Corporate Media Is Just As Dangerous As Fake News Sites – The Ring Of Fire

There is no question that fake news, conspiracy
theory news outlets in the United States are causing very real harm. This whole Pizzagate nonsense story promoted
by Breitbart proves that. Fake news in the United States almost had
a death toll from the crazy gunman who went in that pizza shop and shot it up because
he thought it was some sort of pedophilia ring. That’s the damage that fake news can do in
the United States. It is a very real threat and it’s a threat
we have to take seriously, and one that frankly needs to be investigated and taken to court. But there is another threat from the news
industry. That is the threat that the corporate media
poses to our health and safety. Think about it this way. When George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld
were trying to go to war with Iraq, who did they get to sell the idea that Saddam Hussein
was stockpiling aluminum tubes and yellowcake? Remember those two little talking points,
aluminum tubes and yellowcake? The corporate controlled media pushed that. The corporate controlled media that features
advertisements from Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the people who benefited greatly from that
Iraq war. The corporate media pushed us into a war with
Iraq and that did have a death toll for the United States. Tens of thousands of American troops died
because of the corporate media failing to do their job, not to mention the countless
tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Pakistanis and Afghanistan people, citizens. That’s the corporate media. They sold that lie to us. They do have blood on their hands and that’s
a threat we need to take seriously. Think about the madness of Y2K that the media
sold us for two years right before the turn of the century. All that panic that they caused, the stockpiling
of goods and bottled water and canned goods and guns because the world was going to end;
all electronics were going to shut down and we’d been sent back to the Stone Age. A lot of people made a lot of money off the
Y2K scare and corporate media is one of them. What happened? Nothing. Literally nothing. What about all those pandemics? Swine flu, bird flu, every other kind of flu
you could imagine. Who perpetrated those myths? The corporate controlled media. Who profited from that? The corporate controlled media who gets advertisements
from big pharma, who made a killing from Americans thinking they were going to get the bird flu
or the swine flu, which turned out to be just as dangerous as the regular flu. The corporate controlled media has done far
more damage to the United States than any other entity you could imagine. Fake news is a very serious, very dangerous
and potentially deadly problem in the United States, but the corporate controlled media
that spreads these lies, that get people killed? They do have blood on their hands. That’s the same corporate controlled media
that only tells you half the story. When was the last time you turned on MSNBC
or CNN and they talked about a massive pharmaceutical recall because people were dying from taking
that pills? When was the last you turned on MSNBC or CNN
and they showed you the documents from a company where they said, ‘We know people are dying’
but covered it up? ‘Let’s go forward anyway.’ There is no answer to that question because
they don’t do it. Their lack of reporting has killed people
and they’re doing it to please their corporate masters. Yeah, we have to take this fake news threat
very seriously, and I do and I hope everyone does, but we have to take the failures of
the corporate media just as seriously because they have gotten people killed in the past
and if they keep on the path they’re on, they’re going to beat the drums of war during the
Trump administration like we’ve never seen, and they’re going to result in even more American
deaths, all because they want to make a few more dollars in advertising from their corporate

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31 thoughts on “Corporate Media Is Just As Dangerous As Fake News Sites – The Ring Of Fire

  1. Yup. People need to be careful not to fall into these traps and always remain skeptical and seek the truth. With all the bullshit and disinformation out there, it can be a challenge and blindly trusting some of these alternative media sources can also be a danger.

    There are many opportunists and hucksters out there who want to take advantage of people and peddle lies to them.

  2. One shot constitutes "shooting up the pizza place?" A hired actor is considered a "crazed gunman?" A "witness" who couldn't come off as any more fake if he tried? We, the people, no longer fall for the propaganda put out by msm! Get real or you're going down!

  3. Surprised you didn't mention Climate Change. I think this fake news hoopla is being exacerbated to be the scapegoat for the lack of trust that now exists for MSM.

  4. what can we do? even papers like the Enquire helped Trump into office. I mean if any billionaire can trick the masses into believing the he (Trump) knows what its like to live pay check to pay check & even has multiple sex crime charges, racketeering etc . the media was paid to put out so much bull that who could possibly believe now that a 13yr old was Sexually molested by Trump? One thing is for sure, Trump does have the money and power to have even GOD himself discredited. Hell go down as one of the most worst Presidents in world history. I never listen to CNN or FoxNews etc because I CAN think for my self. small you tube news outlets are the only one with any kind of integrity.

  5. the internet is a wealth of information. but there is also a lot of disinformation. sometimes it's hard to know where the truth ends & propaganda seeps in. a great example are people who think Fox is legitimate news. i know several.


  7. most times the independent media reads the articles that are out there and interpret it in their own way.when in the hell has anyone tried to do their own investigation over a so called just seems like bullshit that now they are trying to censor news immediately after.seems staged to me, plus no one even got shot at comet pizza

  8. most times the independent media reads the articles that are out there and interpret it in their own way.when in the hell has anyone tried to do their own investigation over a so called just seems like bullshit that now they are trying to censor news immediately after.seems staged to me, plus no one even got shot at comet pizza.

  9. Bring back the Fairness Doctrine of 1949, which was destroyed by Reagan in 1986. It insured that all sides of a story were presented, leaving the people to decide, based on truth.

