Create A One Page Business Website Easily

you have a small business and are looking to
capture more leads and increase your sales. Your competition down the street
seems to be always busy. You have a small business and do not have a website
yet. It’s time for you to get up to speed. But, won’t this new website cost me thousands of dollars you ask? No. Not at all. in this free step-by-step beginner
tutorial you will learn how to create this amazing one-page mobile friendly
business website. You can simply follow along, click by click to replicate this
exact website, No coding knowledge is required, as this tutorial is made for
beginners. You can simply change the pictures to match your own business in a matter
of a few hours of your time invested you will be able to create this modern
mobile friendly website, No need to pay your web guy $100 every time you need to
make an update as you will be able to have the skills to easily make the changes yourself. If you see a
section that doesn’t apply to your business, you simply just do not have
to include it. I don’t even know how to code myself, it’s a simple drag-and-drop
building process and you can simply follow my on-screen actions in the three
hour tutorial that covers everything that you need to possibly know I will teach you how to use all the free
online tools that I use to make cool icons, manipulate images, and even
design a simple logo. As you can see the website is mobile responsive when you
look at it on an iPhone 5 here for example you have a drop down menu, a mobile drop
down menu and as we scroll through everything it is nice and neatly stacked now. You will have a fantastic, mobile responsive,
made for the times web site mobile friendly. OK, In case you did not notice, that was a roofing company that I made that website for. A fictitious roofing company, you can simply change the images out to match your business.It could be a painting company, a plumbing company, a towing company, any small business you can just simply change the images out, and I will show you the tools that I use that are very easy to use, free and you can change those images. So, if this is your first website, you will need web hosting, and I can show you where you can get that for under $4 a month. Now, if you are ready, I’m ready, let’s get started In the top corner here, you will see a little i, just click on that the box will drop down, click on the Get Started Box, or you can simply go to
to get started. I’ll see you there

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