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Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead
Generation. We’re here with Sheetal Gupta of Maharani Jewels in Vancouver; custom jewelry.
How’re you doing today Sheetal? Sheetal: I’m doing really well, thank you
so much Mark. Mark: So we’re going to talk about why would
somebody come to a custom jeweller as compared to just going to the corner store, going to
a retail diamond place in a mall, you know wherever in town. What’s the difference?
Sheetal: Sure, that’s a great question. I’m going to highlight three points today
about why I think it’s more beneficial to purchase a diamond ring or a piece of fine
jewelry from a custom jeweller versus a retail store.
So the first point is, is that you have excellent value when dealing with a custom jewelry house
so what the custom jewelry house, you’ve got lower overheads as you’re usually dealing
with one that’s not staffing a lot of staff and you don’t have a lot of marketing costs,
you don’t have a big showroom; you’re usually just dealing with a few people in
the custom jewelry house and as I said you don’t have the large overheads. You also
have a direct buy relationship that most of these custom jewelers have. A direct buy relationship
with cutters and manufacturers of gemstones and diamonds so that there is no middleman
so you’re really able to get the best value. The second point is that in a custom jewelry
house you’re able to custom design your jewelry so whereas when you walk into a retail
store you have to pick out a piece of jewelry out of a showcase and that piece of jewelry
is usually something that has been mass produced and usually you’ll bump into a lot of people
that may be wearing the exact same piece of jewelry whereas when you purchase a custom
piece of jewelry it’s one of a kind, you’re able to sit with the jeweller and create something
which is truly unique and which truly fits your style as well as price range. So when
dealing in a retail store you may be limited to the selection that they have.
The third thing that I want to mention is the service, it’s more personalized, you’re
dealing with an individual, you’re dealing with fewer people, you’re not really dealing
with a brand so when you’re dealing with a brand you’re usually dealing with a salesperson
that may not have the expertise that a custom jeweler will have, a custom jeweler is usually
a gemologist, they’re usually a jewelry designer and they’re able to sit down and
discuss the details of the piece based on certification, looking at quality. A lot of
times these things are overlooked when you’re dealing with a retail store because you trust
the brand and therefore you’re not able to get into the specifics of diamond quality
as well as the process. So these would be my top three reasons of
why I think it’s more beneficial to purchase a diamond ring or a piece of fine jewelry
from a custom jeweller versus a typical retail store that you would see in a mall or in your
neighbourhood. Mark: So if you’re looking for custom jewelry,
Sheetal Gupta at Maharani Jewels in Vancouver is the person to see. She’s worked in New
York, she’s worked in retail in diamonds for many years, she’s a gemologist, she’s
an expert, a diamond lady. Give her a call, you must book ahead to see her and boutique
604-727-0149 or check out her website at Thanks Sheetal.
Sheetal: Thanks a lot Mark.

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