CULTURE SHOCK | AMERICAN Airlines B737 BUSINESS Class Toronto to Dallas (AA1169)

g’day y’all welcome back to one world flyer
today I’m flying American Airlines for the first time and I’m also entering the
States for the very first time so I’m super extremely excited a massive thank
you to Michael Armstrong has been my patron for almost a year now and he’s
redeemed his hard-earned miles for my American Airlines flights thank you very
much Michael Armstrong and I hope you enjoy this video here we at times or
Pierce in terminal 3 I’m using one of those self check-in kiosks for
American Airlines and then drop my bags right here flying from Canada to America
is a very interesting experience you do the US preclearance from Canada’s soil so
after landing in the US I just have to collect my bags head to my hotel and no
more immigration or customs as convenient as it sounds the queue in
there was hideously long after preclearance
I guess we’re technically in USA here you have some but not plenty cafes and
restaurants because I’m flying in business class today I will use the
American lounge the lounge is very tiny but the chairs
and sofas are really comfy charging outlets are everywhere there’s also a
bar but it won’t open til it’s 11 o clock but even if it’s opened it’s pointless
for me because I’m under the legal drinking age in America there’s also a
buffet area let’s check out what’s available here we have some fruits and
yoghurt more fruits and cereal and then here we have some oatmeal which is the
only hot food this lounge offers some bread and you can make your own toast here
then lastly we’ve got some coffee tea and some other beverages so this is my breakfast in Toronto
American lounge you definitely can’t compare this to what offered in
Australia and Asia I won’t comment much on the food but there’s one thing that
I’m quite concerned and it’s the disposable utensils bowls and cups I
hope the American can be a bit more eco-friendly hello from Toronto Pearson
Terminal three American Airlines lounge this is the toilet or restroom they call
it unfortunately no shower room here but
the toilet itself is quite nice this is quite big do you think America
should lower the legal drinking age I vote for yes
before long I headed to the gate for dallas-fort worth so this is my aircraft
today American Airlines Boeing 737-800
November 8 5 7 November November (N-857NN) okay so that was so embarrassing I gave
the gate ageNT my boarding pass from Dallas to LA
instead of Toronto to Dallas so this is American 737 business class
in a standard 2-2 configuration it has four rows so 4 times 4 16 seats in
total every business class seat on board is about 20 inches wide and comes with a
seat pitch of around 41 inches that’s 10 inches than will you get in economy
class down the back now 41 inches is enormous I really like
this space if you need assistance please let us know free entertainment is
available on today’s flight you can stream located on the entertainment card in
your seat back pocket you’ll need the american app to watch content on your
mobile device welcome drink has just been offered I opted for water because we’re on American Airlines so one, there’s a lot of
ice two, they use plastic cup instead of glass to
me that’s such a culture shock there are so many airlines I’ve not seen
before in real life like WestJet and Sunwing we know you have lots of choices so
thanks for choosing american we’re happy to be your airline now if you’ll
just follow along with me we’ll be on our way Life vest are located either under or
between your seat all my flights to/from and within North
America have been very turbulent I wonder if this is normal now that we’re
at cruising altitude let me show you the seat features there’s a cocktail table
for drinks in front of you and you share that with your neighbor here’s a recline button and a literature
pocket but please don’t put small items inside cos you’ll lose it the seat on the right hand side has been
reclined the angle is quite good and comfortable there’s no legrest
footrest but personally I think the recliner is what matters right in front
of you you have two seat pockets and inside the seat pocket you have reading
