Cisco FindIT Network Management | Small Business Network Monitoring

As small businesses become more reliant on
digital technology to run their business, the network is becoming an extremely critical
part of their operations. Of course all of this “digitalization” puts
more demand on the IT admins and integrators who manage these systems. Life for them can seem like one big fire drill. This is where Cisco FindIT Network Management
comes in. Cisco’s FindIT Network Management gives IT
professionals an affordable way to deploy, configure, and monitor networks built on Cisco
100 through 500 series switches, routers, and wireless access points. Most of the solutions available today either
only manage a single type of device, such as a router, or allow users to do basic monitoring
of a set of individual devices. FindIT Network Management is designed to manage
the network as a single system, reducing the amount of time needed to maintain the network
and increasing the system uptime. How does it work? Cisco FindIT Network Management is composed
of two applications – the probe and the manager. The probe resides on the local network – one
probe per site. The manager can reside anywhere as long as
the probes can communicate with it. For networks with only a single site, the
manager is optional. When first deployed, the probe will discover
all of the network, including the PC’s, servers and mobile devices connected to the network. By getting port information from the switches
and access points, FindIT is able to build a topology map showing how things are connected. You can connect to the probe’s intuitive user
interface and see the network topology map, along with a list of networking devices, including
their firmware versions, serial numbers, and other important information. Floor plans can be added to show the physical
locations of the networking equipment. Once installed the FindIT probe will send
alert messages and track network utilization, number of clients on the network, and other
key statistics. From the FindIT probe user interface, the
user can also shut down ports, add new VLANs or wireless networks, and make other changes
to the network. You can also back up the configuration files
or install new firmware on every Cisco small business device on the network with a few
clicks! If there are mutliple sites being managed,
the FindIT Manager will be the dashboard to see any critical alerts for any of the probes
and be able to quickly get access to the selected site. The manager can also generate reports that
can be used in planning discussions with the business owner. With FindIT Network Management, IT professionals
can gain some sanity back in their lives. Being able to operate more efficiently, maintain
higher network uptime and proactively address potential problems, will make the IT professional’s
life easier, and the end-user happier. Please check out our other videos to learn
more about FindIT Network Management. You can also go to
for more detailed information on cisco’s FindIT Network Management. I’m Remy from Cisco, and thanks for watching!

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