Create A Website For Your Business With WordPress – For Beginners

UPDATE!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!! UPDATE The Developer updated this theme February 2016 You Can Skip This Step You Can Jump To 24:50 In The Video For The Next Step

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18 thoughts on “Create A Website For Your Business With WordPress – For Beginners

  1. Great non nurd speak tuition. Really good old fashioned plain speaking, fresh air for normal people.

    Gav – Crieff, Scotland.

  2. Thanks Tom, the Tutorial is a great, but I have a ? for you, I have installed Sydney Theme and I've followed your steps to go to Sydney info. and opened Documentation but I didn't have Settings file and also I didn't have "Types" tape I do not know this is happening, please I need your help, appreciated..
    Thanks Tom

  3. sorry when I read free I expect free!! when you get to register your domain name another company comes into charge fees. not what I was expected. sorry

  4. There is no " settings file " to download anymore. In fact I don't have " Types" in my menu. So how do I populate all those fields?

  5. Hi Tom, Thanks for another great tutorial. I really appreciate that. I have a simple question. The icon section under the home image slider you created icons by logo maker website. I think we have a plugin call like Siteorigin icon pack. That could be used instead of drawing the icons through that website. I just wanna know that Siteorigin icon plugin will work with Sydney theme or no. Because that plugin works with Vantage Siteorigin theme perfectly. Thanks in adv.

  6. There is some problem in "Custom links" while preparing the menu. It's not taking to the part where it is linked to. For Example if create custom link http// and permalinks is set to "Post name" and i copied and pasted the link "<p id="about">.</p>" from your blog to my "About" where i used "Siteorigin text widget". I pasted the redirecting code which i took from your blog as mentioned earlier. When i am clicking the menu "About" it converts the link in address bar /#about but not taking to this specific section. Hope good help will be provided to sort out this error. I could create the page and can do the job but my target is one page website you i would like "Custom links" menu to achieve my goals.

  7. Tom, Thanks for your great tutorial. I was stuck and didn't understand how to make WP pages, but you clarified everything for me. I will reference this tutorial to all of my subscribers. I be in touch in a few months.

  8. Tom
    Some of the activated widgets do not show in the dashboard. Specifically Testimonials. Not sure whom I should call, hosting or wordpress forums? Or do you have some experience with this issue? Thanks very much Jeff

  9. Hi Tom, I'm having problems downloading pictures to the Header Slider, the first picture loaded correctly, however after that I have not been able to download a picture is giving me an "uploading HTTP error" how can I fix this problem? Thank you!

  10. Hi Tom, I'm in the process of building a new row, the "page builder bottom" is missing I only have the Visual and Text boxes. How can I add the 'Page Builder Bottom"? Thank you!

  11. Very nice work, Tom. This helped me a lot.
    Can i have a question? How can i get the custom link on the other parts, such as you did with contact?
    I want to do this with the price table but i cant find the text model for past the code. Thank you.

  12. i have been trying to connect the contact menu to the place where my contact form is , i have copied code from your website into the visual text as your instructed in the video, however the same is not getting connected. Nothing happens when i press the contact on the menu.

    Also the google maps widget seems not to be working , as it says that API is necessary , please explain what that is ? and how to have a dynamic zoomable google map in the contact section

  13. Thank you Tom. i had created my website from watching your training i am not computer savvy but i did .thank you again.

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