CleanGuru – MOST important ‘Thing’ on Your Janitorial Business Website!

Hi this is Dan again from CleanGuru. Today
I promised you we’d talk about the one thing i recommend you include in your website. We know there are a lot of things on someone’s website, websites are very important today. When businesses visit your website, you might have on there your name and your address,
a way for them to contact you, a way for them to email you. You might have a section called “About Us” where you talk about your company. You might have a section on services where you talk about the different kind of services that you offer. Well those are great, but
we suggest that the one thing you want to make sure you include in a website is an opt-in to some regular ongoing communication with you. Now what that might take the form of
is this. In many cases an email communication, an e-zine it’s called. It’s an e newsletter,
it’s the very reason that you and I are talking is because at some point you visited our website and we offered an opt-in at the top that said; to start receiving our newsletter, put in
your email address and maybe your first name, and you’ll give us permission to begin to
communicate and send information to you. One of the things, by the way, that we recommend strongly, is that you do what’s called a double opt-in. We did this. The original opt-in is
fine, but when you get that information, send it back and say I’d like to confirm that.
So another confirmation, we want to confirm that you give us permission to send you our newsletter. That’s important, because you want to make sure you have that permission in place so you’re not viewed as spam. You want to have a good relationship. Now once that’s out of the way and they have said, yes I don’t mind receiving this, that’s a
tremendous connection that you can being to have with your prospective customers. In fact you might even say, you might even have an incentive that says, when you sign up for
our newsletter, we’ll also make one of the first things that we send to you a free report. It might be the 10 ways to a healthy and clean building, or some report that you’ll have
that will be one of the first things you spend to them. But the bottom line is, you being
to open up the doors of communication. Why is that so important? Well the reason that’s
important is because we’ve talked about the reason why people buy, is because they get to a point that they know you, they like you, and they trust you. The way that can happen is by them getting information, ideas, tips, strategies. You can ask them questions or
surveys. If they can have that back and forth communication, they have the time to learn
what your business is about. So opting-in and then double opting-in to an e-zine newsletter or communication, we think is one of the most importation things that you can have on your website, to develop those relationships and then earn the business of those prospects.
Al right, that’s everything for today. Next time, I’m excited about this, I want to talk
about, what is the secret to selling cleaning today? Now we talk about marketing and we talk about prospecting and all kinds of systems and advertising. But I’m talking about the
selling. The selling of cleaning. So when you’re out doing your walk-throughs, when
you’re delivering your proposal to your customer, when you’re sitting down and talking to them. I’m talking about the actual selling. What is the secret to selling cleaning today? We’ll talk about that next time. Until then, remember you can do this, you really can!

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