Closing More Sales: “The One Skill Missing In My Business” – HTC Testimonial

– This is Aaron Jay Lev,
from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I wanted to sign up for
the High Ticket Closer program because I’ve been a
business owner for 20 years, and I always felt that
closing the sale was, sort of, the weakest part
of my entire sales process. Also, I had a friend,
about six months ago, who told me I was a horrible closer, so it was just sort of on my mind. And when I had the opportunity to sign up with the HTC program, you know, I said, hey, you know, this is an opportunity for
me to learn that one skill I was missing in my business. And I would say, the thing
that really made it sound different compared to
many of the other systems I’ve known about is I’ve known Dan Lok for a number of years through his work, and he’s not just telling
you what you should do, but he’s telling you
what he’s already done. And he’s saying, you know,
“This is what worked for me. “This will probably work for you.” And I like getting the experience from someone that’s already
been successful in business, and set up systems in a way that I would like to set them up. You know, really, I
thought this was gonna be, you know, a typical class. You sign up, a couple
hours here and there. What really surprised me was it really took a lot
of commitment on my part, and, you know, I was sort of surprised
how much I didn’t know, and it was, you know, going
through some of the exercises and working with some of my classmates. You know, finding out
what I didn’t know was, I think, the biggest part in, you know, really, you know,
exercising that sales muscle, and finding out what was wrong, and diving deep into it, and, you know, getting it all work out. So, I would say, definitely, you know, this class has really taken my business in a totally new direction. I’m more focused on what I wanna work on. I niched down my offer quite a bit, you know, based on, some of the instruction and collaborating with some of the other people in class. You know, I’ve come up
with marketing ideas that I didn’t even think of myself. You know, obviously working
in a group mentality, you always come up with a better system than if you did it yourself. And, you know, already, you know, just in the couple of weeks
I’ve been in the class, you know, I’ve launched
a few new websites. I’ve tried some new ideas. You know, with Dan’s
guidance, I’ve, sort of, refined it and taken a new approach on it. And I’d really like to
see myself, you know, working half the hours,
making 10 times the money, you know, in 12 months. You know, I sort of see
the next three months as, sort of, fleshing out my ideas. The next six months after that, you know, refining it and putting
some systems into place. You know, and by this time next year, I’d love to have a bunch of systems where, you know, I just show up, making
sure everything works okay, you know, do the millionaire
lifestyle, you know, exercises and habits, that I should have, and you know, hopefully, next year will be, I’ll be a completely different person. And, I would say that, you know, compared to other systems
and other programs, you know, I’ve priced out quite a few. This is actually, for what you get, it is one of the most
affordable systems I’ve seen. You know, if you feel like
it’s a bit of stretch, you know, really, though, I mean, what other millionaire
can you call up, you know, and really, like, dig
deep into their mind, and find out and discover all these little gems of information. You know, it’s just a matter of, you know, getting access
to someone like Dan, I mean, for really, it’s such a low price compared to what it would cost you to do it, you know, in other ways. So, I would say I’m definitely very happy with the HTC program. I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s considering it. And, thanks a lot, Dan. (dramatic music) – I’ve read over 2000
books in my lifetime. I’ve written 13 books
in my business career. But this book, F.U. Money, is the one that I’m most proud of. This book has impact more people, and inspired more entrepreneurs than any book that I’ve written, and this book could change your life. Now, you could get this
book on Amazon for 20 bucks, but for a limited time,
I wanna give you a copy, a digital copy for free. All you have to do is
click on the link below, and download it today. Enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “Closing More Sales: “The One Skill Missing In My Business” – HTC Testimonial

  1. It really changes your mindset and what you do. If you change what you do, you will see different results. I tried different things to make money online(Amazon FBA, shopify, blogging, affiliating marketing, selling t-shirts online…) 😂 Looking back at it, everything that I did in the past could have worked to make money. However, I wasn’t that person, my thoughts and who I was was not aligned with a successful entrepreneur. I was only bouncing one thing to another, hoping I would find that one thing to get me to my dreams. Thankfully and gratefully, I joined HTC and it completely changed my mindset and confidence. In the past, I wouldn’t communicate how I felt and held everything inside. After the program, I was able to close a good friend from high school on finding out exactly what he wants. I closed my sister on going after her dreams of being an actress. I closed a personal development coach and is working with her as a freelancer/independent contractor. This is only the beginning. Dan didn’t ask me to write this. I’m writing this because I genuinely want to help someone see clearly how f***king awesome HTC is. On that happy note, this is only the beginning. Thanks Dan, Kayvon, Desmond, behind the scenes of HTC people, HTC fam for taking the time to read this. Also, thank you for reading this and the decision is yours of what kind of life YOU want to live and what kind of person YOU want to become. ~Ray Huang 2018

  2. Wow! Aaron Jay Lev has done some great marketing for my business in the past and is now helping me with sales. Thanks for sharing.

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