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  13. “Media that focus on scandals and spread fake news to smear politicians risk becoming like people who have a morbid fascination with excrement, Pope Francis said in an interview published on Wednesday. Francis told the Belgian Catholic weekly ‘Tertio’ that spreading disinformation was ‘probably the greatest damage that the media can do’ and using communications for this rather than to educate the public amounted to a sin. Using precise psychological terms, he said scandal-mongering media risked falling prey to coprophilia, or arousal from excrement, and consumers of these media risked coprophagia, or eating excrement. … He described disinformation as the greatest harm the media can do because ‘it directs opinion in only one direction and omits the other part of the truth,’ he said.” SEE: “Pope warns media over ‘sin’ of spreading fake news, smearing politicians,” by Philip Pullella, Reuters; December 7, 2016

  14. Oh fer pete's sake…as a paranoid discriminator to the nth of a nano-meter on all the bs coming down the MSM pike, I'm calling you out on your intro dude…THERE SURELY IS A LOOONNG HISTORY OF PEDOPHILIA IN AMERICA…AT THE WHITE HOUSE.
    Do a bit of scratch n sniff at the headlines surrounding the late raygun and all of the GHWB admins, then slide on to son bushco and add in the entire UK and BBC recent exposure of their political cretins, like our political cretins buggering little kids and each other…try BOY'S TOWN NEBRASKA IN THE 80'S AND 90'S for starters.
    I just can't finish your video here because, my take, is that you are either doing a 'say this'
    routine here or you are a naive young man who is clueless as to how these moneyed pervs really work…aaahhh, a suggestion, watch Eyes Wide Shut and ask yourself just how crazy money, power and sex are linked…get a grip kid!!

  15. Pizzagate could be put to rest quickly if John Podesta would just make a statement on what was meant in his weird cryptic email interactions published by wikileaks. The rest of the misinformation spread by people like Alex Jones is going to be used as an excuse to control what media we get to see. That scares me.

  16. Should have voted HILLARY R CLINTON. Your pathetic ego of hating her. ( After countless pieces of evidence that shows she's pretty innocent. YES compared to Trump and his list of evil. And his cabinet of evil warlocks. (Not Witches. Warlocks devil worshippers like Roger Ailes kidding attempting AJ )

    This was bigger than you. This was bigger than your fucking ego. This was bigger when African Americans are being terribly!! Prayed upon like the slaves they once were (GOP legitimately proves my point on everything. Scumbag Nazis.) look at your Gay and Lesbian and our community that you're sorry. Our freedoms and rights and if you take a glance at the African Americans shot dead DAILY. Look the shit up. Look at your disabled friends and tell them it's okay that he made fun of ( I don't know what else is PC for mentally ill people? So sorry ) Look at your female friends. "I'm sorry your life can't not possibly have this child. I know you also could possibly die without an abortion or contraceptives, you're going to die or raise the miracle that is from your body. That at conception is no longer yours. Entirely. That's okay you'll be dead."


    Oh and btw FUCK YOU.
    Gay friends! African Americans! Hispanics, every fucking shade under the sun! And of every culture and society (within everyone's health) with open arms like Ellis island says.
    If you voted and outwardly supported Hitler and the Nazi party, BUT saved Jews secretly as many as 1000! YOU are still a Nazi. You're no better than those Never Trumpers or the delusional independents.good luck dears. I'm sure we will all be seeing each other in the streets. When NO jobs, NO health and every free service is made private and for profit. Like the piece of shit Republicans like Scott Baio. Who never had a worry in life. His father went broke once. Go fuck yourself Chachie

    Again I pray for those who will undoubtedly be impacted by hate. Good for you. Anyone who didn't fill in HIllary Clinton

    The GOP
    Grabbed Our Pussy. Hard. Painfully. The refugees we turn away that are starving and need idk… REAL CHRISTIANS THAT AREN'T FOX NEWS BASED. The hypocrites beware like Santa, Jesus has a heaven or hell list. You see Jesus protects all minorities. The bible backs me up. It is only the added sections by King James- who loved hating gays and pagans and free spirits so he killed them and they switched Poisoner to Witch (wise woman and men who delivered and healed families.) they added "a man shall not lay with another man as he does a woman. God hates that." It says this in a bible in Quebec where I am . Later the BULLSHIT DOOODEERRROMONEY- doesn't deserve proper spelling. Christians "Paradise lost" is fiction. I guarantee you. Jesus wouldn't just make sure Obamacare thrives but he would empty corporations who have billions will continue no matter what. Jesus would drain their pockets and we'd have real trickle down. They'll look down from their buildings. It's okay. You ain't going to heaven.

    Btw Choa the new transportation. She is responsible for 18 deaths. Real deaths of our troops. Because they didn't need to spend money on checking mines. G. Bush jr and his brother deleted 22 Million emails that were classified USA intelligence. This woman is innocent. It's ppl like Cousins here who fed into the battering the woman. As if no one could read between the lines. YOUR bullshit hate on her. Did this. You are no better. You did videos of Trump good points. Hillary wasn't praised for her actual Public Service. Who the fuck are you? Hater. Volunteer ever?

  17. I'm old enough to remember when "conspiracy theory" was not vilified as insanity, but embraced as a form of critical thought…just because a question can't be answered doesn't mean it shouldn't be asked. As long as it is not touted as fact without proof. Now, every time anyone dares question the "official" story they are written off as "crazy conspiracy theorists". A theory is just that, a THEORY. A conspiracy is nothing more than 2 or more people working together toward the same goal. We need a lot more independent journalists willing to ask the unanswerable public wake people up..before it's too late!

  18. They can take away independent news media from me but I still will always ignore the mainstream, corporate, propaganda news media!

  19. Pizzagate "gunman" fired one round from a shotgun into the ceiling then gave up without resistance to the police, there was no "possible deathcount." If your going to do a piece on "dangerous fake news" you would do well to not exaggerate your report simply to be sensational… hypocrite.

  20. the line of y2k bugs where patched because people where scared. most software in the corporate space goes unfixed and unpatched. if y2k wasn't over hyped the computers wouldn't have been patched.

  21. >While the danger posed by fake news sites like Breitbart is very real,

    But Corporate Media News Sites ARE fake news sites, you dumbass.

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