Create a Website for a Small Business: How to Create a Website for a Small Business (EASY!?)

how you doing in this training I’m going
to create a website for a small business for a small DMV at the end of this
training you basically gonna have a website that looks exactly like the one
you’re looking at right now now this website gotta say it’s an awesome is
fantastic and what we’re gonna create this is going to be very quick and very
cheap okay so with that being said let’s get to the training now my name is Jack
McDonald siren this beautiful YouTube a very informative YouTube channel
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training I’m gonna go back to the demo this is the website that we are going to
create exactly this is the website that we are going to create and I just
thought before we get into the training I gotta I gotta I gotta ask you three
things okay the first one is to show us what you create okay so at the end of
the training put a link in the description of this video in the comment
section of this video and put a link to the website that you create to use the
loophole okay so at the end of the training I’m gonna show you a way to get
free traffic on your website even though this is a website for a small company
you can still make money off of it okay so I’m gonna show you how to do that at
the end of the training it’s just gonna take five minutes believe me you can put
it I put a timestamp in a description so you can just jump to
the part at the end of the training where I show you how to make money with
a website but obviously I want again to to use the loophole okay and then three
I please you to do it now okay so get a brand new pager and let’s do this
together first thing first I’m gonna go to
Cybercom I put a link in the description of for you to go to site grunt calm and
I’m going to clean my browser okay sigh ground is a web hosting platform created
for easy website management okay so if you never created a website let me break
it down for you you need three main things okay you need a domain which is
basically sacra calm well that’s a domain and then you need a hosting to
have your website live on the Internet 24/7 and then third you need a content
management system like the WordPress WordPress powers 52% of the blogs and
websites out there on the Internet as you can see from this picture so far
2019 if we go just for the sake of it so WordPress that all you don’t need to go
to going that from the hosting section Bluehost dream house I
crown is highly highly suggest from WordPress table itself this is why we
use site grant is why asshole edu site ground cannot never look back okay so
from get started let’s get your web site for your small company after running
once we choose the plan and as you can see we have three main plans we can
choose from okay we have a go gig startup and a go big now obviously go
gig is more Pro so we don’t need to talk about it startup has a one website you
can host one website grow big you can host unlimited website now if you look
at the money with just two bucks more you have unlimited website I like to
think big and this case means you know having as many
website as I want for myself for my company for my clients so obviously I go
with a grow big plan now of course if you show on the money and you just want
to have a one website because you’re building just one website and then you
want to upgrade later on to grow B you can do so so start off with a start up
and then you can move to a grow big plan as far as myself is concerned I’m gonna
get it grow big plan hands down no shot up or down so I’m just gonna go get
plenty now second step is to choose a domain now you get registered in your
domain or you can just say hey I already own this domain so I just go I already
have a domain but myself I’m gonna register a brand new domain name which I
guess is your case too so yeah let’s get a brand new domain the domain I’m gonna
get for myself in this case is going to be just like create a website for a
small company so I’m just gonna grab that and I’m gonna make sure to delete
the space for a small business and I’m a-gettin extension now if you new
to the business I’m gonna tell you this there it comm is preferred okay
especially from the search engine okay so in fact if you go just on Google
right and you go create a create a website for a small business
just like the domain I’m getting myself and you see that’s all calm
you see calm calm calm so what I’m trying to say is that search engines
like Google they love calm or domain names okay so
yeah make sure to have a calm if it’s not available
but you just work for your company for your best for the business are you
trying to create this website for you can go for Academy a club for instance
jackman ah crap I gotta eat dark Club but just
make sure to have it calm because because search engines they love calm
website so make sure easy calm so without me said I’m just going to
proceed okay that’s step number two step number three is to review and complete
the process now I’m gonna get I’m gonna just fill out this form really quickly
and I’ll get back to you okay and as you can see I’ve just finished
filling out the form account information client informational payment information
purchase information I’m just going for pier 12 months and obviously I’m gonna
make sure I don’t have a domain privacy and size scanner check because I don’t
need that you don’t need their we don’t need them and then I’m gonna confirm and
then I’m gonna say I would like to see seg-y news and special offers by email
because they send you all the time new stuff new news you want to be on top of
the game if you see blur on the screen by the way is because obviously privacy
reasons so I’m just gonna go pay now wow thank you for purchasing this icon
hosting service your order has been processed successfully if there was any
credit card transaction associated with disorder it will appear on your credit
card statement as a charge from side grant hosting da Inc happy days okay so
this is the page you are going to be redirect to set up your brand new
hosting account the first thing the first thing is to go set up your website
so I’m just gonna go start a new website choose WordPress and then I’m gonna
choose my WordPress login details so as far as the admin email I’m gonna put
Jack ah Jack Mac Donald Duck club and then as username I’m gonna go check Mac
as my usual and then as far as the password I’m just gonna choose my
password and this is going to be my password very strong
password make sure you use a very strong password next make sure none of these
are checked oh because you don’t need to protect your personal information with
domain privacy detector be somehow where we side-glance a scanner you don’t need
that just as well so just basically go confirm and yes you have requested to
install WordPress on your account your request will be processed once you
complete the setup and I presume complete the setup we just need to go
confirm right there as well again I confirm that I’ve read and agree to the
side grant Terms of Service of course you want to go ahead and read all of
these right you are aren’t you yeah let’s say I did as well
so I confirm and I’m gonna go complete set up why processing your setup they’re
just gonna take a minute while I your hosting account is ready to use
let’s go proceed to customer area okay so from here you can have a look around
my account support billing with deals a services perks let’s have a look around
it’s nothing too complicated okay but the first thing you want to do to get
this whole website for a small company up and running go to you want to go to
my account okay pretty simple just go my account and once you’re my account
you’ll see your first brand new domain okay already all done for you in the my
account page okay so now to get to the website basically just click on the link
and I’m gonna show you the magic that just happened you have the website up
and running the live on the Internet okay this is just plain I know we’re
gonna make this look exactly like this one okay so the first thing you want to
do is to go to the go to admin panel because if you’ve never done if you
never if this is your first time creating the website with WordPress okay
so we have a front and any back-end so the back end is basically where the
magic okay so let’s just login with the with
the information that you just set up so I’m just gonna go Jack
okay Jack Mac pretty simple and I’m just gonna log in okay so once I once I log
in this is basically the start welcome to your WordPress site so let’s go start
now and once we start now we can already choose a fancy design for your website
so you could you could for instance if you don’t want to follow along and you
want to try different things I don’t suggest you to do so because something
you can do later but just go continue okay once you continue you want to go to
exactly continue and then let’s talk about marketing continue installation in
progress bring your WordPress installation this is just few things
that psych 1 already gives you okay but you don’t have to worry about none of
those because you just want to have this whole thing installed for you okay
congratulate we have successfully completed installation of the items you
see lefty you may now proceed to your WordPress dashboard and start managing
