Common Has a Big ’70s TV Crush on Three’s Company’s Suzanne Somers

-Thank you so much
for coming back. Well, we love you man.
Thank you so much. You’re having a great summer,
a big year. You got the new album.
You have a book. You have a movie.
And you just became a doctor. -Yeah.
I’m a doctor. [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Chuckles ] -Now explain this, please.
Yeah. -Okay. So, I attended
Florida A&M University, historical black college. And I left school my sophomore
year to pursue my music career. But I went back to do
the graduation speech this year, and they honored me
with an honorary doctorate. I didn’t know
I was gonna get it. So, now everybody
gotta call me doctor. Amir, come on, man. Come on, man.
What’s up? -Of course you gotta do it.
You have to. You have to.
You have to. Yeah, I’ll do it, yeah. -You gonna call me doctor?
-Yeah. You have to be called doctor
from now on. Yeah, absolutely.
-My mother — My mother shut it down,
actually. She was like,
“Look, dude, I’m a real doctor, so…”
[ Laughter ] -No.
[ Laughs ] She was like —
-“You’re not a doctor.” -“Yeah, you’re not
gonna do that here.” I got to talk about —
I was giving your intro here, and I’m going through
all these awards that you won. You won an Emmy award,
you won a Grammy award, and you won an Oscar. You’re one letter away
from the EGOT. -Ooh, yes.
-That’s E-G-O. I mean — If a Tony would come,
I would be grateful. I’m not gonna turn it down.
But — You know? [ Laughter ] But my thing is to put — Anything I do,
I just try to put heart and soul and my passion into it. And the accolades that come,
I’m very grateful if they come. You know, like,
I’m super grateful to have the awards you named, but I want
to put the passion in first. -Yeah. I mean —
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s why —
That’s why you get those awards. ‘Cause you’re always — You’re always
doing something different, always changing,
always something — And I think
this is a good example. Your new record, “Let Love,”
a lot of good sounds on this. And what’s different about this
album than the other albums? -Well, I think this album,
because it was inspired by my book, I kind of
went to subject matters that I normally
wouldn’t talk about. I’m talking about therapy…
-Yeah. -…in music.
-Yeah. Yeah. -You know, and that’s things
that I never basically would want to share with people
but I feel like I need to open up
and talk about those things. And I talk about it in a way,
like, that I know we don’t discuss it a lot in the black
community and brown community about mental health
and awareness like that. So, I wanted to give that —
to make it okay for brothers to hear it and be like,
“A’ight, cool. I can go see a therapist,
and I’m good.” -Yeah. Have a conversation,
at the very least. It’s something.
-Yeah. -Open it up.
[ Cheers and applause ] I want to talk about your
new movie, “The Kitchen.” This is set in the ’70s.
Hell’s Kitchen. And you were — you were —
You grew up in the ’70s, right? -Yeah, yeah.
I’m a ’70s kid. -Yeah.
Like, I’m a ’70s kid, too. -Yeah.
-Who was your — Who was your TV crushes?
-Man, TV crushes? -’70s.
-’70s. I liked Penny from “Good Times,”
who was Janet Jackson. -Oh, yeah, yeah. -I like Tootie,
from “Facts of Life.” -I loved Tootie, also.
I liked Jo, as well. -You liked Jo?
Yeah, Jo was nice-looking, too. [ Laughter ]
Jo — I liked Jo. She was my second on that show.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -But, uh…
And then, kind of surprisingly, I won’t say surprisingly
because she was beautiful, but I liked
Chrissy from “Three’s Company,” Suzanne Somers.
-You told me this backstage. And I’m like —
Where did I go? I love that this
is one of your crushes. -I don’t know.
There was something about her that I just liked.
-I loved her. She’s gorgeous. That was probably
the “something about her,” yeah. [ Laughter ] And also, she’s funny, too.
-Yeah, she was funny. I like that was it.
I like — I liked
that she was kind of fun. -What was this kid
doing in the ’70s? Look at this guy.
Look at that a little stud. Come on.
-[ Laughs ] -What do you remember about
growing up in the ’70s? -Man, I loved, like —
I loved riding my Big Wheel. Like, I had a Big Wheel
and a Green Machine. [ Laughter ]
I loved watching “Soul Train.” I was at my family reunion, man.
I just thought I was good. They just —
-Is this a jumpsuit? -That’s a jumpsuit.
-Yeah! -They tried to call it a
one-piece, but it’s a jumpsuit. [ Laughter ] -I love that, man.
That’s a great outfit. -Yeah.
I loved “Soul Train,” too. ‘Cause, actually, my babysitter
was on “Soul Train.” [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah, she was. You know, they used to film
“Soul Train” in Chicago. That’s where
it originally started. Shout-out to Don Cornelius.
-Don Cornelius, absolutely. -So, yeah.
So, “Soul Train” was something that actually, when I seen my
babysitter on there, I was like, “Man, this is live. Man, I gotta
keep watching this.” -When you watch this movie,
“The Kitchen,” first of all, what a cast.
-Yes. -You got Tiffany Haddish,
Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss.
-Yeah. -And you get in there
with those guys. I mean, they’re good.
They’re pros man. -They’re phenomenal.
-They’re geniuses. -Phenomenal women.
Talented. And, you know, you would
expect it to be a comedy. -Yeah.
-But it’s — it’s a drama, and it’s really well done.
They are really good actors. But, of course,
they kept it funny on the set a little bit,
you know. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -You can’t not be funny
with Tiffany and Melissa. -Would you go out afterwards
and, like, have some drinks, post-wrap?
-Yeah. We were having a few drinks
and just talk a lot of stuff. [ Laughter ]
You know. -They get rolling,
you can’t stop ’em. -Tiffany get raw.
Melissa — I was, like, “Wow, Melissa,
you really raw. I like that.”
[ Laughter ] -She is, man.
-Yeah, she goes for it. But she’s really talented, man. I like her in dramatic roles
and in comedy roles. -Yeah, me too.
It’s good. It’s always great
to see you, as well. We have a clip
from “The Kitchen.” Take a look at this. -I’m getting out tomorrow. Of Westies. All that work.
the beating we took. And they serve 16 months. -They get out,
we nail them again. -Yeah.
-And again and again. And their wives, too. Every last one of them
if we have to. -Good. -Okay.
That’s it. We are not gonna rest on this. We’re gonna get them. Now, look,
I’m gonna get some coffee. You want something?
-Mm. No, I’m — I’m okay. -Okay. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Common, everybody!

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  2. Sorry not.sorry, the "honorary doctorate degree" is fucking crap. No one gets the accolades without the 5-6 years of writing a dissertation. Don't tell me the career is equivalent to the hard work that comes from 5 years of valid research.

  3. Nice how Jimmy keeps plugging 'the Kitchen' movie despite it is an absolute bomb with disastrous reviews. Got to be uncomfortable part of his job.

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