Chromebook – Business and Education Overview

Life has become pretty complicated for IT
managers and employees. Everybody juggles a fleet of different devices and operating
systems, all running their own local applications and requiring endless cycles of patches and
upgrades. All this complexity adds up to constant maintenance, less security, much higher costs,
and headaches for users. Google realized that a better solution would
be to make the web the platform for all these applications, so that they would simply work
on any device running a browser. So, we created Chromebooks, running the first operating system
built and optimized for the web. Chromebooks securely access all of their data
and apps on the web. Which means manually configuring, updating, patching, migrating
data, and securing PC’s becomes a thing of the past. An entire fleet of Chromebooks
is simple to configure and manage centrally through the web. Once configured, users have
the applications and settings they need as soon as they log on, wherever they are. And since data and apps aren’t stored on
the PC, a lost computer won’t mean the loss of any vital company data. Chromebooks are also fundamentally more secure
than traditional PC’s because they run in a “sandboxed” environment that restricts
viruses and malware from reaching the Operating System. And every time the Chromebook starts,
it runs a process called verified boot that ensures the Operating System has not been
tampered with or corrupted. Most importantly, Chromebooks make users happier
and more productive by getting them on the web quickly, where they can access apps, documents,
and settings using the familiar Chrome browser. And thanks to up to 8 hours of battery life,
WiFi and the option of built-in 3G, users are free to work wherever they are – perfect
for mobile teams. With Chromebooks, computers will be simpler
to manage, more secure, and easier for users to operate. Companies will write fewer checks
for software licenses, complex hardware, and data recovery, and IT will spend less time
on tedious maintenance tasks. Plus, Google will always be there to help, by providing
full service support, including phone, email, and even hardware replacement. All this adds
up to happier, more productive users and much lower costs.

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