materials like safety card American Airlines magazine and in-flight
entertainment system guide you have free access to Apple music once
you’ve connected to the in-flight Wi-Fi although internet browsing is not free
however the site is free and you can check information about your connecting
flight on it my next flight will be aa816 dallas-fort worth – LAX and it’s
currently showing on time and yes the internet speed is quite slow under the armrest you have another
cocktail table for drinks furthermore every seat comes with a
universal power socket also in the unrest you have a tray table it’s not
hard to take it out it’s foldable and you can move it back and forth it’s also
quite clean which I really appreciate the last thing I’m gonna talk about is
the headrest it’s big and soft and of course adjustable the cabin manager is now taking meal
orders for business class I guess he ran out of fruit and yogurt
when he came to me but that’s all good because I prefer sandwich two cups of tea one for myself one from
the neighbor let’s see if American people make good tea so here’s my sandwich but I would say
it’s more like a croissant it looks like a croissant it tasted like a croissant
here’s a bowl of fruit The overall presentation looks great you also get a selection off bread the
pain au chocolate is warm and tasty it’s a good feeling when you bite into it
I thought the sandwich was excellent the egg Turkey and bacon were well-cooked
the croissant itself wasn’t soggy but crispy but I found it weird that the
whole thing was rather sweet very American but to be honest I loved it the
fruit tasted fresh and delicious I like the fact that you get not only one
piece of grape but a handful of it after all I must say I’m very impressed by the
food on board American Airlines hello from American Airlines 737
lavatory behind the cockpit as usual 737 toilets are very very tiny a coat hook and one more thing every time I fly 737
I feel really tall the cabin manager is available
throughout the flight to offer and refill drinks what I find weird is that you
get plastic cup before takeoff but now you get glass so far it’s been a fabulous flight with
American and now we’re approaching dallas-fort worth so let’s conclude this
short flight right here right now check-in process was quite efficient at
Toronto very short fast moving queue for checking and bag-drop the lounge was a
little bit disappointing the only hot foot you get is oatmeal but I did like
the fact there’s a coffee machine and the interior of the lounge was quite
nice once on board a quick hi from the cabin
manager and then welcome drink I thought the seat itself was quite
comfortable great recline some people might find it annoying that there’s no
leg rest or foot rest but that wasn’t a problem for me you can actually watch
the movies for free using your own device after you’ve connected to onboard
Wi-Fi but I didn’t use it because I dislike staring at a small screen
throughout the flight I’d rather look outside the window the food onboard was
amazing the overall service was efficient and the cabin crew were
quite nice on board I’m not sure if this is the norm in the US but one in crew
member was chewing a gum from boarding to takeoff this would seem very
unprofessional in Asia and Australia I didn’t really care about that but
somebody might now it’s my first time landing on US soil
I’m so excited I’d be more excited if you like this video now leave a comment
share this video to somebody and if you’re new to my channel I’m glad you’re
watching this trip report I hope you like this one and please don’t forget to
subscribe and press the Bell button for a new video every Thursday 12:00 p.m.
Hong Kong time or Thursday day 12 a.m. Toronto time or Wednesday 11 p.m.
Dallas Fort Worth time I’ll sign off here and let you enjoy the approach and
landing into DFW please remain seated with your seatbelt
fastened until is turned off
the aisles clear of all carry-on items take a moment to check your seat back
pocket for any personal items like tablets and cell phone
when you open the overhead compartment w-while we’re about 45 minutes early

