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We came to AM Marketing because we were
just blown away by their attitude and their positivity and they really
understood what we were looking for when it came to building and designing our
website. Nick from AM Marketing was a dream to work with, I worked really
closely with him when it came to building our site and he was so
responsive, so communicative. I’ve had trouble in the past with web designers
and developers who spoke a lot of jargon to me and just made things unnecessarily
complicated and didn’t get back to me and didn’t communicate properly but Nick
was brilliant and he really understood what we were trying to achieve and he
gave some brilliant advice and built a really great website. The AM Marketing
team gave some brilliant advice when it came to structuring our website, they
really understand everything when it comes to SEO and just making the
website really simple and a storefront for your business rather than making it
unnecessarily complex. People can navigate brilliantly through the site
and it really shows off all our services properly. After the Cherryduck website
went live we got compliment after compliment and we continue to get
compliments about how it looks and how easy it is to use, its really really
mobile-friendly. Yeah so the AM Marketing team totally nailed it.

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