your site so go to the dashboard and the dashboard
basically it is the back end of your site okay so this is welcome to
WordPress back-end this is where you are going to spend most of your time any
time I install a wordpress installation is so excited because WordPress change
my life is going to change your life and this is where the magic happens okay so
you don’t have to know a lot about these but in a few clicks i’ma show you how to
get this website up and running so once we have the website up and running for
your small company then I’ll show you how to use it so you can customize to
your needs okay so if for instance if it’s not a B&B but if it’s another
company or it’s more business that you’re trying to create a website for I
must show i’ma show you exactly how to do so and the first thing that we got a
that I gotta explain to you is okay so check this out we gotta go dumb you
users and then your profile okay so this is basically the Amman color scheme so
if you got some ladies checking this out you can have fun and maybe change the
color scheme of your m in area the second thing so you can do so right
there the second thing if you scroll all the way down generate password you can
change the password of your login page we don’t need to do that because I
already done there so I’m happy with my password and this is basically all the
personal information of you the aming of the blog of the website the
second thing that I want to explain to you is if you go to to settings and then
your permalinks this is very very very important okay
I’m explaining why because some now it says they ain’t name okay but what you
wanna pick is post name basically this is the permalinks on top of the search
engine basically sample post is going to be
replaced with either the name of the page or the the title of the post okay
so make sure to click post name and then Save Changes so these are the two main
things that you want to do now to get your website to look from this I’m
giving you Jews right now okay because I’m gonna have you listen I charge
people at least six hundred dollars to have this website up there running okay
this is how much we in this business charge clients okay at least $600 now
night the website looks like this one okay so it went from dear sir plain
nothing founder so we can click out of them to this my blog this is just a blog
blog page a blog website but we’re gonna get this to look like this a matter of
seconds and once you do that again you can charge people at least six hundred
dollars just have this website up and running okay and then they need to pay
they basically you can charge them so how many hours you work on it from
having the website to look like this to make it function a certain way basically
adding stuff like yo a CEO to have your website search engine
optimized but don’t worry we talk about that later and having tracked with
Google Analytics okay just to have other two things having the website up and
running and then adding just some analytics so you can track traffic and
have the website to be optimized then you can charge them a per hour
okay but just to have the website up and run like this one you got you can charge
the 600 not to get the website to look like from this to them this is what you
want to do that’s the third thing that you will be learning today so you go to
plugins basically WordPress works like this you have a if you are overwhelmed
by this Dom B because it’s very easy you get the hang of it in matter of days
okay if you just put yourself 30 days 30 minutes a per day you get a mass of the
in 30 days okay so that’s two main things that you gotta understand a
wordpress you got the appearance section which basically true themes give the
website the look so for instance with the active theme 2017 you have the
website that looks like this okay so because of the 2017 theme oh and then
you have the second section which are plugins and now plugins are basically
pieces of codes that you add to the database of your WordPress website to
make it function a certain way now to have the website to look like this a
matter of seconds forget about themes you go straight to plugins and then you
go add new just follow my steps okay don’t ask question just follow the steps
go to upload plugins and then choose a file and then I’m gonna pick the file
which I will be providing in the link in the description of this video so if you
see blood don’t worry about it cuz I need to protect myself as you can see
I’m pretty disorganized I got a lot of stuff on my computer so I’ll go open
again I put this pack in the search in the description box of this video and
I’m gonna go in store now boom just like so so once I store that plugin I’m just
gonna go to active plug-in activate plugin
and as you can see now when in the importantly will overwrite your existing
installation you lose our existing country you should only run this on new
installation which we are type except except except in the field below to
continue start important the important would delete existing under once again
we cool with that and in just a matter of minutes is going to install
rebuilding your stories a video to watch why you wait it won’t interrupt your
progress we don’t need to watch that maybe we can okay sigh origin is the one
of the best company that I advise people to use on the channel ok we got well two
to the three companies that we highly highly suggest because this is for you
this is what we use so you know may not make money but to serve our clients so
site origin and we’ve got Futura few companies ok I tried to link the other
companies that we advise in the description box below and believe me we
advise only stuff that we use to serve our client ok so let’s just give this a
meaner and I’ll be back when everything is done okay done let’s go to visit your site we
go man listen this thing is awesome you have a website widget you can charge the
600 people installed on your website in a clicker can you believe that and we
you can do this for free like you pay for the hosting for the domain right but
to do this is free so it’s such an amazing amazing thing okay so now the
next step is to return to the dashboard and now we get to the meat and potato
because now that you have your website now you need to customize it to your
need now for instance if you don’t want it to be a B&B but isn’t another type of
small business you’re creating the website for how do you customize all of
these right so this is what we are going to be explaining in the next 20 minutes
and then after we explain how to customize your website we’re going to
talk about the two main plugins that you need to make your website for the smart
company for your client to go another another level which are Yoast SEO and
Google Analytics um and then at the end of it I’m going to reveal how I started
in the business and how I create a businesses online to make money okay
using Nisha you’re using niches and how to create a blog a website like this one
but to make money but if you just wanted to make a small website for a small
company so let’s check out the next 20 minutes because we explain how to
customize and then at the end as I said the two main plugins and then later at
the end of the video I reviewed this loophole on the internet so you can take
this knowledge of creating website for your not only for your customers but you
can do this for yourself you can be the company because you can be a website a
business on an issue and make money off of it okay so now let’s of focus of our
attention how to customize the website first the pages and menus now as you can
see we have home cabins of weddings and content
now these are piggies if you click on ‘contact for instance this is the
contact page okay now we have weddings cabins home which is this one the very
first page now how to create pages that’s the first thing that you gotta
understand in WordPress now as you can see we have a pages tab just click on
him and as as simple as just adding new click add new and then you say I the
greatest and then you publish it okay and this is how easy it is to create a
page nothing too much complicated okay this is your page then you can start
typing whatever you want or maybe you can add a site origin layout block okay
so I’m explaining this in just in just a minute because what we the way we
created this website basically is using a builder a page builder okay which is
called site origin this is just this is just what it is okay if you go on the
visit site okay you have all this website is created with a site builder
which is called site origin now this is how you create a page you go to a page
Assisting good and then you say add new and now you have your own your brand new
page okay if you want to preview it it just go preview it and this is your page
okay I am the greatest page there you go you got your logo you got the menu on
top and then you got your page on the greatest now if you want the I’m the
greatest page in your menu because this is what we call it we call it menu and
then we got then we call this drop-down menu this is how you do it so that’s the
second thing that you got to learn okay first thing how to create page how to
create a brand new page and then the second thing is how to create a menu and
