Chronic Diseases: Everyone’s Business

chronic diseases are everyone’s business many of us will suffer from at least one chronic condition in our lives some of the most common chronic diseases are diabetes cardiovascular diseases stroke and mental conditions nearly one in four Europeans suffers from a long-standing problem which restricts their daily activities many of us will in later life get at least one chronic disease sixty-five percent of people over 65 have more than one disease and this number rises to eighty-five percent for people over 85 managing and treating chronic conditions also places a big burden on our health and social systems the major causes of chronic diseases are known sugar smoking inactivity alcohol about 80 percent of all heart diseases strokes and type-2 diabetes could be prevented by reducing risk factors and by ensuring we all live and work in environments that protect our health in the EU 70 to 80 percent of healthcare budgets are spent on treating chronic diseases more than 700 billion euros every year ninety seven percent of these budgets are devoted to treatment chronic disease management and health care administration whilst a mere 3% is spent on prevention many chronic diseases are preventable or their onset can be delayed how can we invest better there are answers all across Europe that can reduce the burden of chronic diseases by better using the existing knowledge and good practices on effective efficient and holistic ways to manage chronic diseases the EU joint action on chronic disease and healthy aging is a collaboration between the European Commission and the governments of 26 European countries it brings together over 60 organizations across the EU that are working together to facilitate the exchange of good practices on the prevention and care of chronic diseases across Europe the joint action croud is paves the way for better health policies across Europe to improve the well-being of citizens you

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4 thoughts on “Chronic Diseases: Everyone’s Business

  1. I think the idea is great but the way this comes across is making it sound like if you have a chronic illness it's probably your fault, people with chronic illness have enough issues with people taking how much it effects us as it is … maybe try changing the wording or tone a little could solve this x

  2. Jundishapur Journal of Chronic Disease Care (JJCDC) is the official peer-reviewed research journal of Ahvaz Nursing & Midwifery School and is devoted to a wide range of research that will contribute on the chronic disease of the caring professions.

  3. Good for bring awareness. Another factors : Unhealthy diets in general. Not only the sugar intake. The presence of chemicals hazards in food and environmental too.

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