Consumer Market Vs Industrial Market

In this video I’m going to talk about
consumer market vs industrial market so be sure to watch till the end
for all the details so what’s going on in this video I’m going to be talking
about consumer markets and industrial markets how they’re different how they
sort of compare and examples of them certain products within that sort of
industrial or consumer market so let’s go ahead and get right into this
I got a PowerPoint for this setup I did this a couple years ago set this
PowerPoint up and I thought it would be useful for making this video so first
let’s get into it okay so what is a consumer market a consumer market is a
market that creates themselves products and services to individual buyers
instead of selling to a business so this would be like your normal average day
consumer and not some big huge business like we’re not trying to sell to a Apple
a Disney and McDonald’s or Burger King anything like that we’re trying to sell
to just a regular person that’s working their job like for instance McDonald’s
we’re not trying to sell to businesses that’s not our goal while we can cater
to businesses the main goal of McDonald’s would to be just sell to the
average person who’s going to work and then getting their dinner and going home
but my example that I had for this was that’s by it’s got thirty three point
seven percent of the consumer electronics market which is a huge
market and with this buy they mainly target Millennials Cosmos Millennials
are studying in college right now we’re just getting out of college and
Millennials right now are using that technology in a way to where they can
really put themselves ahead of the game against everyone else and one product in
particular is the Intel Core i5 laptop and I’ve got a marketing mix right here
for that and the price of this is $59.99 and it is exclusively at Best Buy stores
all so you can only get this at Best Buy
which is huge for Best Buy once again they are here hold 33.7% of that market
share and some of this could be why because they have laptops like this that
are exclusively at their store and a promotion when I made this PowerPoint
they were actually doing a promotion for Best Buy that sold the product $150 off
and they were advertising this and newspapers online and I think even in a
couple commercials so that was one way to say we’re really promoting this and
doing a marketing mix for the laptop itself and that is sort of a consumer
market and just the basics of it right there all right let’s get into an
industrial market an industrial market is a market where business market goods
and services to other businesses instead of individual buyers so this is where
we’re selling to those big companies and those businesses so like let’s say
you’re a lumber company and you’re selling to a Home Depot so they can get
your product and sort of sell it as their own in some way and one example of
this is Siemens they’re an industrial electronics market and they have 12.1
percent of that market share which is pretty good and the target market is for
massive large-scale companies focused on expanding with technology and sort of
going into the new age of where you have to have technology sort of event in
everything to make your business what it is and one example I had of this is the technological advances in Walt Disney
World so what they were trying to sell the Disney was advanced technology and I
could not find an exact price on this I couldn’t find a cash amount anywhere the
Disney paid but I do know that there is promotion
and promotion was one thing with this is that at the end of every fireworks show
in Epcot in Walt Disney World after the fireworks on the huge Epcot
ball spaceship earth they just project the entire Siemens logo right onto that
ball and that is the hugest advertisement I’ve ever seen is that
they just project that into a giant ball and also of course while they’re
announcing the fireworks and everything that’s sort of how they’re doing it is
when they announce it they’ll say this fireworks show presented by Siemens so
that was the example of a consumer market and an industrial market and
really how to separate the two so let me know what you guys think can you give me
some more examples of industrial markets because they’re not as common as the
consumer markets and I will see you guys in the next video you

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