Creating a Website for Your Business (Get a FREE Website Design)

In this video I’m gonna show you how to
properly create a professional website for any type of business, whether it’s a corporate
website, an online store, a sales funnel, or just a simple blog. You’re website’s gonna be mobile responsive
so it looks good on all devices, it’s gonna be super fast, and you’ll be able to add
any type of section that you need, without any advanced technical knowledge. On top of that I’m gonna show you how to
literally save thousands of dollars on your new website. OK? So here’s a quick breakdown of everything
you would traditionally need in order to start your own website: Web hosting, which is the server where you
store all your pages, images, and files, which usually costs around $90 per year. A domain name which is the URL people type
into their address bar to be able to access your website. And this normally costs about $15 per year. An SSL Security Certificate which is something
that’s become very important lately. Most beginners tend to overlook this but this
is super important because if you don’t have one, your visitors will get all sorts
of security warnings in their browsers, making them feel unsafe and cause them to leave your
website immediately. Furthermore, your website probably won’t
rank in Google without an SSL Certificate, so people will not be able to find your site. Alright? So this is very important and most places
charge $75 per year for this. OK? So these are all the technical aspects of
your website, but then you need a designer who can create all your pages, and this will
cost you at the very least $1,000. And finally, you need to hire a developer
who will take all the designs from the previous guy and actually create each page in HTML
so that you can navigate through them. And this will cost you at least another $1,000. OK? So the traditional cost for a website is about
$2,180, and I’m being very conservative here. But obviously most people don’t have $2k
to spend on a website. Right? So if you’re one of those people I’m gonna
show you right now, how to do all this with 2 simple tools: WordPress and Elementor. WordPress is just a simple content management
system, and it’s the #1 tool for creating websites all around the world. It’s used by small businesses or even huge
corporations like Disney, CNN, or Mercedes Benz. You don’t need any sort of technical knowledge
to use WordPress, and the best part is that all websites created in WordPress have a much
higher chance of ranking in Google, and that way you’ll be able to receive organic visits
or traffic to your pages. And Elementor is a plugin you install on your
Wordpress, which gives you a visual page builder that allows you to drag and drop all the elements
on all of your pages. OK? So to get WordPress you need to register at
a web hosting place, and my number one recommendation is BlueHost with the link below. I have another video where I review the top
hosting companies and I explain why BlueHost is the best place where you can host your
websites, so check it out if you’re interested in learning more about that. And an account with BlueHost will cost you
$100 per year, but you’ll also get a FREE domain name, and FREE SSL Certificate. Plus they’ll also give you a FREE business
email address so that you don’t have to use Gmail or Hotmail to communicate with your
audience or clients. And instead you can use something like support
or your name and look a lot more professional. OK? And then the Elementor plugin is free but
they also have a Pro version which costs $50 per year with the link below, and you’re
gonna need this Pro version if you really wanna have an amazing and professional website. So instead of having to pay $2k for a website,
you can just get these two tools for $150 instead. BUT I have an even better special offer where
I will give you everything you need, including the WordPress hosting with BlueHost, the Elementor
Pro license, and a bunch of extra FREE bonuses for just $75! OK? That’s all you need to invest in order to
have the best possible website, so check out the link below for more information on how
to claim this deal. Alright? So after you get both of these tools either
directly with the links below, or through my special 50% discount offer. You’ll have a WordPress account that looks
like this. There’s 4 main options in the menu that
you’ll have to worry about which are the settings, plugins, appearance, and pages or
posts. BUT if you get my special 50% OFF deal you
will only have to worry about the pages and posts because everything else will come already
set up for you. OK? I’m gonna explain everything in case you
wanna modify something later, so lets start by going to settings down here. And here’s where you choose your site title,
or modify things like your language, timezone, date format, and time format. Make sure that this last one here under BlueHost
coming soon page is off so that you don’t see a coming soon page on your website. Alright? Always make sure to save changes. Next under settings we have to go to Permalinks. And we have to make sure that the post name
option is selected here. This is very important for SEO since this
is the way Google likes the structure of your links. OK? There’s other basic settings you can modify
