Choosing the Right eCommerce Sales Channel Mix

[ Music ]>>There are numerous sales
channels available for promoting and selling products online. Currently, the main e-commerce
sales channels for you to consider are your U.S.-based
website with the capability of accepting payment, a website
in a local market managed by you or your distributors,
and an in-country or cross-border online
marketplace. If you sell or simply
just promote your products on your own website, remember that international buyers will
want a lot of online information about your business
and your product. So make sure you tell a
good story and have lots of product photos and
even product videos. And you should register
on foreign search engines, such as Google Spain
or Baidu in China. If you decide to use
international distributors, select them based in part on
their e-commerce capabilities and then actively
support and help them to provide a great
online customer experience around your product. Alternatively, you can explore
selling direct to customers from your online site and limit
your in-country distributors to only selling offline. If you use international
e-commerce or country-specific
marketplaces, do some research, like typing your
product description in the marketplace’s
search engine. You can use translation software
to search for similar products with words in that language. Much more information about choosing the right
channel mix is available from the e-commerce experts at
the U.S. Commercial Service. Visit them at the eCommerce
Export Resource Center at Brought to you by the
U.S. Commercial Service, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International
Trade Administration.

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