add pages to the menu now you go to settings you go to appearance and then
you go menus and then you go liam actually go update and then you go to
appearance name go down the menus pretty easy so this is
the many okay so how do you create a mini first thing first you go create a
new menu and you create a new a brand new menu but because we we use the
plugin and we use the demo site and now the that’s already a menu main menu
created for you now if you want to create a pager you want to add it to the
menu for your business for your company for the website that you trying to
create you go on the left-hand side and you got pages system first section
they’ve got posts being custom links and then you got categories now pages as
posting categories works the same way category and custom links works
differently and I’m explained to all of them okay
I mean pages is posting category for one thing so you go pages and then go I’m
the greatest you just check and then you go to add menu just as it is and now you
have I am the greatest in your menu if you save it in fact you go back to your
site and then you refresh here you’re going to have I’m the greatest page in
your menu so if you click it boom you have your pager okay now if you wanna
have I’m the greatest as a drop-down menu okay you go I’m the greatest and
you put it on the cabins are you just basically dragging one down to the
cabins and you haven’t you have I’m the greatest page as a sub-item
of the cabins main category of the main item which is in this case cabins okay
so you go to save menu you go back to your site and now as you can see you
have home cabins and on the cabins you have the drop-down menu okay so this is
the most important part of the site because you once you create a website
for your small business now in this case again this is just a demo purpose I’m
not creating a real BMB so for your small business but this is for education
purposes to you okay so if you now creating a website for a small company
which is it might be a ice cream shop okay so you you will be creating a brand
new Haeju going back to pages maybe you can
take a look at the weddings page for instance and you can edit the wedding
page and now I’m explaining the third thing of this first part of customizing
your website you can use decide origin plugin so if this looks overwhelming I’m
explaining you how this works okay so let’s first take a look at this page
okay so we go view page click out of this and especially this is the page
okay that they created now they have a banner a button and then they got the
venue and then it got prizes image gallery and now you can do the same
thing if you’re building a website for a icecream
okay you might put the ice cream type of ice creams and the price and there you
go image gallery to give a sense a visual sense never forget okay did you
get yourself in the most most profitable business the mankind has ever known okay
after the oil and gas industry listen the network the the Internet is it is it
makes so much money okay so people we understand now the people
likes visuals we are visual things okay humans are visual so in your page you
can create your page for again for ice cream with a few pictures and then you
have the image gallery so this will be something that you have to ask your
customer ok your client you need to take pictures you need to have pictures okay
so once you have your pictures basically you can create a image gallery after the
price and then you call it a day as far as the page goes okay now the way they
created this page and this is the third thing that I wanted to explain to you
how to customize the website so the first thing once again was to create the
page the second thing is how to insert the page in the menu as item and as a
sub-item but a third thing again is how to create
Paige in this case how to customize the page using site or widget plugin okay
sigh origin as I explained before is just a drag and drop but plugin to
create the website basically this is how it works as you can see the site origin
hero a big hero image with a few settings to make your own before we get
into how to edit the big hero image how to edit the whole page build with side
origin hero I’m just gonna get really quickly back to appearance and menus
because I just because I just just remember there I didn’t show you how to
put a custom link so because as I said before pages is post in categories works
the same way so if you got a poster like pine you added to the menu and you do
the same thing that you did for pages as you do it for posts but when it comes to
custom links customers will this way if you say store and then you put a
whatever whatever or for instance let’s pull the site ground website for
instance I’m just gonna take that arrow and then I’ll go back to the menu and
then I paste it down there I just go to add to the menu and as you can see I’ve
got store custom links okay so if I go to store custom links and I go say menu
ok and I’m just gonna refresh the page and I got a store if I click on store
I’m going to be redirected to the custom link that I just pull into that little
box ok so this is the magic about menus about custom links ok so I’m just gonna
delete that because I don’t need it well I just wanted to show you the two things
very most important thing about creating menus ok so adding pages is posts and
category works the same way if you want to add something customizable you can
use custom links now let’s get back to the page and how to actually edit the
page okay so I’m just gonna lead from here you can go to edit page you can
edit the page now the Edit age works this way right the airy page
works this way what is this we stole this out
automatically now let’s go back man return to editor
okay so on because sometimes there is not a say of disposal there is more
reason than the version below we don’t need that okay so if you go to say
origin hero and then you will edit first of all let’s go to the page so we can
customize it and I’m gonna show you how easy easy and beautiful right money it
is a vision hero plugin as a whole actually so if you can see the heading
the the weddings page it’s got a first banner with some title on the page on
the picture and then a button now had how was that created if you go back
again to the page you got hero frames first thing first just click on here or
frames and then you got a beautiful outdoor ceremony right so you go back
and you can see that the first image a beautiful outdoor ceremony on a perfect
summer day boom right there okay so if you wanna if you say again if you
creating the website for a small ice cream you can put the title each one
based on the company on the best of the you creating the website for again for a
second subheading and then you can hit buttons right there
and then to customize the button obviously you have the buttons the
button the button page the button section okay so if you click on him you
can say button text them basically this show code tells the eye tells the page
to show the button that you create down okay so you you created here so you were
booked now then this nation or so you put the URL again you want to redirect
people once they click on the button and then you can say open in a new window
and that’s how easy it is you can choose the icon but usually everything is fine
but again you can have a look around if you want to make sure to have a button
them more resonate with your would you need or the business that you are
creating the website for and if you scroll down there’s also the background
okay so for the background basically in this case is the
beautiful picture of outdoor of the outdoor ceremony and you can just choose
media and now you select File and then you pick whatever image you like okay so
I hope that makes sense I remember the first time I use site origin I was a bit
overwhelmed to be honest with you but I’m not just gonna save this so we can
do it again so I’m gonna show you again how does not so site origin is a drop
and do a drag and drop or plugin okay you drag pieces of widgets we call them
you go for instance this is nothing but a row okay so the way you add a row if
this page was empty you would add row and it’ll add a row for you okay so you
can choose different settings or how the row looks okay you can go either one or
maybe even go like that you can go third Penton that’s a different type of row
style okay you can set to be one okay even you have this is what they had for
the first would you’d want to be editing okay and then basically the sow is done
and then you go insert so once is inserted you can add a widget so you add
a widget in the row that you just created so for instance in this case
they had the side of region hero banner so you take that boom and order add the
widget actually should be in this big row that we just created this is how
easy it is okay so once again I’m just gonna click out of there so I’m gonna go
edit page once again I just want to make sure that you really and truly
understand what is going on Chris again I remember the first time I you started
we didn’t always be overwhelmed but this is how easy it is this is nothing but a
row okay we’re a one column cell row layout to be
one okay and then to be even and then you insert
it and once it is inserted you add the widget in it okay you have all these