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100 thoughts on “CULTURE SHOCK | AMERICAN Airlines B737 BUSINESS Class Toronto to Dallas (AA1169)

  1. Thanks y’all for watching! See you again next week onboard an Aussie plane 🇦🇺

    Be a patron of mine, there are many benefits of being one, find out more here:

    Snapchat: oneworld_flyer (daily vlog)

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  2. Oh my lord, that breakfast looks fannnnnn-tastic! Love the variety of airlines you’re doing! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Jayden, great video! Thanks for the shout out! 😊 I'm glad you enjoyed your flight on AA. The domestic lounges tend not to be spectacular unfortunately. I hope you liked the DFW lounge better. The sandwich was made with a croissant; that's something we commonly do with breakfast sandwiches here in the U.S. Good luck on lowering the drinking age in the U.S. 😂 Look forward to your next video!

  4. Great review! A few points might be of interest to you: 1) the Admiral Lounge is the basic lounge, aka outstation lounge. If you go to Flagship Lounge at AA's major hubs, they're at or better than the Asian lounges (of which the good ones are also at hub cities). They often match high-quality restaurants in terms of food option and quality; 2) plastic cups – it's true that Americans use a lot of "one-time-use" plastics, but there is an economic reason in the case of airlines… Most US airlines do not pay for their beverages – they are provided free by the beverage companies. Because of that, plastic cups are also provided free, even the paper napkins, for advertisement and marketing reasons. They are all imprinted with logos of the airline and beverage company, as part of their contract. Plus, they can reduce the labor of having to clean these cups. I do agree that this is wasteful. You should see the paper cup for coffee and tea – it's super thick and has a build-in liner… Very wasteful…

  5. Talking about Westjet, they are the only reason why Air Canada can't sell their tickets with even higher prices

  6. 2:52 How cute is he? Sure, there are some great reviews out there (and this review, too, is excellent), but they aren’t typically delivered by such a handsome young man!

  7. Jayden, welcome to America. So happy to see you review American. As an Executive Platinum I found your review pretty spot on and consistent with what I experience regularly. I have always found it odd that US carriers use plastic cups on the ground but glass when airborne. Usually, I don't see the FA's chewing gum, they are just always chatting in the galley. And, no we do not need to lower the drinking age. Just be patient. Great review as always!

  8. As Star alliance frequent flyer guy…. None of these lounges in East coast in North America are best one… Only in West coast.. specially SFO the Polaris lounge… It's dope!!!

  9. Absolutely bad guest service training … CHEWING GUM never. It looks like American has gotten a little better, but Delta airlines lounges and on board services are far better. I am surprised they even had a lounge in Toronto since it is not a major destination/hub for American.

  10. Airlines in America have some of the worst standards in the world!! Honestly.
    Love your videos handsome 😍😘 xx

  11. Apart from passengers putting their feet on armrests AA looked pretty good. I remember flying on a decrepid Continental airlines DC10 that looked and felt it was about to fall apart.

  12. how do they run out of food? Don't they know or count how many passengers they have. Also those overhead monitors reminds me of flying in the 90s. Last time I saw that on a plane was back in 2006!!

  13. Welcome to the US of A! Great video and well shot! I’m glad you noticed the chewing gum…that’s not an exception, that’s the typical level of professionalism on American and other US carriers I’m afraid. Also surprised you got good food, it must be because it was made in Canada! FYI you can now pre-book domestic business class meals on American online, and some of the options (eg charcuterie board) are MUCH better than what’s for choice on board.

  14. Plastic Cups won’t shatter or fly all over the cabin and kill people. Too many lawyers in the USA.

  15. Maybe u get only plastic cup for pre flight drink Incas they need to take off early or don’t have time

  16. Your video is professional and you have a great demeanor. Very impressed.
    Is this captured on the iPhone? The overall quality of picture and colors is excellent.
    Your enthusiasm is charming!

  17. The drinking age in Canada is 19
    You may have cleared customs, but you would of been able to drink according to Canada’s laws.

  18. The norm for US airlines is plastic cups for pre departure and glassware during flight. I fly Delta frequently and this is also the case.

  19. Hi One world flyer , excellent review , I was surprised with business class seating configuration, I thought it would be like European carriers good product but not the league of Qantas, SQ OR CX , brilliant review thank you

  20. Liked this one, the american business class product looks very good on the 737!
    Good looked fine to me as well, Shane scott that '21' thing in the US for drinking 😥 you'll be fine in Aus next week, we'll let you drink lol.
    Nice one again, thanks

  21. last year i flied AA in business class from HK to LA , it was very very disappointing . and i was starving to death. they do not serve extra food in your table. this is my first and last to fly AA.

  22. Nice video! However, very disappointing lounge and business class product. American airlines need to catch up to international standards.

  23. Here in IAH we do AA we do service for them for catering even with west jet A/C 3GM original A/C model

  24. sorry that meal Service is pathetic. No luxury no style at all. Could not see any champagne not even cheap sparkling wine. and that plastic Cup (no US law we are in Canada) but what really upsets me is that female f.a. with chewing gum…the lowest Standard. verdict primitive Service primitive food

  25. Uh, your ticket alone doesn't get you into the AA lounge. Flying between the US and Canada, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, and Mexico (not including MEX) won't get you into lounge.

    Loved the vid though.

