Choosing Website Vs Web Application for your business

Hello All…Happy Dussehra to all of you..! Today’s topic is Website Vs Web Application. Please click on below red button to do subscribe our YouTube channel. The very first difference is – Website is informational whereas Web Application is more like interactive. Website is just like online business visiting card, whereas Web Application is where you are automating some processes or some interactions online. Generally speaking, Website has static web pages where content is not frequently changing in case of Web Application the content can be modified more frequently using admin login credentials which is provided to you Additionally, Web Application will have public web pages as good as Website and along with those it will have some master pages where you can Create, Update/Modify, Read & Delete (CURD) the content so typical example of a simple Website is like it has About Us page some contact information online whereas web application can have similar kind of web pages which are public facing like About us or contact information but along with that it will have some online processes so typical example of a Web Application is Online Job Portal where candidates can upload their resumes and they will get automated responses so these kind of Web Applications generally has master pages where Admin can login and he / she with Admin role can do Add/Edit/Delete/Modify of the content so that is more helpful Hope this high level information will help you while choosing Website or Web Application for your business GrassDew can help you in developing Web Application or Websites so Do contact us and we do develop Website or Web Application taking into consideration of Security best practices, High Performance coding & Ease of Use so it will be surely beneficial for you Thank you for watching

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