bunch of widgets you can use them you can have all widgets and you can browse
through and this is the site of region all the free side origin your widgets
that you can use now so our region if you upgrade they allow you to use even
more widgets but in this case because it’s your first business you don’t
really need more than the widget that you are given with the free version ok
so and then they basically add into the world the site origin hero widget this
is how easy it is now if you want to just edit the page the way is built for
you you go to edit ok and once you in edit for this case
because you editing the site origin widget hero that’s frame which is
nothing but the title and the text that you put on the first image then you got
the button you can add a button if you click on the dot and you can say book
now and then the destination URL you can make sure that it is open in a new
window and then you can scroll down this is about the design of it and if you
scroll down the last part of the frame is the background you choose a media and
this is going to be the picture of this beautiful site origin hero banner now if
you want to make sure to use a perfect picture because you need to ask your
client about that because you’re kinda will tell you you need to tell you kind
how how the picture needs to be okay the size of the picture now to find out the
picture you can either go you can go to inspect and once inspect you just click
this little icon and then you click right there somewhere where he shows you
okay and then it tells you that the picture is a hundred one thousand one
thousand two hundred eighty by seven hundred and forty seven okay that’s the
size of the picture now this is how easy I can explain and then if you make sure
so just click back again to frame you have you can make you can see that here
were frames you got two frames one frame and the second frame okay now you’re
gonna have a browse through the first widget about this picture design layout
you usually don’t do nothing with design layout but you can make sure to use
slider controls animated speed you can go navigation color navigation style
design and layout again you don’t need to touch this but if you but if you but
if you ate a creative person you can use your creative attitude to have fun with
this as well okay now I hope this makes sense
please put it in the comment section if you want more tutorials about that but I
will make sure actually I tell what I one of my colleague to put in the
description a bunch of links so site origin tutorial so you can better
understand site or which of course you know change your life once you
understand this this is why you charge people $600 you see what I’m saying
because you need to understand how this works once you understand this works you
can serve better your client okay and all yourself you creating this for your
father company for your brother’s company for your sister company who
knows okay so this is how easy it is once again this is just a page created
with site origin a drag and drop plugin does rose does widgets and there’s there
are layouts once you add a row you can make sure you can decide leafy do row
it’s just a one layout row or you’re gonna have two layouts row you can have
up to four up to five layout rows and then you drag a widget into the world
that you create okay so this it goes the same for site origin headline accordion
accordion salvage in hairline accordion basically it is the price the price
plug-in that against our vision allows us to use for free okay this one’s so if
you again if you’re building a website for a maybe for a bar for a pub or maybe
for a a flower store anything you can put whatever
that is that the business sells to serve people and then put a price to it okay
this is how easy it is and then this drop down will explain about the product
okay hope that makes sense and now we can move on moving on to me
will mean right now kind of makes sense of all of these so
most of the time in WordPress this is what happens okay there are some
notifications that will be given to you right on top so make sure to read them
all the time for instance the import has been has run successfully unless your
plan unless you plan on running it again issue deactivating and pull plug-in so
let’s do that right now I’m just gonna go deactivate that and plug in be
activated so once plugins are deactivated you wanna make sure just
click it and then and then just and then you want to go right on top right here
and then you want to go delete right and then you apply okay so I mean I’m just
gonna not gonna delete them because I just want to keep it maybe for
later next I’m going to be also taken order of this we made a few tweaks to
the plugin and we made a few tubes to the plugin also all of these both of
them so I’m just gonna go on click on it allow and continue what I’m trying to
say is that again as I said in WordPress a lot of times you get notified you know
about news about plugins about updating stuff so yeah make sure to read them so
I’m just gonna save it and then go back to the dashboard and then also this one
opt-in to make widget for salvaging better so I’m just gonna click it along
with it Ejim I never miss any imported update is he give you blah blah blah so
I’m just gonna go align continue and then I’m
activate that I saw everything this fine you can go to do yourself by yourself
and again I put some links in the description so you can make sure to
understand salvaging the way you’re supposed to
okay so activation was successfully completed once you take notice of the
notification just click on it and you can get rid of it okay so now that’s the
– boredom another thing that I wanted to make sure you understand is that let’s
go back to the site because right now you know almost everything you need to
know about making the basically how to make the store how to make pages is how
to create pages so now if you go to the home page okay now the home page it is
very important because it’s the first impression that that the visitors have
okay about your business about your site you can get a lot of you should have a
lot of button and clicks or so that the visitors the client what the client the
visitors of the site you know I’m saying care better engage with your business
but how was this page built exactly like the ones we are like the one we kind of
had a look at it weddings you know again if you go to
edit home page views I had it the home page the first thing that you gotta
notice is that this page it is set to custom home page okay so once you have
the custom home page set on this is going to be the home page of the site
okay and again decide the page was built just like the other page that we had
look at a row at widgets you drag the widget into the row session a section
and then you make sure that the layout sees as you want it and this is how the
home page was built now once you know how the home page is built obviously you
can go through it and kind of edit edit to make sure there is a resonate
business are you trying to create the website for now that being said another
cool thing about WordPress some it is if you go to the site and you would add a
customized section okay that’s the customized section now the
custom section is another magic about WordPress okay it basically works this
way you on the right hand side you got the the site so you can edit the site
and have a look at it before you save it so you see changes on the left hand side
you got a few sections let’s start from the top and work our way to the bottom
before we get into something I really want to make sure that you know is that
Yoast SEO and then how to make sure you track the traffic to your site and
another cool information okay before we wrap up the lesson be training all right
so the first thing the first section is theme settings so if you go to theme
settings you go to branding by the way I’m showing you dear sir I’m guiding you
through but again I’m not going to kill your creative attitude okay so do this
to make money with this if you like to do this you need to use your creative
attitude you are on your own there’s a lot of videos on YouTube
that’s Jack McDowell Club there’s a lot of a lot of information on the internet
but you need to use your creative attitude okay so I’m walking you through
but I want you to explore okay so the first section is branding and as easy as
he can be you have your logo okay the first thing
is the logo basically you just want to change image and upload your own logo
okay just as easy as that before you do that make sure that you
know the dimension of the open image in the new tab the image of the logo has
been using the demo so you just as I said before you go to inspect okay it’s
pretty easy you click that little icon then you go right on top of the image
you see the dementia right there okay you got to 92 your one that’s it so
you’re gonna make sure that you have a low
like that if you don’t know how to make a logo it is so dead simple okay you
just want to go on google say free logo maker okay is it just a bunch of sites
you can use to create your logo in matter of minutes or for free okay
that’s a logo ji calm okay it’s pretty easy it’s a free logo maker obviously I
use personally because I’ve been doing this for a long time so I know I’ve got
