. Yeah, like with me not knowing anything I see like what it’s normally and if it’s low then I’m like, alright, it will probably go back up It was something like that because I know retail at that at the time was having a huge problem Retail was falling. So I was like aha JC Penney. They’re never gonna go down. Let me buy them So I bought them and next thing, you know They went up two days later and I made about twenty five hundred bucks and you sold it Yeah, and I sold that made twenty five hundred bucks now Oh you put 20k into one stock Wow and it went up I think interesting new percentage and As they went up it might might before you when I’m twenty-five hundred bucks is the the fee what were you doing etrade? what I Scottrade Scottrade Okay, that’s like one of the many yeah Scottrade They got bought out by teaching now, but at the time, you know, it’s like $15 per traders It was seven seven dollars of trades 7 2 by 7 to sell. Okay, no percentages or anything. No, no, no. No, okay There’s no just seven seven seven four. Yeah, that’s about us when you’re 18 Yeah, so I’m in high school right now. Cuz I like I said, I have a early birthday So I just made 2500 off one trade. Yeah, so now I’m like, wow, I’m in high school. I made 2500 Oh man. This is it This is what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life and it kept going well for me. It was all beginner’s luck So my account went from the 20 grand to 35. Okay a matter of two months Then you put 35 into one thing everything into one thing. I knew no risk management. I’d had no idea what I was doing So it was working for me right like every book I’ve read on it says don’t do that don’t Exactly, but I didn’t read anything. I just dumped my money into into that one stock over and over again The sun’s like too good to be true. Yeah, and then I mean obviously everything that’s too good to be true goes downhill Okay, so now once I built my count to thirty five thousand in two months What do you think happened? Next you the loss at all? I lost it. All everything went down everything everything went downhill in a matter of six months bad trade here bad trade there bad trade here bad trade there and Everything just went down and my account finally hit about 2000 bucks. Okay in a matter of four or five months Mm-hmm and now once that happened I took a step back and everyone around me was like stocks or risky stocks at gambling and don’t touch stock. Stay away from stocks So I’ve started you know, it kind of got to me. I’m like, ah man maybe stocks isn’t the right way to go It’s something I should stay away from. Mm-hmm. But uh, I was like, you know what? I know so many people that actually make money off stocks So let me actually keep focusing on this. I didn’t know what I was doing So now let me take a step back and actually try to learn the right way Because in the stock market, there’s always a winner and there’s a loser. So if I lose 2,000 you made two thousand So it’s like you’re kind of taking my two thousand from me and the broker just makes his or her Commission. Mm-hmm So I was like, okay. I lost it. Somebody beat me they beat me at the game. So I just need to get better Yeah, so now long story short. I for the next six seven months All I did was I was focused price Li just on the market. Okay, I just focus Directly in the stock market how it’s moving. I was watching youtube videos, whatever. I was watching. I would apply it with real money So yeah, you got down to two thousand. You’re like 19 or still 18 still 18. Okay. Um, did you ever have a job? Uh, yeah, I was doing delivery at the time. Okay, so starting from 2000 you worked way back Oh, yeah, so starting from 2000. I worked my way back up, but I Started my account in the next January when I was 19. Hmm. But now when I restarted my account I started with started with 5,000 okay, so I saved the money I had 5,000 and now when I had 5,000 I kept trading and he put it all into what Now I was a little little bit smarter. Okay. Now I knew what I was doing, huh? So instead of me putting all 5,000 into a trade, whatever what I was doing was I was taking smaller positions Hmm, the purpose of that was for me to learn I was like, okay You know instead of me putting 5,000 and losing five six percent Let me only put a thousand now if every five six percent on a thousand fifty sixty bucks But I’m getting the learning learning experience, okay? so now once I started doing that I gave that about two three months and I would learn so many new things on my own like, oh, wow when this line crosses that line the stock moves up Yeah, when this goes here the stock goes down So I started picking up all these things as I was reading books because I was reading and then I would apply it Wow Now as that started going more and more I was like I need more money Hmm. So the best one of the best things I ever did was I open up a credit card when I was 18, so When I opened up the credit card, they allowed you to have balance transfers. Mm-hmm So what I did was I took a cash advance check which it’s only a 3% fee. It’s not like 25% fee There’s a three percent fee. You don’t pay for 18 months. So I took that and I had a twenty thousand limit So I took fifteen thousand out of that and put it up my bumhole To put it into the market Okay, because I was like I was like I need more money. I five thousand is enough I need to diversify our map my account and things like that So once I took all of that amount, I just started training my first year wasn’t the greatest I made money But I think it was maybe I made around 20-some thousand. It wasn’t this is