Competences for e-commerce and marketing jobs – Liviu Taloi, Romania

Before starting our live transmission, you were telling me
that in 2014 1.1 billion euros were spent on e-tail purchases. In 2015 these figures rose to 1.5 billion euros. Could you please give us more details on how this much
money was made and which were the most sold services? Simply put, people buy a lot of things online. The offline consumer’s behavior starts to emerge when
online once this virtual medium becomes more familiar. We have these two notions:
offline and online commerce. This is how those figures emerged. E-tail basically means online retail. Namely, the concrete, physical goods
such as this microphone, for instance. These are all physically deliverable. Also, services that are digital products are not within the e-tail. So in 2014 1.1-1.2 billion euros were made
from online retail objects, which is e-tail. The main estimates of this market
observed a rise to 1.5 billion further on. The most sold online objects are IT&C objects
(laptops, cameras) and other electronics, books. Girls have recently invaded the online shops mostly. Studies do show that the female population
is slightly larger than the male one. This can also be seen in the online consumer’s profile. I think about 51% of the users are girls. They are very good online users. They usually buy fashion products and baby and nursery objects. And they really buy a lot. What usually happens offline also happens online. The offline season quickly copies into the
online so things resemble more and more. What are the steps a company should follow
in order to sell a lot more online than offline? First of all, they should have a strong online presence. We have a business and we sell,
let’s say, online services, or products like water. If we don’t have an online presence it is hard
to integrate this experience in our business. So we have offline sales and we want to shift them to online,
we must create an online presence, which means a website. This website should have
a tool called a “shopping cart”. I need to add the water, the service, be it cosmetics or tourism,
maybe even dentists that make online appointments or coach trainers that sell their services online. So we add our desired products in a cart. After creating a website, we need to advertise it. A certain budget needs to be invested in promoting this
website in order to attract more consumers and to start selling. This is a mix of marketing that I highly recommend
and it means investing money in branding. One of the classic questions we usually ask
ourselves is: “Why would people buy from me?” So I have this online shop, an e-commerce website. “Why would they buy from me and not from the competitors?” Without an answer to this question and without a unique
selling point, it is quite hard to manage to sell online. Because in the online environment, you
are at a click-distance from your competition. As a customer, if you are trying to buy online a laptop,
it is very easy to end up from one website to another. I compare prices and so on, so it is literally
very likely I will stumble upon various websites. So then this distinctive element that characterizes your page,
the selling phrase that defines your services truly helps. So once it is clear what separates you from the
competition, why you think people will buy from you, it is recommendable to work on your branding,
to bring paid traffic on your website, channels such as Facebook and so on and to also add referrals
or other type of channels such as price comparators or bloggers. It is good to have a diverse type of marketing and not to stick
to a single media channel or to a single online investment. You need to diversify things a bit.

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