my own template I’ve got Photoshop but I used for a couple of businesses this
side logo maker calm because it’s awesome this is what I gotta tell you so
you make sure that you have you can put a shape or to where and then you put a
text on it I am stuff like that boom make sure you
that the color is the the one you want and then you pick the color
you see what I’m saying you drag it on top but you have your logo okay boom you
save it and you are basically done you save it like that save logo
okay download your file note that download low-resolution fire v I can
guarantee you they’re low resolution fireworks completely fine although you
can go also you can do some which is something that are pretty much
love you go to if you see a lot of numbers like this this is a
pretty cool stuff that we marketers use and I’ll talk about that when we talk
about how to make a website to make money so you go on camera pretty easy
you go to you go create design or you go create design they got a lot a lot
templates that you can use for free you just type in the logo you say logo and
it’ll give you a bunch of templates that you can use okay pretty much something
it’s so much easy do you put that right there boom you
write it you got your logo that’s how easy it is okay so once you do that you
can upload your logo once you do that that’s font now a lot of demos and a lot
of free stuff that you are we are you going to see on WordPress they don’t
allow you to use different fonts but this site origin allows you to also pick
the type of fonts that you want to use on your site then you got the header
menu above the edit you can put the manage senator below the header so the
menu is going to appear just down below the logo I’m gonna keep it above them
that’s navigation right menu search sticky menu sticky menu basically means
you see that the menu it stays right egg is sticky you know what I’m saying and
then you got icons you can choose a mobile menu icons all of these stuff you
can browse through yourself they are also a menu server position right this
is for the blog section which I’ll talk about right here next blog archive this
is the blog section you don’t want to do nothing to this because I’ll show you
how that is done and then the footer section the footer text obviously
there’s the photo section that you can use right here
or you can say 2 2 or 19 and then you put your company in case up on my my
company is now Jack renters that Club is part of my company but you’re gonna put
Jack Jack Mac Donald’s Club ok so you have your your footer Jack my down stock
club a craft of love by silo region and then yeah that’s the theme settings
actually page template setting some search results page default default so
basically this is the page layouts when you create a new page this is the
default page layout the every page is going to have when you
create a brand page your page title you can choose to display your title you can
choose the head about a margin to display or not so on and so forth for
okay pretty much that’s what it is now found this is basically when your page
is not going to be found every other that’s ever happened to you that you go
click on a page in which it doesn’t exist it gives you a default page that
tells you for four or non-existing page but this is what it is okay it is going
to appear the title but is going to just be a page not found okay that’s for page
template settings now to the side side identity side identity is basically
nothing but the site title this is basically was gonna pop up on the search
right here you see on the browser view I don’t know with her would you want to
call it this one but yeah it’s going to appear the title so make sure this is
something you need to do straight ahead so for instance if you of this B&B the
best the best B&B okay I’m just gonna go B&B B&B in Vegas and there you go
tagline actually the best B&B in Vegas um is going to be the tagline and this
is going to be the only till I don’t know what that is only two it might be
the name of the B&B in case okay so that’s pretty much for the side I did it
for you can go for colors you can choose background color so you can make the
background colors as you can see now it’s white you can choose whatever color
you like okay back on image you can also choose to have instead of the color like
this one which is white you can choose a background image just as easy as it is
menus once again you go view location may
primary menu okay maybe you can create a multiple menus okay you can create a new
menu and maybe display as a footer menu which is going to appear down at the
bottom you can create a new menu okay but you can make it primary so just give
it a name you can create a brand new menu but you don’t need you need just
one menu for the website for your small business and then we have got home
setting some this is what where the another magic happens bar basically this
is it it was pretty confusing at first when I started you know doing online of
my online business but basically this is when you create a homepage right you set
it to be the home page so this is why I said in the beginning when you go down
to appearance then you got your the domain but was it the appearance the
home page but if you go to for instance if you go to the site you go to the site
right and if I decide you go to home and then you go to edit homepage this is
custom home page right but this is custom homepage appearance on the home
page you see that home page it is set down at the customization section okay
so if you said contact the home page popping up right here is going to be the
contact page okay so make sure you have a home page but it’s already selected so
you don’t have to worry about now for the post page right for the post page
now this is where you are going to have a section to a blog section okay so a
post page you select your post page and let’s say that I’m the greatest is going
to be my post page so if we write a post is going to automatically appear in the
under greatest page okay it just just what it is okay it’s nothing more
nothing less so yeah I’m just gonna go and select
them but this is how easy it is you go to the dashboard you’ll create a brand
new page you okay I’m not working you two like
you’re a kid well I’m just explaining you quickly hard as done because again
creative attitude the word is create the words are too creative attitude I’m
explaining that you go to add new you go blog and then you go back to the
customization section you go to home settings and you select the post page to
be the blog the blog page then you got additional CSS addition she says
basically if you have some problems with CSS you don’t have to worry about that
in at the moment about as you grow in this business you always see there
sometimes you need to have some customization CSS stands for cascading
style sheet which is basically nothing but how the website looks in terms of
style okay so you add pieces of code to make your website look a certain way
this is what I’m trying to say so that being said that’s edition she says as
you can see I skipped the widget section because the widget section is something
that I’m talking about right now okay so let’s get out of this and we are pretty
much done for the customization section – okay so you now know how to create a
website how to get a domain how to get a hosting how to install a demo
professional demo which you can charge people 600 listen let me tell you
something okay if you do this for a client if you’re doing this for somebody
else so don’t be it I don’t want to cut I don’t want a curse okay but do not be
a poke pussy okay don’t be a pussy you need to ask people money do you deserve
okay to do this you need to ask people at least 600 bucks
okay I don’t want to curse I don’t want to be calm I want to be kind but do not
be weak okay ask people at least 600 bucks okay to create this website so you
know how to create how to get a domain how to get a hosting how to get the
website up and wanting to make it look beautiful there is worth 600 bucks
then you know how to customize the pages is from the demo you know how to cry
the menu you know how to customize how to upload your own logo and now you know
how to what we got to do we go to this site and now I wanted to explain to you
how to use the widget section so if you go down to appearance um okay so let me
just say it is there after you know themes plugins winter section are the
most important part of WordPress okay widgets as I said oh explaining how side
of vision works creating pages so you drag and drop pieces that we call in
WordPress widgets so for instance we have a sidebar right here okay
if you go to any page like for the one we created our preferred page which was
I am the greatest alright that’s the best page we have on the side I’m joking
this is the a plain page that we just created to show you but you see right on
the right side this is a sidebar now the sidebar is made up of widget so
we got search on top okay you got a search on top and next we have recent
posts okay and next we have recent comments okay and then we have
categories archives madam so that’s the sidebar as far as the footer okay I
think I think you you spotted that but when we were talking about how the home
page was set the footy that what that’s no footer in here because there’s no