all short-term stuff all short-term Yeah, all short-term and now you’re a millionaire. Yeah, it took me Three years by twenty twelve million. Was there any big break like where like Yeah, I have you a good I had big breaks with gold last year gold Yeah in 2017. Ah gold this ETF for gold. Mmm. They were spiking up like crazy I remember it went from like 18 bucks to 80 dollars in a matter of a month So every day I would be trading it Wow It would go up and I was margining the whole trade margin is when you borrowed the brokers money Why was it going up? You thing? I it was going up at the time. I don’t remember I know the US dollar was taking a hit I don’t remember the exact reason it was I was going it was going up But I know the US dollar was taking a hit There’s a lot of stuff going on with the feds and and yelling and interest rates, which was so many factors There’s a lot of factors. Yeah, but it was just on a solid uptrend So I was like just buy buy buy buy it is always a gamble at the end of the day. Not really It’s not a gamble. That’s where a lot of people are wrong They think stocks are gambling but the way you have to look at it is you have to look at it from An aspect where how much you’re looking to lose and how much you’re looking to make? Right. So now think of it like this, let’s say you make 10 trades, right? You make the total 10 trades each trade. You have a ratio of three to one Meaning you make 3,000 you’re right and you lose $1 when you’re wrong Okay. So now then out of those 10 trades, even if you’re right only three times you make nine And usual if you’re wrong, I mean you lose seven you see what Wall Street. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s broken, right? Wolf of Wall Street is yeah. They’re brokers. And oh, yeah. Yeah, they just They don’t care whether it goes up or down there. They just get the Commission exactly like that That was how they made McConaughey part. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, but yeah, he so but he you know, he claims no one can knows whether it’s up or down It’s relatively impossible for you. Don’t know if it stocks when we go up or down Yeah, so the whole concept of it is to manage your trade. Yeah What do you think of Bitcoin I? Think personally, I think it has it has long-term potential. Mmm. I just think right now Crypto is being used more. So as a way to make money Yeah, and as a form of currency, of course, you know, so with that being said there’s too much fluctuation is going on but I do think crypto itself will be big and I think one of the biggest reasons is blotching. Blockchain is is enormous. Yeah. Yeah. Well Do you think Bitcoin will eventually replace the dollar? I don’t know if there will be Bitcoin cuz I don’t see anything special about Bitcoin, but I do believe Long run crypto will have a place in the market. I don’t know if it’s gonna replace it I think it should because the dollar just value just keeps going down So it’s it’s relatively that’s where the dollar keeps going dollars value keeps going down inflation If you look at what what the relic could have got gotten you a hundred years ago poster now again, it’s insane. Yeah, interesting Do you think the banks will regulate Bitcoin banks That’s the biggest problem banks don’t want Bitcoin or crypto to be a big thing. Right? But I Personally feel like it just eliminates so much stuff like paying fees it’s like you have to pay fees to take your own money out and Banks don’t have control which is the biggest thing that they’re facing which is why they will try to regulate Yeah, but it’s just tough to see how they’re gonna regulate it. Yeah. Yeah because it’s blocked chance. It’s like that’s the weight of the other way exactly the way they did I know change try to Regulated was they weren’t allowing any transactions to Cohen base go through them. Mm-hmm. So they have they have contact So if coinbase is one of the brokers to you know, buy bitcoin and stuff So if you made a transaction to put money into coinbase, they would block it. Hmm I don’t know if they’re doing that now, but I know they did that a few months ago. Hmm Do you own a Bitcoin? No, I have like coin I have ripple and I have you doing Bitcoin I don’t have any Bitcoin one week. I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin bitcoins the rock star, isn’t it? It is the rock star but a long term, I don’t see anything special in it. Hmm. I Feel like the biggest ones probably gonna make it. It’s like, oh not in the long run it’s it’s probably I personally feel like it’s probably gonna keep going up and then You know eventually once it does come become a form of quantity, I don’t see anything special in Bitcoin Well, what difference does it make it’s all electronic, right? Yeah, but some of them is some of them are quicker Some of them have more features more benefits things along along the lines of that. Mm-hmm. What’s the best book? For someone just getting in for them to start one of the dead folks I read was Trading for a living. I don’t remember the author’s name. Okay Trading for a living. Yeah, I think that’s that’s actually a very good book I’ll link that in the description is actually my very good book with my Amazon link Yeah, that’s that’s actually a very good book train : you have a million dollars in cash or assets or now stocks right now my brokerage account I have 600 in my brokerage account from building that up and I I constantly keep taking it out now I have other cash that I’m sitting on. Mm-hmm where I’m looking to invest but now this is my dilemma with investing right now I personally feel