  26. You're still on Canadian soil in the lounge so why are you saying you're below the US legal drinking age while you're in Canada? Even tho you pre-clear you are not on American soil in Toronto.

  27. Just subscribed. Nice review! I wouldn't judge the gum-chewing flight attendant too harshly. It's possible she had a sinus or ear infection and was chewing gum to help her hear…I normally don't chew gum but do it quite frequently when I fly. I've found that Delta is the best North American airline. United, American, and Air Canada are not as good, in my opinion. I always like it when reviewers let us see who they are, especially when it is someone as handsome as you are! Keep up the good work.

  28. Eheh, frankly speaking I was expecting worse treatment on baord US Based airlines as you are an Asian (not sure if applicable if you fly econ class instead of BC). My parents told me the stark difference in services between Gwailo Airlines and Asian based airlines which they dont really care as their main point is to get from A to Z safely and on time.

    That mess-up shot of the sandwich doesnt correlate with your excellent description of it. hahahahaha

    On side note, did your neighbor asked you wtf are you doing with your camera pointing here and there? I suppose you told her before you start recording? I had odd stare from my neighbor when i took photo of food using DSLR (which is quite big to start with).

    Keep it up the good work 🙂

  29. Agree completely re lounge comments , the food is limited .When you compare Qantas 330 Bus Class seating to American again there is no comparison

  30. Great video! That lounge looked disappointing in Toronto. For the food i would've expected a proper meal rather than a sandwich but i have heard US airlines generally don't go all out on the catering on their flights.

  31. A keen sense of humour, I observed. Enjoyable light moments. I appreciate your style of presenting. Once again, a thoroughly detailed critique that has given what I liked – facts! Great job, young Sir. 👌

  32. Jayden, you are absolutely right to highlight the high usage of single use plastics by American Airlines, it's very unethical, especially in today's environment. No doubt it all boils down to convenience and cost for them. Using metal, glass and china is costly in every respect. Great report.

  33. I like that your videos don't have background music and is narrated by you. Along with your occasional appearances, it feels like you're connecting with your audience. Keep up the good work.

  34. As an American Airlines crew member I am happy that you had a nice experience on board our aircraft on your flight from Toronto to Dallas. Thank you for your comments.

  35. As an American, I think that we should lower the drinking age to 18, mainly because underage college students drink anyway, soo.

  36. Business Class should at least come with an entertainment screen and free movies, and it will always be far more comfortable than Economy.

  37. Your videos are incredibly well edited and detailed. Really enjoyed this one and keep up the good work!

  38. Hi one world,
    Last time I was here my name was piraxx,
    I have recently changed my name to Zotive,
    I know it’s a bit late but since last time I was here you were on 19k subs,

  39. As usual love your videos esp no annoying music….enjoyed the take off and hearing the engines spooling up …commentary was great…not sure if your seat neighbour liked having her 20 seconds of fame better blur the image and save yourself a lawsuit …thanks for sharing

  40. The pastry that they serve on Cathay is so pathetic. It is only on Manila and Taipei flight that they can do this. It's a shame since Philippine Airlines serves hot meals for Manila to Hong Kong flights.

  41. You demolished those grapes omfg LOLOLOLOL 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇

  42. Do you think that the plastic was before the catering trunks were open and afterwards the the glass and dishes were available?

  43. I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it, but I just flew Delta first class yesterday and they also give you a plastic cup before takeoff but switch to glass during the flight. I have no idea of the reason for that.

  44. One note: "Because I am flying in Business class today, I will use the American's lounge". This is one of the areas people often omit when flying with the US3. Cabin class does not grant you access to lounges (with exceptions, such as premium transcons). Even AA's own elites on EXP/PP/P (OWE/OWS) level could not access these lounges on most flights (with exceptions of course), regardless of cabin flown.

    You can access AC most likely because of your status with CX, not because of cabin.