edge it’s in there so if we take for instance something like let’s drag and
drop just for sake of this tutorial so I explain how this works um let’s take a
text and let’s put it in the footer right add widgets and you say I am still
to be greatest okay yes I am I’m just just frying stuff right so you
go to the the website you refresh it you have a I am still the greatest photo now
if you put one of more widgets I assume I presume that is going to appear as a
second I am very kind okay now go I am very kind
okay and I’m just gonna go save and I’m gonna to decide I’m gonna refresh it
boom you have two photos okay a foot a section right here and a first section
right there now you go up to I guess four or three is you I presume that we
can have three on my websites and on my clients I usually stick with three I am
truly grateful I am truly grateful especially if you really started your
first business how you doing so far man haven’t asked anything about you you see
when we record iveco trainings all day right one Saturday I recorded 20 20
trainings can you believe that I was bushed at five o’clock I was ball
was halfway through and I was bushed but it’s kind of this is why I I
strongly advise you know you to write some comments in the section because I
really wanted to get to know you you know just by me an email you know just
for the sake of it so as you can see you got three main footer section now if you
don’t know what to put in the footer section you just go through any website
right you go to any website and you let’s go to Google for instance right
let’s go to Google and let’s go for instance of Finance blog okay you go to
any blog good finance calm and you scroll down you see you see they have a
pretty easy footer just one with a menu a home page privacy policy and clicking
policy designed by blah blah blah and then mario la Torre’s blogger you see
what I’m saying it just some take see study other people
okay study other people they have blogs so you can have an idea of what to put
in your footer again creative attitude okay so that’s the footer and then
that’s this replace the logo in the description so you can mass had you can
put instead of the logo something else but I’m just gonna leave it for the sake
of it for you to exercise your creative mind your creative attitude and that’s
it as far as widgets now so complete the training ok to complete the chain let’s
talk about something interesting to two things okay I want to talk about quickly
very quickly cuz I need to get back to my job because this is not my job I do
this out of passion it keeps me motivated and stuff and I love I love
helping people case I don’t know it’s something wrong with me I just love to
give back I don’t know I don’t really I don’t really agree with myself some time
about it but he’s something that I can’t help so the first thing I want to say is
three main plugins that you want to use okay hey listen you got to do this okay
so go to add new plugins you woulda as I said in the beginning Yoast SEO SEO
Yoast SEO now this what this plugin is going to change the way you do anything
okay I not really quickly explain how that works and then I’ll link you to a
complete training on how to optimize your website and your blog posts to
Yoast SEO is free so go install it and activate
first thing first second plug-in it is Google Analytics so and lytx just write
analytics oh my god okay google analytics dashboard for WordPress by
actual metrics this is a awesome awesome plugin I use a lot on a lot of my
businesses I used this one because she’s pretty easy to use
but again I was advised to use this so since I would say one year I’m using
Google Analytics dashboard plugin for WordPress by master like this is it
comes up by default on WordPress so it’s pretty cool is it very cool to to have
to track again traffic on the site on your businesses I think of web sites as
businesses ok so just install it and activate it
that’s the second one okay so you gotta go to this I’m just gonna exit for the
sake of this tutorial but you just wanna go through make sure that you know this
is for a business website so you go business you can go publisher or
e-commerce you see a publish business website I’m just gonna go save and
connect master lights so you got a connector I’m gonna connect to for the
cycle you stood up again it’s so so so so easy okay
creative mind have courage go to it by yourself I’m just gonna exit the setup
because I don’t need to do it by now and then you’re gonna go back to the
blah blah blah blah you see please configure your Google Analytics setting
so you go Google be sexy you’re gonna have to set your settings you know so go
back to plugins you scream asking we all scream for ice cream so I’m just gonna
go to add new and you and then the third one I say in the beginning to most
important that these are the two most important but you ain’t going nowhere if
you don’t have this one and it’s called sumer me you just type in sumer and
proven strategies to automate your e-commerce
growth ok so just install a and activity basically sumo easy trusted by over like
six hundred thousand businesses and it basically is a bunch of tools to grow
your business your website as a whole with email lists with pop-up menus
pop-up boxes and with social sharing buttons so it’s a whole you gotta spend
as I said in the beginning okay if you put yourself for thirty minutes okay not
much thirty minutes let’s say fifteen minutes a day every
day on your business on your WordPress for 30 days believe me okay
trust me I know what I’m talking about you become a master of it so I will
basically send you to this winning website these are friends
of mine and I really trust them because now because your friends on my because
they provide very good information okay so I put a link to them so you can go to
them and have a look to this amazing complete and very full full of knowledge
okay post of about Summa me and how to use the main functions okay I will try
to provide you also with a video easy video tutorial a bass humor me and so
check the description and check that link obviously tsunami is free the only
problem with Sumi and the alternative will be bloom but you gotta pay for it
it’s called bloom plugin again this is these three plugins you must have it so
I understand that growing your email lists and stuff it’s a big pain in the
ass especially because a good plugin must be bought okay so you gotta pay for
it but humor me it’s awesome the only problem is a branding uh I really
sometimes I get nervous about it while a is free so I wrong with it
and basically branding works like this you see this
Tooting popping up right there now hold on a minute oh man get up this way okay
you can’t see it right now but you see you see that blue thing right there
right there that’s the only problem is branding okay with the free version you
can’t get rid of it so that’s just what it is but so far so
good I would say they’re you know wrong with sumo I will link the description to
get a more understanding of Sumer and how to create easily pop-up boxes and
how to grow your email lists crazy with SUNY okay so with now I would just so
wanted to wrap up this video so basically you now know how to get a
brand new domain name and hosting altogether with sac roundup calm now you
know how to create a website that works perfectly for a small business for any
type of small business you can turn this for anything you want you can charge
people 600 bucks at least and please do so as I said before to get sure to get
your money right and you now know the three main plugins to get your website
to get your business to a whole bellini to a whole new level with just analytics
optimization Yoast and get a social get it popping with Summa me now I wanted to
end this video with ten minutes on how you can take all of this knowledge and
put it into practice to start your own business
which is nothing by a niche site which you will call a business and how to make
money with it with the loophole that’s on the internet okay so it works like
this I’m just going to go to canva to grab the formula of it okay everything man where does money
there’s always a loophole okay so this is the this is the basic this is the
basic loophole okay it is a bank hot quick I call it now it works like this
basically you have one formula to find a Nisha a lot of times you yourself form I
wonder how the first thing you need to know is starting up studying a website’s
on a business about what what to make the business on what to make the website
on we call it a niche okay you need to find a profitable niche the loophole
about niches it is there has to have these numbers it has to be searched 800
times a month and has to have Google results less than a million okay if you
followed these numbers you will have your website on the first page of Google
and I will give you an example of it you will have your website popping on the
first page on YouTube on on Google and that’s money because for as many people
the searches for your niche will find your website on top of the Google search
okay so let’s take an example for instance okay and I’m gonna tell you
that’s two ways you can start the business okay there’s a simple blog or
you can do an Amazon affiliate business now don’t get overwhelmed just take a
piece of paper a pen and write this thing done although I put everything
