Create the Perfect Information Product – Building an Online Business Ep. 9

Wow I just got to ask you one thing…What’s
your big problem? What’s up guys? Jason here and welcome to episode 9 of Building
an Online Business from Scratch. I’m really excited because we are finally
passed the foundational part of what it takes to get your initial idea and concept for your
business. So from here on out we are actually going
to be a product, or I should say I’m going to be showing you what it took to put together
a complete sales and marketing process for the first part of my funnel. So for those of you who are just joining I’m
going to be creating a webinar funnel that will eventually bring people into a backend
sequence for personal coaches. So that is the big end goal. In this video I wanted to talk about the foundation
for any product you make, specifically when you are doing information based products and
that is the big problem. We always want to start with what problem
are we solving. It is very easy and very fun to come up with
a lot of course ideas, coaching ideas, consulting services that we can provide, but at the end
of the day everything that is sold is designed to solve a problem, and so we want to focus
on big problems because it’s going to make our marketing and business building a lot
easier down the road. We don’t want to build a product for a problem
people kind of care about but not really, or worse build a product for a problem nobody
has, or maybe like 3 people in the middle of Wesconsten have. We can serve them and then we have to go and
make another product, which is fine you are solving their problem, delivering value, that’s
what we want. We probably want to be able to sell our products
and services to more than 3 people. So in this episode I’m going to go through
an exercise that I learned from Frank Cur on how to take a look at your ideal prospect,
and if you don’t have one check out the link in the description to the ideal customer episode,
because I went over how to create your ideal customer. I’m going to talk a lot about your ideal customer
in here, but essentially we want to take a look at our ideal customer and say okay, we
know what kind of business we want to start and we know who you are, so let’s figure
out where there is a connection between the problems you have, and what the kind of business
I want to create. So briefly say my customer avatars name is
Scot and you know if you go through his profile he has done a lot of things. Well maybe Scot wants to lose weight but unfortunately
that is not something I’m interested in solving at this point, but I am in luck that Scot
does want to learn how to rebuild his own consulting practise. That is a problem I do want to solve. So now I’m going to jump into my old trustee
1 note notebook, and go through the different situations Scot might be facing, and how I
came up with which problem, big problem to solve for scot. Alright so what you are looking at now is
a little table and my 1 note and this particular note is very long. Oh wow its taking forever to load because
I blew everything up, and we are going to be scrolling through all of this fun text,
and what it means over the next few episodes just so you can see everything I did to put
it together, but we are going to be starting from the top with the very first questions
to ask, and that is of building your product, which is what is the big problem you are going
to solve. So we want to take a look at our ideal customer
and say okay we want to start a X type of business whether that is a dating, a coaching,
a consulting, a marketing, a fitness, a nutrition, you know whatever type of business it is,
you know what type of business you want to do, so that tells you what niche you are going
to be in, and then you have your ideal customer profile and you are saying you know where
they are at life, and now we want to look at specifically what problems do they have
a they relate to your business. So obviously if they are dealing with weight
you know weight problems but you want to do a product on how to build your business, like
I’m doing, well I will be conscious of that but I’m not really going to address the weight
issue, because I’m not going to be the person that solves that issue. So for me I know Scott wants to start his
own business, and he wants to do it relatively quickly like most people who want to start
something wants to do it quickly, and why not? So in the first column I wrote down the situations. So what situation is he in? He wants specifically and I went a step further,
I said okay what kind of business does Scot want to do? Does he want to sell t-shits on TSpring? Does he want to open a shop or store? Does he want to do Amazon FBA? Does he want to be a Kendal publisher? Does he want to be a public speaker? Does he want to do webinars, like what specifically? Does he want to be a freelancer? There are all those questions and all those
questions would bring me to all the answers to those questions and bring me to different
solutions. So the first thing we did is we, I say we
I did, so the first thing I did here, I say we because hopefully you will do this too
is take a look at their situation. So he’s looking at I want to start a consulting
practise. So what are the first things that are going
to come to Scott’s mind? How do I get clients, how the heck do I get
people to listen to me, I don’t really want to figure this out from scratch, so what of
all the plethora of sources out there which one should I listen to? I want an easy solution that actually works
you know, I’m not looking for a gimmick. There are a lot of easy thing that are a gimmick,
and then there are a lot of hard things that don’t work so what are the easy ones that
do kind of in the ideal world, and then a quick way to build the practise as a whole. So easy doesn’t always mean fast. So you want something that is easy and he
wants it fast of course, have your cake and eat it too. He wants to be able to charge higher prices. He doesn’t want to be worried about trying
to figure out okay how am I going to compete when I’m nickel and dimed on these things,
I might as well as gone back to being an employee. Then there is the technology issue as well. My Scot is anywhere from 35 to his late forties
or early fifty’s. So he may or may not be comfortable with technology
so one of the things in starting an online business, typically online consulting practise
he might be a little concerned about having to learn how to code, or do HTML or something
crazy like that. So then we have some other things I didn’t
expand upon because looking at my initial list I thought okay, well these are the ones
I want to focus on but I also looked at you know he is looking at ways to marketing himself,
he is saying how do I, okay I don’t really know how to write blog posts, and I’m going
to have to this whole social media thing. It seems to be for teenagers I don’t really
