Create Engaging Website Videos With These Expert Video Marketing Tips

Hello! Amber Vilhauer here, your online
business development expert. And during today’s 4 minute fast track we’re
gonna go a little bit longer because we have a question from one of our No Guts
No Glory community members Sarah Hamilton. Hi Amber, this is Sarah from Before I ask my question I just want to say that I’m a
big fan of you and the show and I really appreciate all the great information
you’ve been giving us. So, my question is about my homepage of my coaching website
about the video on that. I’d like to know do you have any suggestions for how to
structure that, for how much copy I should be including in that, how how much
into detail I should get, what exactly should be on that video?
I of course want to talk to my clients and introduce who I am but I don’t want
to go off into the deep end and make some huge production that is
overwhelming and unnecessary. Okay so I’m really looking forward to hearing your
answer. Thanks so much and have a great day! Thank you so much Sarah for your
question. I think it’s a great one. To catch some of you up to speed, this home
page video, I do recommend that every single business owner put a video on
their home page. I actually like to call this a door greeter video because
imagine it: people come to your website, they’re distracted, they’re on
information overload, they’re not really paying attention. Yes, they’re looking for
an answer to their problem but you know oftentimes they’re overwhelmed, they’re
overwhelmed looking at your content and let’s face it: oftentimes we really
struggle to be really concise and clear when it comes to telling people what it
is that we do and how we do it and what we want them to do next, right? Oftentimes
when I’m looking at somebody’s home page, it could use some work. I really
encourage the store greeter video for lots of reasons.
Number 1: video is far far more likely to be viewed than somebody actually
reading your text. Now text is still important because we
want to make sure that search engines have an opportunity to come in, scan
those keywords to determine how to rank us inside of their search engines and
for people who are not in a place to be able to watch a video, we want to have
that backup summary tag straight next to the video that also outlines what we do.
So not only is video usually viewed more but you have such a great opportunity to
connect with your prospects that are coming in and get them to feel your
energy, your passion, your enthusiasm and you should be able to better articulate
what it is that you do on video because video tends to come a little bit more
naturally to us. Now Sarah when you are sitting down to create your door greeter
video, the really the most important things that you want to convey: you just
want to introduce yourself. Imagine that you’re standing in line in Starbucks or
someplace and somebody says: Hi so so what do you do? How would you answer them?
Now number one you wouldn’t say hold on one moment, run to the bathroom, script
out an answer, come back, and sound like a robot, right? You want to make sure you
don’t do this on this video either. Your door greeter video is really an
opportunity for people to get to know the real unscripted raw and real you so
we want to make sure that we’re not blowing that opportunity by scripting
something out and sounding a little bit more robotic. This is your opportunity to
connect. Really you just want to introduce yourself and tell people who
you are, what you do, who you do it for, how you do it and what you want people
to do next. Now you bring you bring up a good point you don’t want to go off the
deep end right the point of the door greeter video is really to get people
comfortable with you getting started with that relationship building to where
they feel like they’re starting to get to know you, like you, and trust you and
really get them to the point where they want to know more because that’s what
your services pages is for. Whether you’re an author, a speaker, a coach, or a realtor,
right, the door greeter video is really an opportunity to get people engaged and
connected with you and just get them interested enough to go to your services
page where you have much more of an opportunity to go deeper into the
details of your coaching program and how that works. So my ultimate recommendation
would be: you have this door greeter video that introduces yourself and gives
people that high-level summary of what you do. At the end of that video what you
want them to do next: you want to invite them over to your
services page. When I click on that services page, I’d love to see another
video from you maybe this one’s even a tad bit longer where you can really
spend some time letting people know about your coaching program, who it’s for,
more specifically, or give me an example of these few types of type of clients
that you work with and what is the process? How does it start?
Do I click your contact page button and then submit an inquiry? Do I sign up for
a discovery call and what can I expect on that discovery call? Should I come
prepared with my own questions or you gonna ask me questions? Do I fill out a
survey in advance you know and what happens after that discovery call? How do we
determine if we’re a fit? Really the best thing that I can recommend you to do, Sarah, is just think through what are the questions that you would have if you
were going to somebody else’s website to try to determine if they’re the best fit
for you. And then just simply answer those questions on these videos. The door
greeter video on the home page is more high-level. See if you can try to make
that video less than 3 minutes. Again it’s just an opportunity for them to get
to know you and then click over to that services page. On the services page maybe
you have a video that’s upwards of 5 minutes long that’s really inviting them
into a call with you, letting them know who your coaching program is for, the
types of results you think you can get for people and it’s just another
opportunity for you to develop that relationship. It’s unbelievable how many
times I have a sales call in our agency: somebody comes to us they want our help
in designing a website and it’s amazing how many times I get on
a sales call and they say “Amber, I love your videos. I feel like I already know
you” and then I just think that’s awesome. I’ve never spoken to this person ever
yet they already feel like they know the real me, so I think the key here, Sarah, is
just to be yourself, trust yourself, trust the delivery of the message. This is your
business, this is your passion and your message, so just simply educate people
what your message is, how you can help people, who it’s for, and what you want
them to do next. If you liked this video, there’s so much more that I have that I
can share with you. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to get notified
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the ways that I can add value to your business, not in just website development
but also one-on-one coaching and marketing support. Until next time just
remember: No Guts No Glory.

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