written blog post linked from which I will link to you but would through the
description but yet take notes of it so if you go to West world West world
merchandise okay now Westworld it is a basic it is a
year cartoon okay it’s kind of in cartoon okay so westward
merchandising this is a keyword we call it a keyword which is searched on the
Internet eight hundred and eighty times okay so it follows so what’s what
merchandising is a niche the niche itself is West world but to make money
I’m using the keyword closer next to the niche merchandise okay this is a formula
there are a bunch of formulas to get our initials but this is the most profitable
that you want to use to start your first online business okay so westward is
nothing but a niche easy cartoon people are interested in it and then
merchandise is what you will put next the nation and so again the our formula
again the loophole basically it is there if something a keyword it is searched
above 800 times and has less than a million results on Google because it’s
the second thing as I was saying this is the how many times the keyword the niche
is searched and this is how many pages are coming up on Google for the niche
for the keyword okay so as you can see is way way way less than a million so
when these two you see you go cheek to cheek 806 and below 1 million you have a
perfect a perfect money nation it means that if you start a business on West
will merchandise okay and the service that you will offer people is to
merchandise about westward okay using affiliation so you you will have
on your website products okay doing affiliation marketing so basically you
send people to Amazon and you get a commission of anything there people buy
through your link to your affiliation link um well your
website your business will come up on Google on these first page as you can
see in less than a four four to five months okay the the less result the last
pages you have coming up in the first page on Google well the faster you will
get on the first page if that makes any sense okay so if you start a business
and you are on west war merchandise once again because she says above a hundred
times and because that’s less than a million results from Google in five
months you can be sure to come up on Google on the first page on on the first
page of Google so basically what that means if you have a website you yourself
you’re doing yourself you don’t even recognize it you go on google you search
for something and the first page of Google is where you stay okay so very
few people ordered the second page even less people go to the third page let
alone four people or four at the fourth page usually the people who go up to the
third page are people more than interested in it are people who are
making business of that keyword okay so the first step is to find something that
has this formula that follows these numbers okay so on the Bangkok quicker
Denisha this is the formula to get a profitable niche is a loophole
once again Google will give priority to you just because you have a website
about something searched which has a few results okay so we talked we’re talking
about this being the supply this being the supply this being the demand and
this being the supply okay so 800 times the demand for the nation
and the supply is how many pages are on Google okay so that’s the first thing to
find the nation but you cannot but you can’t yellow checkmate yet because what
you gotta do you gotta take that keyword Denisha and you gotta go to a again sigh
grant calm to get the whole thing set up but just to make sure that you have
the available domain you go to name cheaper right you got a name cheaper I’m
walking you to step by step this is a loophole this isn’t something crazy okay
there’s a lot of opportunity out there for in this room so you go where all
merchandise and you search for it you need to make sure that that’s something
that’s available now as you can see it calm is it or is it not it is taken why
because I have it you know I’m the owner of West warm and nice calm and I’m and
I’m building a Amazon affiliate business or around it just because I love you
because I’m showing you how I do it and I’m showing it to you you might say why
are you doing this I have no idea why I’m doing it
I just got inspired to do it it is something you know on the online
business if you do this you will find yourself pretty on your own so it is
cool to pass on that knowledge when you buy yourself you know so this is why I
do it because I really want somebody to have the same success that I’m having so
yeah that’s the reason why I do it so what’s wrong is a amazon
affiliate business I’m building around to show you how you can do it now if you
want to see how I’m actually doing a daesil into the description just put
your email in it and it’s a and once I get to at least 100 people
signing up on the email list then I a public do make public the video but
until Africa until I having a hundred people up and up into the email list I’m
not going to make it public okay I just want to say I just won’t put something
out there people are anxious anxious to watch it okay so that’s the first thing
you find an issue that follows these numbers and then you go to a name
register to see the availability of the domain now another thing before we wrap
up I guess I know that’s pre this is less than this game pretty long but you
can where we watch it pause it do your business and then come back to
it you want to make sure that the dome when the keyword and Anisha it
is a search term in United States because if West were mentioned ice is
searched in UK you want to make sure to have a domain that has a dark code that
UK extension now how do you find that out you go to Google Trends you go to
Google Trends and once you’re in Google Trends you type in the keyword trying to
get the domain for so in this case we’re so a merchandise and you wanna make sure
to use well wild worldwide and as you can see the demand in the past twelve
months you go down maybe past five years okay and as you can see it’s been pretty
consistent for since two thousand and two thousand sixteen up to 2018 it’s not
really much it’s not really a lot but I can guarantee you the better the
business that I’m not that I’m the business that I’m starting on West war
merchandise a will easily bring me four hundred dollars a month of doing nothing
I would do the work of once I create a business I provide content to it I
provide the information on westward a bunch of products that I know people are
searching for and I will be providing people with a happy service where they
can find the information about westward because they love Westwood so they would
love West for merchandise calm and obviously as you can see you got United
Kingdom and United States now if I was just because I’m doing this for
education purpose just to pass it on to you I just got myself a doc oh I calm
okay so I’m I’m if I if I was if I was if I would if I were you
obviously I would get a whatever Denisha if your nish was or whatever else right
was something else and you put like I don’t know Toy Story I don’t
name a cartoon whatever cartoon you put it right there input merchandise and
then you find out them it is searched most of the United
Kingdom you want to get a dark coat UK domain okay so if you’re on time you
might go on and go west or merchandise you go to Namecheap go
Namecheap a lot of people are really poor and creativity so i know there are
a lot of people watching this video will try to steal ideas bunch of losers bunch
of pathetic minds but hey this is well you know people are like that
so if you’re on time you can go west well mentioned I start oh that UK and
you can steal the nish idea that I found you can get a coat that you get so you
can become my competitor I would suggest you to do so if that makes you happy but
if you want to be successful forget about it okay just find your own niche
that follows these numbers they follow these rules no nevertheless if you want
to do it do it go get the dark or die okay but you know what I’m getting
myself so that’s how that’s the first step when it comes to find a niche so
the first thing is to find something that has an 800 such as a month and
Google is also less than in a million okay so that’s the first thing and then
the second thing you will go to a name register to find out if the domain is
actually available the best with the best extension if it suits your your
needs and based on you know the demand where the demand is coming from okay so
this is how easy I can explain it the only thing I didn’t tell you it is how
to get this number right there it’s an extension it’s called keywords
everywhere you just type in onto Google keywords everywhere and you will start
it’s free and it’s fantastic I don’t know how long is it going to be free I
hope is going to be free forever but I I doubt that because this extension is
awesome it’s really changing how we marketers online we do business ok so
that’s how you get that number from next up it is content so let’s say
that you let’s say that you wished in two hours I know that you pre lazy okay
I am by nature the opposite of laziness I wash a lazy and it makes me it makes
me laugh because I know where laziness is coming from because of lack of
enthusiasm is because of lacquer is because you store a bunch of losses in