get it, and then I have heard about email marketing and I get a lot of messages that
drive me nuts but I guess marketing is the way to go, but then how do I keep the clients
I get and increase my fees. How do I justify at the end of the years saying
hey it’s going to be $2000 now instead of 1500. How do I raise my prices as my business grows? So those are the situations and these represent
the problems for road blocks, my ideal customer has in terms of taking to that next step. So when you go through this exercise you are
going to look at your ideal customer and think, what’s the situation, what’s the road block
that is keeping them or scaring them from taking action, and what is not only scaring
them but what is holding them back from taking action. So what do they think their big problem is,
and its key to not what they think their big problem is, isn’t always what the actual big
problem is. You are going to be the expert here so you
are going to be able to know, but we always want to do it from their perspective, because
when we do it from their perspective we are going to build something that helps them,
and sometime I found that you will wind up building pieces of a product that you don’t
really think are that important, but they are important to your customers, so you are
going to include that. So any way then I went through the solution. So how would I solve this problem, or what
would the actual solution look like, and of course you can pause the video if you want
to judge through all of what I have written here, but essentially I went through it and
said oh well if he wants to know how to get clients these are the things he could do. If he wants to get people to listen to him
then he needs to be seen as an authority. So what is a quick and easy way to be seen
as an authority? Well research shows that that if you have
an author after your name people start listening to you. So okay maybe we are going to look at maybe
doing a kindle book, maybe he is going to have a really nice looking website that just
wows people off the game, maybe he is going to have a series of blog posts that are going
to solidify him as a key influencer, and then we go onto he wants to some easy solutions
that actually works. Well we are going to look at social proof,
how to use story as a way to sell, so that way he is not going to have to learn all these
copy writing techniques. We can just subvert those copy writing techniques
and use story and social proof as a way to sell. So we are just going through and say okay
you know what the big problem is, we know what the situation looks like, so now what
are we going to you know give them as, what could we possibly give them as a solution,
and all of these possibility’s represent a type of course that could be made. So in my particular instance I could have
made an advertising course, I could have made a blogging course, I could have made a word
press course, I could have made a copy writing course, all of those types of things. I could have made a pricing course, a lee
generation course, all of those different types of things would help Scot. However what I thought would be the most helpful
to him is that I looked at this and said okay, all of this comes down to if the question
that stood out to me the most when I went through this was how the heck do I get people
to listen to me, and going through this process I was well if someone respects you as a consultant,
as a coach, it is really easy to A get them to listen to you and B to charge a premium
price because you are trusted. So I would up deciding I was going to create
a course to show Scot how he could become an authority. So how he can be seen as an authority so he
got that instant credibility, and he got that little offend how I am going to do that, I
was going to show him how to create a sales funnel so that he can not only take leads,
and turn them hopefully into paying customers, and then I’m going to show him how he can
use a book to solidify himself as an authority, so that he can answer that question of how
do I get people to listen to me. I’m going to be an author, I’m going to have
a book in front of me and my name saying hey I wrote the book on the subject, I am the
expert, this is why you should listen to me, and then I’m going to show him how to create
a simple sales funnel on the back of that, so he can turn those people into clients and
customers. So hopefully that was helpful. That’s the process I went through for figuring
out what the heck my product was going to be, and it all started with what are Scott’s
problems, what’s his big, big main problem and if I solved this 1 problem, like what’s the
1 problem you could solve that kind of creates a domino effect and then everything can fall
into line from there. Of course you can choose to target 1 little
specific thing, if you are looking to make a mini course then maybe you do 1 on Facebook
ads or Twitter ads. Here is how you do a remarketing campaign,
or here is how you create a contence schedule for your bloggers. There are other things that would have helped
solve 1 of his problems. So ill include a mini version of this in the
description below so that you can go check that out and just make these 2 columns and
go through it. It will take you 10 15 minutes and you will
be able to come up with a great product idea that is actually going to solve a problem
your ideal customer cares about. Thank you for watching. I hope you found that informative and actionable. If you have got some value out of this video
go ahead and hit that like button, and then subscribe for more business building tactics and strategies. Now once you have done that go ahead and leave
a comment in the comment section below. What big problem are you going to solve for
your customers, and if you are willing to share what kind of solutions do you think
you could provide to solve those problems, and of course if you have any questions go
ahead and leave them in the comment section below, and I will be sure to read them and
respond. So I will see you in the next episode and
remember build the business you love. Take care.

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  1. Hi Jason – can we have link to download the one note document..thanks for the video. Also how do I get episode 1 to 8 ?

  2. One sentence you said resumes the tagline I was trying to find for about 2-3 months. I am building a business now. I come from a digital production background working in agencies with/for other agencies, clients, blue chip companies, startups, etc. My business model is to build the system/infrastructure and help with the brand… so that people can focus on bringing the money in, not doing a million things like web design, mail system integration, autoresponder…I could even add incorporation to the recipe. "Start your business quickly and easily" it is. And gosh, you look so young in that video haha. Thank you so much! MC from Shanghai

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