if you want, but these were the most important ones. Next we have the plugins. And what these are, is that by default WordPress
doesn’t have many functionalities available; for example you can’t insert buttons on
your pages unless you install a plugin for that. Same thing for contact forms, sliders, popups,
etc. So before Elementor was released you had to
install a ton of plugins on your site, but now you only need this one plugin. So first lets delete everything that comes
by default so select all… deactivate. And then select them all again and delete. OK? Next we’re gonna install Elementor so we
go to Add new. Search for Elementor… install… and activate. OK? Next lets go back to plugins>add new. And lets install this other plugin called
Really Simple SSL, and this is just to make sure that our SSL certificate is always enabled
throughout our whole site. Like I said the SSL certificate is extremely
important, so after you install it and activate it, just click on this button to finish setting
it up. Alright? And then there’s one final optional plugin
you can install called Classic Editor. And this plugin enables the old WordPress
page editor on your pages and blog posts. WordPress recently changed their page editor
to something new which I hate, I think the old one was way better just like over 5 million
other people do as you can see here. So install it if you want, if not, it’s
OK since we’re not gonna be creating pages with this editor anyway – We’re gonna be
creating pages with the Elementor page editor. And if you’re getting Elementor Pro, it’s
not available through here; you first have to click on the link below this video to download
it and then come here to Upload Plugin. And drag it and drop it from your desktop. OK? So after you upload it and activate it, you
need to activate your license by clicking on this button. This will take you to your Elementor account
where you can enable it, and that’s it. OK? So those are all the plugins you need. Like I said, before you used to have to get
like 10 different plugins in order to have all the features a professional website needs,
and oftentimes you had to pay for each of this plugins the same price you’re paying
for Elementor Pro now. So it’s a very good investment, and like
I said you can get it for even cheaper with my special 50% OFF deal below. OK? So next is the appearance. And before Elementor was released, the only
way to edit the appearance of your pages was through the theme. Right now we have this default theme installed
which if we take a look at our site… it looks really ugly. If you wanted to have a good website, you
had to purchase really expensive and hard to configure themes, but now with Elementor
it doesn’t really matter which theme you use. With that said, there’s a free theme I strongly
recommend you install on your site. It’s specifically made to work with Elementor,
so go to add new. And search for one called OceanWP. There’s other themes that work well with
Elementor, but this is the best one so just install it and activate it, and we’ll be
almost ready to create our pages and posts. After you install this theme you’ll see
a notification here with suggested plugins, and you need to install this last one called
Ocean Extra so go ahead and do it. And then come to plugins… and activate it. OK? So up until now, everything that we’ve done
so far will be installed and ready to use on your WordPress site when you get the hosting
and Elementor for 50% OFF with the link below. If not you have to do all this manually. And then finally, you just have to start creating
your pages or posts. So if we go to pages>add new. We’ll call this Home. Down here in the Ocean Extras section, we
select 100% width next to content layout. Click on Header and disable both options. Click on Title and do the same. And also on Footer. OK? This is just to override the settings from
the theme so that we can have a blank page that we can fully customize. So click here to save, and by the way if you
didn’t install the Classic Editor plugin this will look a little different. OK? Next, down here in this area is where you
used to be able add all the content of your page. But now you’ll see this “Edit with Elementor”
button so we’ll click on it. This will load the visual page builder which
allows you to create amazing pages in just minutes, you can add anything to your page
like a title, a paragraph, a button, videos, etc. And style them so that eventually you have
something like this. OK? I have a full tutorial on how to use Elementor
step by step so check it out to learn all about it. It’s very easy. And this in a nutshell is how you can have
an amazing professional website that you can be proud of, that impresses your clients,
and generates you more money, all for a very low price. So again, check out the link below to get
the WordPress hosting with BlueHost, Elementor Pro, the SSL certificate, and other FREE bonus
gifts for just $75 instead of the $150 or more that would usually pay. OK? So let me know if you have any comments or
questions down below. Please give this video a like and subscribe
to my channel. Thanks for watching and talk to you soon!

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