like the markets going to crash well within the next year or two Doing all right, and I feel like it’s very extended So what I want to do is I’m trying to accumulate a lot of cash. Yeah, and Save it purchased, you know a lot of stuff at that time How why do you think is gonna crash? I just feel like it’s very extended it’s it’s for extending yourself out like it’s it’s kind of like a Extent, what’s I mean? so we we we’ve went through we went through cycles in the market where You know when the market runs for a very long time it needs to pull back or come into recovery mode recession But not a session, but it needs it needs to come into mode for recovery mode that hasn’t happened but now the factors I think that’s going to drive us into hitting recession or – one is Student loans. Yeah student loans are it’s a very high and they’re not. Yeah, I don’t see them getting paid back There’s no jobs out there for them to get paid back Yeah, and second auto loans auto you can literally anyone can go buy any car without having any proof It’s the same thing that happened with the housing market in Oh seven, you know you don’t need to provide proof of income and proof of employment anything. So people are You know putting on more depth on them and they’re they’re purchasing these vehicles which is kind of out of their reach So I feel like that market is kind of Oversaturated so then we’re gonna need another bailout from the government. Uh, We got to see what’s gonna happen, I just feel like it’s everything is building up And as soon as one thing is pulled out anything’s gonna fall anything. That’s like I Ivan We’re so a year two years and this is a crazy part. I think the only reason it hasn’t happened sooner it’s because of Trump Wow, I think Trump has been doing a great job with the Like Peter car. Yeah. No, I don’t know agree with a lot of stuff he does but with the economy I think he has been bringing it up You know, if you look if you know this with the market and housing market, everything’s been going up. That’s a great office. Yeah Hmm. What are some I guess techniques So some techniques that I feel like a lot of people mess up on. Mm-hmm is people go right into indicators Such as the RSI MACD and they look at that to buy or sell stock I think you should gather as much as information as you can from the chart. Mm-hm and see the trend Stop see what direction the stock is going yet, like did a feeling so it’s kind of like this It’s kind of like this. Right and this is like the easiest to explain it So think about it as in you’re driving from here to New York Right, so if you’re driving from here to New York You’re gonna take breaks, right? You’re gonna you’re gonna because it takes for three days, I think Mm-hmm, right, so you’re gonna take gas stops. You’re gonna start to sleep and things of that nature. I Stock is very similar You have to understand where it’s headed. You have to know. Hey the stocks headed from here to Miami here to California I mean here to New York here to Philadelphia. Whatever. What is the trend? What is the direction the stocks going yet? How do you know where it’s hurting? All right, when you look at the chart it shows you if it’s going up or down so there’s really three directions There’s an uptrend meaning starts going up There’s a downtrend meaning the stock is on its way down and there’s a sideways trend and use trading between a range Okay. So once you understand the overall Trend of the stock. Mm-hmm. Now your job is to focus on when it’s gonna take a break. Yeah When is it gonna pull over for a gas stop when is again? Uh, but when is the person gonna sleep when is when it’s stopping to sleep for quite some time? Mmm That’s the next step. You have to look at What people do is they look at look at the RSI or MACD or technical indicators, but they don’t know the trend They don’t know where the car is going Yeah, if you know where the car is going It makes the whole process that much easier you think Tesla will keep going up Tesla’s very tricky Yeah, very tricky very tricky because um Elon was very tricky. Yeah. He just started some shit like a week ago Yeah, he made that he made the tweet. Yeah, the tweet is uh, He’s gonna get in trouble for that. I feel like he shouldn’t he can’t really make that tweet. He couldn’t put that tweet out I didn’t even see the tweet. I just saw like an article He just wants to go private private But you can’t announce it because now what if they really are going private let you say hmm It’s gonna boost up the stock price to four or fifteen or whatever. He’s taking in private at so now Anyone can literally buy the stock and make money off it if they go private Wow, which is why he shouldn’t have made that tweet Yeah, it goes against SEC rules for him to do so SCC SEC there, they’re like the cops of the stock market Wow What are some no nose for SEC like insider trading? I had biggest one insider trading, uh People get two people to do it people get away with it. Well, that’s a big no-no Yeah, you can go to like prison. Yeah, a lot of people have you done any shady shit. I Don’t know Yeah, great. Great place to ask that. Yeah a lot of ah No, I’ve gotten there’s actually a funny story about that There’s actually a funny story about about that thing with the company. I’ll talk about it right now. Mmm-hmm So, yeah, actually I didn’t do anything shady, but I did get into trouble for something. So this was two years ago and There’s a company called Sun works right there. They they work with solar solar panels and snoring so what I did was I was invested into a stock and the company was