CINTA ABADI Episode 2: 3rd ANNIVERSARY, Feat. Amanda Rawles, Brandon Salim

[When you’re done, drop by Mom’s house.
I’ve prepared the heirloom ring.] Alright, you can deal with the rest. I’ll be right over there. Hey! So.. this concludes our business deal Yep. But I gotta head to Korea first To get my granny’s ring from Mom I’m gonna propose to her Time sure flies, doesn’t it?
Rena and I have been together for three years.. Seesh, Ndi! It’s just three years Look at me! Six years solo and going strong! You’re too picky, boy! Try opening up a bit, will you? Hey! I’ll.. go in ahead, kay? Sure Yeah, go on ahead! Uuuuugh, babe… I’m so tired of everything! What’s wrong? You complain all the time anyway Nobody asked you So, what is it? It’s… the design from before The revisions just seem to never end… Even though it already looked great? Yeah, I know… Just go and tie the knot already! Save yourselves from the headache! [Not cool, man] Yooo! Egi! Andi! Renata! Ready to play RO? Let’s go! Ah, Dea’s already at it. Upstairs? Alright! I wanna join! Let’s go too! Now? Yeah! I need a breather anyway. Okay? Okay. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… Let’s blow away all your stress Ndi! Get in there, Ndi! Keep the DPS rolling! Big Boss coming right up Tank, go up front! C’mon on! Hit ’em! Hit ’em! Enemies down below! It’s almost dead! It’s about to die! [Loud cheers] Your flight takes off at dawn, right? I’m so sorry I can’t come with you to the airport Don’t worry about it. I understand Don’t take too long over there Come back to me It’ll just be for a few days I’ll be back before you know it Oh and… After the trip,
there’s an important thing we need to talk about About? You’ll see Let me know when you arrive Don’t take too long over there Ren… I’ll always be by your side I’m not going anywhere [1st Anniversary] [2nd Anniversary] [3rd Anniversary] [typing] You’re lying, right? If you’re not going to tell her the truth,
I will. Wait, De, hold on Egi’s just messing around It’s a joke, right? This isn’t something I would joke about So he didn’t even get to meet his Mom in Korea? Doesn’t seem so The accident probably… happened on the way to his Mom’s house Renata doesn’t know yet? Please just tell me it’s a joke… I’m serious! I’ll… uh, be off to work! Unusual to see all of you here this early Did something happen? What…? Um… There’s something I need to tell you, Ren about Andi What about him? He got involved in an accident and… he didn’t make it Ren! Renata! Thanks for taking her home, Egi It’s nothing, Auntie I’ll be heading back Boy! Help me, Boy… [monitor flickers] [Leonheart online] [turns]

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46 thoughts on “CINTA ABADI Episode 2: 3rd ANNIVERSARY, Feat. Amanda Rawles, Brandon Salim

  1. Tolong konfirmasi nya @Ragnarok Forever Love Youtube Official Account,

    Ini discord Stella CM Gravity #0814 punya CM Stella atau bukan? Thx

  2. dusta mana yang kamu sebut cinta saat kamu berbohong padaku padahal aku yakinkan hati ini sepenuhnya bukan sebutuhnya kamu patahkan aku sebesar aku mencintai kamu

  3. Biasanya dimana ada Amanda dan Brandon disana pasti ada Jefri Nicol, gak bisa move on dari flim A.. untuk episode ini cukup bikin nyesek😭

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