Create shortcuts to websites on a desktop for Mac

Hello. And welcome to How to
Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website on Mac OS. If you are using
assistive technology to access this material and
are having difficulties, please contact Kent Cowan,
GTCC’s assistive technology specialist. OK. Let’s get started. First, open up your web browser. You may have to
resize your browser window so you can be able
to see your Desktop screen. Once you have resized
your web browser, enter in the web
address you would like to create a
Desktop shortcut for. The icon right beside your web
address, click it, drag it over to your Desktop screen, and
you will create a shortcut. Close out the window. And then double-click
on the icon, and it will bring
you to the web page. You have created a desktop
shortcut for your website. If you need any
additional assistance, you can come to the Open AT Lab
on the Jamestown campus, Monday through Thursday, from
7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Friday, from
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In addition to
coming to the lab, you may call us at 336-334-4822,
extension 50226, 50387, or 50346. Or email us at
[email protected] Thank you.

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