getting a project from Fresno a ten million dollar project Mm-hmm, but nobody knew about the project. How did you know, so now I knew that they’re bidding with the city They’re bidding with the state. So if you’re bidding with the state or city, it’s available to the residents Right, so I figured that out that it has to be somewhere out there So I kept digging digging digging I made accounts in this and that to you know Get access to the bidding portal and I finally got access Right and I saw that they actually benefit ten million and they had the job Where I messed up was I actually posted it on StockTwits so StockTwits is a Twitter for stocks, stock trade Yeah, so I posted it on StockTwits. Now what happened the people on StockTwits started calling him Fresno They started saying hey when we’re not there gonna win the job When are they gonna get the project bla bla bla and now they got fed up with it Because they’re dealing with the public company so they cancelled the contract Now as they cancel the contract the stock plummeted. Yeah, and now I get a call one day from this CEO of the company Right his name was Jim. He… and I remember I was driving and I get a call from like a California number and I’m like California and I pick up he’s like hey This is Jim. Is this Umar speaking? This is Jim from Sunworks Yeah. Hey Jim. He’s lke yeah how you doing? How’s everything? I just wanted to update you about Fresno You know, we’re still working with them, but you know, please stop posting stuff It’s like it’s really getting to them and they’re there. They’re probably not gonna give us the project if they keep getting bothered So, please stop putting information out there and please don’t tell anyone I even called you so That was really it but that that wasn’t anything with SEC but uh that that turned out to be a huge thing How did you first hear about some words? I was just trading it just popped up you scanned So you do something called scanning when you scan you’re looking for certain indicators certain stocks? So when I was scanning some Brooks popped up. Yeah as it popped up was it kind of like a penny stock? No it was This is thing with penny stocks lot. Uh The the actual term of penny stocks or any stocks under $5, right, right I look at penny stocks anything under a dollar. So it just depends on where you’re going And with the stop is priced around 250 280 at the time So technically yes, it was a penny stock. But in my book it wasn’t couldn’t you like post like, oh, I think So and so is going down on stock twits and be like not a better sell like people do that Try to get people people do that. That’s why if you’re somebody that gets influenced by others easily Yeah, stay away from stock – it’s okay. Because now if you’re going to stop – it’s you’re gonna see crazy comments Hey, the stocks can go to 10. The stock can go – ah, yeah, so anyone can say sure Yeah, so what’s the point of stock twists? There or there is that 10% Of stuff that that is valuable out of the hundred Yeah, there’s very few stuff that is value like somebody does research and they find something so they post it But it’s very little little stuff. So it sometimes what did you go through it with your knowledge. You can come. Yeah Yeah filter out all the bad stuff. You have any other investments? Uh I have stock market lab I am working on an app I do have money, you know into tech stuff that I don’t make no I really can’t speak about right now Okay, they are like I’m trying to get into tech industry. It’s related to investing know It’s it’s it’s yeah, it’s a game. Yeah I want to make it like it just a simple like yeah Yeah blowing up insane I have like a like eight youtuber friends that have their own like a little game app Yeah, there’s this that app call. What’s that? What’s that company called? Twitch. Twitch is blowing off Yeah, but just blown up. I’d still need to get into that which is it’s insane for unit. Twitch man. That’s that’s something else Hmm, you have some stalking twitch note Which is owned by I believe Twitter know Amazon Amazon owns him Amazon owns twitch, okay They the Amazon bought at twitch. So Amazon owns. And so if you own twitch you own Amazon. Yeah Amazon I heard took him like 10 years to be profitable No, they were profitable all the time. Only thing is they would take the profits and reinvest it right all in a research and development You have some stock in Amazon. I traded it, but I’m not really I don’t long-term I’m not I’m not even anything long time right now. How did you find me through just three? I actually yeah III was watching YouTube and and you came up and I saw you into because I remember I saw you and YouTube Three years ago. Yeah, ah, are you doing something completely different new pranks? Yeah pranks and stuff and then I I saw you on YouTube for you were doing interviews and then I saw with real estate and this and that and I was like, oh Let me reach out to you cool, right? That’s how I can cause you yeah, I appreciate it. No, I appreciate you man Thank you. Um, I need any last words anything you want. Shout out your Instagram uh, yeah if you guys have any questions about stocks or you know, I want to ask me anything you guys can my Instagram is Omar uh sure if you ma are a sh RAF or almost Yeah so you guys can DM me ask me any questions you guys have about stocks and I’ll To help you guys out as much as I can sweet Well, yeah, that was totally wraps it up. Yeah. Thank you so much Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Let us know what you think of everything we talked about here and I will see you next week

