Competing Businesses in Google 3-Pack Map Without a Website?

Hello, this is John from Lockedown Design.
Today we’re answering a viewer question, and this is a good question. In the
Google 3-pack maps, on the first page of Google results,
why do competitors that do not have a website rank above me? If any of you have
ever done a local search for a business in your area, no matter what city you’re
in, usually if you do a local search for a business, you’ll see the very top of
the first page of results, you’ll see a three-pack map — what we call the three
pack. And it’s map results with the top three results of local businesses. What
goes into the three pack? There’s three factors that go into that: Location,
Relevancy, and Authority. And those three factors boil down to this. Location:
How close are you to the actual cluster of businesses that are showing in the map?
Relevancy: would be like, how closely do the words that you typed into
Google – match what you’re actually searching for – in the businesses that are
there? Third, Authority: How prominent those brands are? So, most of the time, the
three businesses that you’re going to see there are going to have websites.
Very rarely, but every once in a while, you’ll see one of the results in
the three pack map will not have a website. It’ll just be a business and
it’ll have a button to call them, but it won’t actually have a link to the
website, because they don’t have a website. Now, the question is, why does
this occur? So, the first thing that we need to understand is Google is really
trying to give us the best information possible, to satisfy the searcher’s intent.
So let’s say you’re you’re googling for three CNC manufacturers in your area. And
let’s say the only two of those results in the map have a website, and the third
one doesn’t have a website. Your intention is to find a CNC manufacturer
to produce your product, and so Google is giving you that information, irregardless
of whether the third one has a website or not. Now like I said, this
doesn’t happen very often, because most places have a website. You do see it very
occasionally, where a result in the map will come up, and they don’t have a
website. Obviously, they’re not going to be in the results below that, because
they don’t have a website, and you must have something to click on. But why is
Google putting that listing there? Where is Google getting this information from? So, Google
doesn’t necessarily have to gather the information directly from your website
to know that your business is located somewhere on a map. It can access all
kinds of information from around the web, such as: business license
information, LLC or incorporation, if you have a Facebook page – it can
definitely get that information from there, city records, leasing information,
and dozens of websites that have that information there. Anytime that you open
a business, it kind of creates a virtual paper trail, if you will. Google is moving
more toward collecting information about entities rather than websites. For
example, if Google knows that you have a company, it’s going to use a bunch of
different sources of information to create what’s called a Knowledge Graph
around your company. What the Knowledge Graph is: if you Google for your business
name and the address, sometimes on the desktop version, you’ll see on the
right-hand side, you’ll see that actual Knowledge Graph about your business. It
will have your business name, your hours of operation, your phone number, those
sorts of things. So, Google is basically compiling an “entity graph”, a knowledge
graph about all sorts of different things: such as, famous people, places,
and of course local businesses. So, Google is basically processing this data and
saying: “This is the company that’s here.” This is the reason
why, very occasionally, you’ll see when you Google for a local business, in the
three-pack map, every once in a while, you’ll see a result there where they
don’t have a website. And you’ll just see a button to call them directly, and there
won’t be that second button to go to their
website. But should you have a website? Absolutely. It’s really tough to do
business in the 21st century without a website. You’re going to be left behind by
anybody who is investing in a website. So, if you have an SEO question that you’d
like answered, go ahead and leave that in the comments below. my name is John Locke.
My business is Lockedown Design. We help manufacturers and industrial
companies with SEO. But yeah, there are some throwback people that don’t have a
website yet, so more power to them. Whoo-hoo.

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One thought on “Competing Businesses in Google 3-Pack Map Without a Website?

  1. Why do businesses without a websites show up in Google Maps? Google already has the business information, and they know most people have a smartphone, so a "Click to Call" is just as good as a "Click to the Website" link. Have a SEO question? Leave it in the comments below, and we'll answer it in a future video. Peace.

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