Create a Business-Boosting Real Estate Channel on YouTube

Want to get started in video?
Trying to drive people to your
YouTube channel? It’s all
about having a strategy, being consistent and
organizing your channel
for maximum exposure. I’m Bryan Casella, team leader
for Team BC with eXp Realty of
California. Let’s take five
minutes to learn how to grow your video program
and YouTube Channel. I started doing video on a whim,
just documenting my day and
offering instruction on cold
calling and other activities. Now, my YouTube channel
gets 10,000 views a day
and I have 131,000 subscribers. I average between 100 and
150 new subscribers each
day. I have 11 videos that
have over 100,000 views and about 50 videos
with about 50,000 views.
And, I built it all organically. I don’t pay for advertising to
drive people to my channel. Here’s how to have
similar success. First, decide what your focus
will be. My focus happened
organically. It was 2014 and
I was new to the business. I started documenting what
I was doing in the early
stages of growing my real
estate business. For example, I would film
myself doing cold calls and
offer insight to others about
what was working and what wasn’t. Naturally,
I gathered an audience of
young entrepreneurs, real estate agents and others
who were interested in seeing
how I was building my business. Remember, video isn’t just
posting on YouTube. At the
same time I was building my
YouTube channel, I was building my Instagram, Facebook and
Snapchat audiences. It was
all about growing my brand.
You must cross market your video across platforms.
For example, I may post one
minute of a video on Instagram
and in the post caption say, “If you go to the
link in my bio, you can watch
the rest of this video on
Youtube.” I focus on pushing people
from my social media to
YouTube and vice versa. Perfection is overrated. I don’t
have the fanciest gadgets or
a huge editing team. In fact, I
usually only edit out the beginning and end when
I’m turning the camera on and
off. It’s more about the content
than it is the quality. You want your content to rise
above all the noise. So, I have
playlists organized by different
subjects, such as door knocking. In that playlist you’ll find videos
of me actually door knocking
and going over best practices. I have a specific playlist with
videos on how to get your real
estate license and another
playlist for new agents with videos that show them what
they need to do to grow their
business and make it out alive
in the first two years. I even have videos of me doing
live real estate agent training. Organization and premium
content is vital. But, it’s the
consistency and number of
times you post each week that also help you grow. You
must have at least three to
four videos on your YouTube
channel to create top-of-mind awareness. And,
this benefits you with
algorithms, too. So many content creators are
worried if they collaborate with
a competitor, their audience
may leave. Personally, I’ve found that when
you collaborate, you literally
push each other up even more
because you can cross-promote between your
audiences. So, find someone
who is in front of an audience
you want to reach and talk to them about doing
a video series with you. I found
some of the biggest surges
surges in my viewership is when I cross-promoted with a person
outside of real estate but doing
a hobby that I loved. It led to
a whole new channel and my name exploding
because I got out in front of a
whole new audience. Finally, show your personality,
especially in your social media
videos. Prospects want to know
about you, not just about your real estate listing or the
house you sold. I noticed that
when I was open about who I
am and what I’m all about, I had a high level of loyalty
from my audience because
they connected with me more. Growing your YouTube channel
organically is doable if you
commit the time and energy to
it. Find your passion and bring it to your videos
and people will notice.

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