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    2) How'd I have such a high credit card limit?
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  23. a chimp that started trading 5 years ago is a millionaire now. markets have risen to ever new heights since about 2008. the question is, who of the guys isnt broke once shit hits the fan, which at some point will happen as part of the economic cycle.

  24. The interviewer somewhat kinda in weed.
    Brain stuck and empty. Did not even made a single right smart question. Wasted man.
    I hope the interviewer recovers from his predicament.

  25. The interviewer knows nothing about the stock market lol it makes me not want to watch it … ohhh what’s the SEC like what???!! Do you mean lol smh

  26. The most important lesson that Umar gave you: If you lose money, someone else gets them (at least in general). If Umar earns 1 million, there are probably 100 ppl that lost 10k to him. Its about as same as ppl dreaming of becoming footballstars or something, many tries, over 99% fails.

  27. Great guest.
    Who is this interviewer? He doesn’t know anything about the topic or the interviewee… or about inflation :O

  28. How did he have 25k at the age of 18 wtf?
    Im not bragging but im in a millionare family and ive been saving my cash for years (probably spent like 4-5k in Total in my life) and I only have 11k total at the age of 24 lol

  29. said you were a millionaire by 2012 but didn't start trading till you were 18 if you were 23 in 2018 in 2012 you would've had to be 17

  30. ARGH!!! wats with the sneaky condescending laugh of the interviewer!! its soo annoying. I feel like i wan get up and smack his face….

  31. 14:45 Know where the stock is going up or down buy when its at its lowest. Sell (get the cream off the top) when its at its peak about to go down. Watch daily the trajectory of the stock.

  32. 1 yr later and stock market hasn’t crashed yet. Gotta wait one more year to see if it crashes. And His bet on crypto was trash for now as well.

  33. Hey guys, do you think that right news on right time can be helpful for making right decisions on the market? I'm into building the AI app which will learn to bring those news. I'm ready to give some incentive for traders who will help me with the idea.

  34. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing the info. The idiots will get distracted by the color of your shirt, the positioning of your kitchen cabinets, and other small shit like repeating questions. Thats why they stay broke. The other cut through to what matters and LEARN what they can from here.

  35. I was 18 at the time, I had $20 grand saved up, invested all of it.. $20 grand, yeah $20 grand..

    Interviewer "so how much money did you invest"

  36. alot of men need to make money and feel like a big man. unforunatley they need it to buy a bigger weiner and waste it on broads who dont deserve 500 dollar dinners LAWL. thats interesting you want to make money but end result is some twats gonna suck u dry and all she did was….. be good looking? lol be content people a real man dont give a fuck how hes judged

  37. He said he doesn’t invest in bitcoin and holds only altcoins. Sucks to be him! Lmao (current altcoins are bleeding money as bitcoin dominance is near record highs)

  38. I had 43 trades with a profit of 3,541.85, it was a marathon! Approx 20 hours of trading, I was having so much fun I couldn't sleep! His software is a fantastic program to guide you in trades it guarantees 90% profits on trades, you too could be a part of this awesome revolution when you contact him on his email: [email protected] com or on whatsapp: +1 409 440 9961.

  39. Dude, this is so fake. The only way you can believe this dude is if u are a extremely newbie on trading ir if u are a fucking dumb dude

  40. This my second video I’ve watched on this channel and man this dude is trash as a interviewer..Don’t know how he has so many subscribers

  41. One guy is talking at .75x and the other is at 1.5x. YouTube needs a new alternating speed option for this channel so we can even it out.

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