  45. Surprised American has a lounge in YYZ. Also, usually AA would have Steelcut Oatmeal or Omelette for Breakfast on a flight of this length (1200 miles). AA's 737's have the most seat pitch in First of the Big 3 Airlines (Alaska's 737-800's have similar pitch). Unfortunately it is less on their new 737 Max's. For my review of AA's First Class on their 737-800 visit;

  46. Nice report, I dont get why AAL gets so much hate, I have never had a bad experience with them, they are always on top of their game, anyway, thanks for posting.

  47. I can hopefully explain why the plastic pre-flight and glass during flight.
    The FAA requires that all glassware and service items be collected BEFORE ground movement, that would mean that passengers would have to finish their beverage before the aircraft door closes.. Anything collected after initial ground movement must be disposed of into trash receptacles as catering carts are to be secured at this point. Throwing away glass seems like a waste of expensive service items.
    You might be thinking, just store the items during taxi when you're done. Again, this is an FAR and is subject to fines. The plastic allows passengers extra time to enjoy their beverage before takeoff and cabin crew the ability to throw away any service items without breaking a Federal Aviation Regulation.
    The only exception to this would be Flagship 1st Class or Transcontinental Flagship 1st class. You will receive your 1st class pre-departure beverage in an appropriate glass or mug. 45 minutes is enough time to service and dispose of all 1st class beverages as there are only 8 first class seats on AA flagship aircraft.

  48. Jayden you must leave a comment on this video, it is our plane spotting on April 23rd 2019. We saw 4 planes you took and a Japan Airlines one world livery! Link is here:–og_E

  49. Shameful! I Am ashamed to say this is our national Airline. Just look to any carrier across the pond compared to this shameful so called Inflight meal and service. I don’t care what Class you are in. I mean they can’t even get it right in the lounge? So SAD! And every US carrier is like this ..I mean they can’t even get the china right to put that slop they call first class food on…. I am sorry you had to experience this shameful, joke of an Airline and it’s horrible so called service …

  50. Welcome to America! While you’re in California could you do a plane spotting video at the in-n-out burger near the airport? It’s my favorite place for plane spotting!

  51. I don't know if you realize, but if your 19 you can drink at the lounge. If your at a Canadian airport, the laws are Canadian. You wont be able to bring alcohol with you but they can't deny you entry for drinking in Canada at the airport. Also you weren't technically in America until you passed their customs. So when you pass the Canadian security your still in Canada.

  52. Jayden, the American airlines suck!!! No need to compare with Asian airlines such as Cathay, Emirates, Singapore Airlines etc!!

  53. Too bad about the lounge, but YYZ is a small outstation for American. I’m sure in their hubs they would be better

  54. My last flight was AA Philadelphia to Phoenix first class. The food was awful. The previous flight AA Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale I took one bite of the food and declined.

  55. Please sir don't expect anything to nice from ANY airline in America. We just don't know know how to treat people here the right way.

  56. You've flown 14 times in 2019 alone and yet you are complaining about plastic cups, do you know how tone deaf that sounds!!!!

  57. Can't believe how stingy US airlines are with business class meal service, even on a shortish flight. Hate cabin staff chewing gum, it is impolite. You are quite correct in your observation.

  58. Nice review mate!

    Finally you have a chance to see how outdated, the Aviation industry was in North America. The lounge I say, probably the worst experience among your travels world wide.

    I personally always refuse to travel in North America, because the money you spend, simply does not worth the value you looking for, it applies for hotel, flights, and everything else.

    Keep it up!

  59. Interesting review. Nicely done as always! I think we are a bit spoilt here in Asia with regards to lounges, inflight experiences and general service levels. But at least your inflight meal looked decent. And loved the way you munched that bunch of grapes….so cute! 🤣 Cannot wait to see how the domestic leg to LAX compares to this one 😄

  60. Great to find a young trip reviewer, and from the 852 to boot. Subscribing and looking forward to the next trip!

  61. You can still drink in the airport – you’re still in Canada, you only cleared customs. They can’t arrest you for drinking in Canada in an airport.

  62. Awesome Trip-report! If you think that WiFi is slow fly on a full 772! Everyone was on the WiFi and a page wouldn't load😫. How do you get to fly so often? How was AA compared to other airlines (business class)? Love the seat and the noise during takeoff. Nice job.

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