Crash Course Business: Entrepreneurship Preview

Hi! I’m Anna Akana and for the next 17 weeks,
I’ll be your host for the second half of Crash Course Business. So let’s talk about entrepreneurship! “Entrepreneur” feels like a buzzword that
businessy people throw around, like “synergy” or “NextGen.” And I’m gonna say it about a thousand times
for this series, which can make any word feel like it’s losing all meaning. But it has a pretty clear definition: if you
see a need in the world and take a financial risk to fill that need… you’re an entrepreneur! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! You know, I didn’t think of myself as an entrepreneur
when I started doing the whole YouTube thing, and at first I was making money other ways
too. But I decided to take the risk, put in a lot
of work, and do the art-acting-writing-music-YouTube-etcetera thing full-time. And now I’m a small business owner! A real-life entrepreneur! Everyone’s path is different, and because
entrepreneurship involves a lot of risk, it’s okay to be nervous. And it’s okay to fail. We’re gonna talk about how to tackle the
scary stuff head on, and how to learn from failure so it doesn’t turn you into a smoking
burned out husk of a human. Over these 17 episodes, we’ll start with
the seed of any business — a good idea — and talk about how to ask for help and grow it
into a whole thriving entrepreneurial venture. We’ll cover big-picture concepts like how
to get helpful feedback, scope out your competition, develop customer relationships, and start
making money. And also what the heck to do after you start
making money! Plus, we’ll make sure to translate all the
entrepreneurship jargon and legalese along the way. You’ll be throwing around terms like “value
proposition” and “minimum viable product” like a pro. And you’ll know the difference between C-corps,
co-ops, and LLCs. How entrepreneurial is THAT! Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. With a little grit, determination, and luck,
your dreams or hobbies could potentially become a whole career. So join me next week, as we start our journey
by asking who entrepreneurs are, and how you might forge your own path to start a business. I’m Anna Akana, this is Crash Course Entrepreneurship,
and I’ll see you then.

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100 thoughts on “Crash Course Business: Entrepreneurship Preview

  1. Instead of "Entrepreneur" one could always say "Stealer of surplus value" or "leech on the workers" 😛

  2. I have a Certificate(associate equivalent) in Entrepreneurship so this will be interesting to watch. 🙂 maybe learn something new!

  3. Ana Akana :
    How to become an entrepreneur 101 : Date Ray William Johnson and spam your youtube channel to his subscribers

  4. A good business idea is essential but not sufficient. I found to be motivated I need to be in love with the idea, to want it first, before money.

  5. Instead of getting a real entrepreneur, or business experienced person, you get a famous youtube face to get views. How this channel has fallen.

  6. Yay finally entrepreneurship from someone who actually knows stuff and is successful, instead of some failure who decided to start teaching and doesn't actually know anything (like I had in my bachelor and master….)

  7. Not only do I get to learn things…but I get to learn things while I enjoy the view 😍 Thanks crash course

  8. 90% of the comments talk about ana akana from the thumbnail
    9.9999% of the comments hide that they are talking about ana akana from the thumbnail
    0.0001% of the comments talk about 90% of the comments talking about ana akana and how you know that

  9. No, when you identify needs PEOPLE WOULD PAY FOR … and take a financial risc investing in it, you're an entepreneur. The bit about people paying is the important part. If you are a youtuber, you are basically content production outsourced from Youtube. It's about the cashflow. Advertisers => YT => Content Creators. I really hope you're not going to do the whole….follow your dreams, be ethical and make the change you want to see happen thing. In California that works because there's a lot of liquidity, but most people aren't that lucky.

  10. Step 1 of how to make money generating business. Make videos about how to start a business

  11. So if you have to take a financial risk to be an entrepreneur, then if any your losses would be repaid by say the government or a rich Daddy, then are you actually taking a risk? Can you be an entrepreneur if you're gambling with other people's money with zero negative consequences for you if things don't work out?

  12. Can't believe I just came for cats in bags and ended up being identified with the word "Entrepreneur". Waiting for the next videos!

  13. Anna akana? Wtf dose she know about entrepreneurship really? She talks about boyfriends, relationships and high school syndroms living inside a 30 year old. I cant imagine how her career will be at 50. Still doing and want to be a bossy teen at school? Most of all maybe is that she sells herself on instagram-she is a instagram model. I have nothing against her personally-but the way she tries to promote her career isnt the most serious kind of buisness. What im trying to say is- how can u take her seriously when her career or buisness isnt serious? I somewhat like her tho. Its hard to not get her attention. She would prob be a good teacher instead of doing this instagram model stuff and focusing on high school syndrom things. Hope she revisits herself and find her right path in life.

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