your life and so you tend to stay where you are so I’m not like that but if you
are like that it’s okay I’m not judging anybody but I’m just saying that if you
wasted a day and you just feel like oh man I can’t find a niche to follow these
numbers I’m gonna steal the idea from this guy I’m gonna steal the idea from
that guy okay again I’m gonna judging you better yet even though I shouldn’t
I’m gonna help you because this is how you do it let’s say that you want to get
into a busy busy niche regardless okay so you don’t want to waste time finding
something that it’s not competitive and blah blah blah so let’s say that you
want to get into the I don’t know finance how to invest it are invested
money in stocks right in the stock market again it is a search to a hundred
times a month above it a hundred times a month but as you can see the resource
how much was also there five hundred fifty seven million you know what that
means there is no chance not even if a God comes on the earth and he’s gonna do
some miracle selling whatever Google will not accept the miracle yeah I don’t
know if that makes any sense to you okay there’s no way you can come up on the
first page of Google and get some traffic so you have two options okay you
run a few ads on Facebook so you have a howdy invest money in stock market blog
you talk about how to stock how to invest money in the stock market this is
your business because this is what you know so this is what you can
make money offer and the service that you can offer is information on this
topic so you can run a few ads on YouTube you can run a few ads on
Facebook so you in a traffic off advertisement but again that’s an
investment upfront that you gotta make I don’t like do that because I know the
loophole and because I know that where’s money that’s a loophole so what
would you do then this is what you do you take the main idea of how to invest
money in stock market which in the in case would be like a westward
merchandising and then you go to a website like let’s say you go to neil
patel you would suggest it’s a free keyword to neil patel great friend of
mine has on on the internet available for us to use so go ahead and thank Neil
Patel with your mind by using the tool and just type in the how to invest money
in the stock market okay you type in and I’m showing you a trick okay I’ll show
you another loophole that’s the second loophole that we have on the internet
with a make profit off their okay Google loves them because actually lose
actually Google’s was telling you if you Google basically telling you if you find
the loop I’ll give you priority to you so please fill in the gap this is what
Google is telling you now new patent on it okay
no matter the website is taking sometimes a few minutes to load so you
put a hurry invest money in the stock market in the search box you got 35
curious ideas now you want to find this is what you have on a formula content
okay let’s say that you have a website again having best money in the stock
market okay so now to get on again your your your goal look right the thing is
there’s got to drive you nuts I’ve got really crazy it is to find blog ideas
some keywords there are search them less than 250 times a month and like you know
like you say like you see on the formula month monthly searches less than 250
times a month them and they’re all in title which divided all of them when you
divided it all into the Mac I’ll tell you what it is if you divided
all entitled divided the monthly searches per month you gotta have the
0.25 you can guarantee that your blog your content is going to come up on the
first page of Google in no time less than 72 hours is even quicker than the
niche itself the problem is that there’s less demand of it because you can go up
to 250 searches a month okay now you say what these numbers are coming from but
that’s none of your business we do this for a living I’ve been doing this for a
long time we’ve been doing this for neo Patel has been doing this for a long
time so we do this for a living because you new to the business just follow the
numbers shut up do it use what we giving you use what I’m giving you okay put it
in the comment section below this is what you said and it’s working okay
come back to me put it give me a give me a give me a shout-out on my email and I
send it to you follow you okay if you use what I tell you I’ll follow you okay
so if you go back back to the yuba suggest how do you invest money in stock
market you gotta find a keyword they searched again less than 250 times a
month and as you can see we got all of these keywords now let’s say that I’m
going to give in Canada India market hot investor black money in the stock market
hmm not really much my dad I’m a legal person
howdy master and make money in the stock market how much money to invest in stock
market Philippines India howdy how do i best money stock market how can we
invest money stock market GTA know how to invest your money in stock market for
instance this keyword right if we take how do you invest your own money in the
stock market let’s go to Google search and let’s search for it on the Google
page now as you can see once again now the keywords everywhere extension 10
searches a month it doesn’t even give it to you okay
but we know of you message so this keyword is searched on the
internet 10 times 10 times a month now if you pull all in title check this out
because this is the magic if you put all in title having bested your own money in
the stock market and you just click search you got 3 results right now if
you take free and you divided by 10 which again 0.3 now this keyword is not
a keyword that you use because you need to find something that gives you 0.25 or
less ok so let’s try another one but to try another one I will give you
some idea because I don’t want to waste time because time is money my money your
money I’m going to I’m going to show you something if we approve like God to
create Oh what to make a website on if you go what to make a website on right
it is searched 30 times a month ok now if I pull all in title or in title just
before that brain I pull all in title and I guess 169 results on Google not
side this outside the subject so if you feel if you go 169 which is all entitled
results divided the monthly searches you don’t get it not even close to 0 25 but
shut decide if I go on video if I go on video I get one result so if I divided
the 1 by 30 what I did you see what I mean the point is that what to make a
website on is a perfect content idea for a nation no matter how how competitive
Dinesh is to come up in 72 hours on Google now I’m not gonna repeat that I
like the way I said it so go back rewind it and we listen to what I just said in
basic terms if I make a video or provide any content which is a video it’s got to
be a barrier because we got the loophole in the video
in this case so if I have a video okay if I go on YouTube if I go on YouTube
and if you go on YouTube this works for me this was for you this was for Sheen
for her for Wii for everybody so if you go on Google right and you paste what to
make a website on there you go again all in title boom
you go all in title that’s it you can be assured that your website the your title
that your website that your video is going to come up somehow is going to get
traffic to somehow through Google searches through anything okay
this is just what it is it just say loophole and it works like this in this
case I will have to make a video though about it if I rather a post a content
post I cannot expect to come up on Google because that’s 169 results which
basically means if I divided 169 divided 30 I’d only not even close to 0 25 but
if I do a boy video I can be assured that somehow Google will get me traffic
now you say how is gonna get you traffic if you go on what to make a website on
you see sometimes google have you this thing video ok showing you on top so
somehow Google understand it what to make a website on doesn’t have a lot of
video about so the algorithm says okay we got a loop hole right there we need
we need we have a gap right there that we can feel now because we have a video
about that love supply and demand my friend hey listen I gave you Jews okay
I gave you really Jews I don’t want to know nothing by you having to do some
homework find 18 blog post ideas create 18 blog post in this month and I can
guarantee you if you start a business a website today on the topic following
these numbers three months from now you start having your financial returns back
okay and then you can work your way to as much money as you need to make to
feel good about yourself to provide for your family
and do whatever you are trying to accomplish in your beautiful and only
life my name is Jack McDonald so I’ve been a very proud honored to pass on to
you the knowledge again there’s a bunch of links in the description Facebook
YouTube make sure to subscribe if you feel to chalo da five listen on ko5
building something that i want to see how much people are really like man I
have this page I want to see how many um if you really have the you know the
nerve to truly be great for again my name is Jeff McDonald thank you so much
for watching this video make sure to stick around peace out bye bye

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